British Bee Journal, Volumen21

British Bee Publications, 1893

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Página 203 - Care to our coffin adds a nail, no doubt; . And every Grin, so merry, draws one out.
Página 122 - For instance, in the case of one of last year's queens in a hive rather badly diseased I was unable to find the bacillus, whilst in a six weeks' queen from a hive in which there were only a few diseased cells I succeeded in finding it. Cheshire's statement that he found a bacillus in an egg of an infected queen seems to me to require confirmation. I have not been able to find the eggs infected myself, but it is a question which would require very long and careful investigation before one could be...
Página 14 - It was a winter such as when birds die In the deep forests; and the fishes lie Stiffened in the translucent ice, which makes Even the mud and slime of the warm lakes A wrinkled clod as hard as brick...
Página 52 - During the last half of July and the first half of August activity was retarded by litigation between the oil and coal companies whose interests conflicted in this locality.
Página 194 - If the Oak is out before the Ash, 'Twill be a summer of wet and splash ; But if the Ash is before the Oak, Twill be a summer of fire and smoke.
Página 482 - Matthew Mein, Geo. Sanderson, William Topping, William Thwaites, JC Thwaites, Gavin Irving, Jos. Dixon, &c. After the usual loyal and patriotic toasts had been duly honoured, the Chairman gave the toast of the evening, " Success to the Cumberland and Westmoreland Wrestling Society.
Página 181 - FLS, in the Chair. The Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting were read and confirmed. The...
Página 14 - Damn'd neuters, in their middle way of steering, Are neither fish, nor flesh, nor good red herring: 4o Not Whigs, nor Tories they; nor this, nor that; Not birds, nor beasts; but just a kind of bat: A twilight animal, true to neither cause, With Tory wings, but Whiggish teeth and claws.
Página 122 - ... test this I made up a sterilized beef broth containing 1 per 500 of carbolic acid, and in it placed my infected silk threads. I found that there was no indication of growth. These threads were then taken out and placed in ordinary sterilized beef broth, and I obtained a luxuriant growth, ie, the 0.2 per cent carbolic acid in the culture fluid, although it did not destroy the spores, prevented their germination. That, then, is the explanation of the value of carbolated sirup in the treatment of...
Página 80 - Some of these points I should consider settled from the results of previous investigation ; but as many bee men do not seem prepared to accept this, my work will have value as confirming what has already been done. Before an association which includes many practical bee keepers it would be superfluous to enter upon a minute account of the clinical features of the disease. Most of you know them better than I do. I certainly would not be prepared to " spot " foul brood in an apiary, although I certainly...

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