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LESSON XI. September 14th, 1884. of praise and thanksgiving. Christian Fourteenth Sunday after Trinity. joy finds expression in sacred song.

Many shall see it-take note of the Not only David's experience is set sinner's conversion or deliverance. This forth in this lesson, but also that of our will lead them to stand in reverent fear Saviour-especially in vs. 6-9. The of the great Deliverer; and they, too, writer of the Epistle to the Hebrews will trust in Him for their deliverance. (10 : 5-9) confines the meaning to Him If God has saved others, they will be who came into the world to do the Father's assured that He can save them also. will. In the wilderness of temptation, V. 4. Blessed is the man. This is, in Gethsemane and upon the cross, Je- literally, the blessedness of the man sus waited patiently for the Lord, and that maketh the Lord his trust! The "was heard in that he cried.”

happiness of a Christian is manifold, V. 1. I waited patiently for the Lord. many sided and abundant. He will This forcibly expresses the intense feel- never turn aside to liesto proud and ing of expectation—a waiting with the lofty-minded men for help; nor will he whole heart.

turn aside or swerve from God, and “ Waiting for the Lord is NOT (1) trust in lies-deceit, hypocrisy and vain idly expecting the Lord to come and things, such as idols or empty formali. save us while we are seeking our owo ties. pleasure. (2) It is not waiting for a V. 5. Wonderful works denote God's more convenient season, nor (3) for interventions on our behalf. God's better circumstances or less opposition : thoughts toward us are His purposes for nor (4) some easier way of salvation. our salvation. They are more than

" Waiting for the Lord is (1) seeking can be numbered—no one can set them earnestly for His salvation-ask and ye I

vo forth in order when giving thanks to

God. shall receive. (2) It is using all the means of salvation-prayer, the study

Pudel “The wonders of the great salvation of the Word, repentance, going to Je. shall engage the counsels and fill up the sus. (3) It is seizing all opportunities praises of eternity; out the works and offered. (4) It is while thus earnestly thoughts of Jehovah to our fallen race, seeking, waiting. persevering till we especially as displayed in Christ Jesus, see the light, and experience the salva

In the Son of His love, shall far exceed all tion."

finite powers of calculation, and shall He inclined unto me, and heard my "e

be forever telling, yet untold.

29 V. 6. Sacrifice and offering thou didst cry. God inclines towards us-lean

not desire.

“The connection of the forward as if to catch the first faint

aint thoughts is clear: Great and manifold sound of prayer. God is far more

are the proofs of Thy kindness-how ready to hear, than we are to pray. The Father meets the returning prodigal. To this question he first of all gives a

am I to render thanks to Thee for them ? So he rewards those who wait for fruit

negative answer: God delights not in from their labors for others.

outward sacrifices." V. 2. The horrible pit typifies the The meaning of sacrifices in the Old wretched condition in which the sioner Testament was this—the consecration lies. It is a state of destruction. The of the worshipper himself to God. The mire forbids his standing upright animal or gift was but a type of personal

Out of this pit only Jesus can lift the consecration. God did not desire such sinner, and set him upon the Rock-in sacrifices-not as substitutes, or as sufficontrast with the pit and its slimy bot-cient of themselves to atone for sin, or tom. Christ is the Rock of vur salva-to express thanks. He desired the offertion.

ing of the man himself. He also establishes our going8-that Mine ears hast thou opened-hast is, sets us in the right path, strength-given a heart that is ever ready to hear ens us and keeps us from stumbling and Thy will and to obey Thy laws. Obefalling.

dience is better than sacrifice. V. 3. He hath put a new song. Every V. 7–8. Lo, I come-that is, to prenew mercy of God calls for a new song sent myself a sacrifice. This was true

of Christ. All had been foretold of His V. 15. Those that deride us and say sufferings in the volume of the Book. aha - let them be put to shame.

Thy law is within my heart-in my in- V. 16. But let all that seek Thee renermost affections. So all true Christ- joice. He prays for all of God's obeians delight in trying to do the will of dient people. It is an intercessory God.

prayer. Vs. 9–10. I have preached righteous- V. 17. Poor and needy. How hum. ness—announced or proclaimed it. Je- ble the Psalmist was! Yet he had great sus never refrained His lips in publish- consolation in the fact that God thought ing the attributes of His Father. He upon him, remembered him and delivdid not hide it in His own heart, but ered him. made it known to the whole congrega. 1. Prayer is the refuge of the troubled tion--that is, to all Israel in their great soul. assemblies.

2. God will answer the earnest pray. And Christians are not to hide their ers of His people. light, but to let it shine. They are to be living epistles, known and read of . all men.

THE BLIND RING. Five things are said to have been published: (1) God's righteousness--His

A wealthy lady lost a diamond ring equity or justice in all things. This is a

"in and offered a large reward for its rethe great pillar of God's government.

covery. A little girl, on her way to So long as God is just, there is hope for

infant school, found the ring but the those who have a good cause. (2) God's

diamond was lost. “ See !” she said to faithfulness—His stability, fidelity to

to her teacher, " the ring is blind now-it engagements. (3) God's loving-kindness

has lost its eye.” “Yes," replied the ---His mercy, favor, goodness. (4) God's

teacher, “it is just like a little girl who truth-including His sincerity and ve. a

- does not love the Saviour. She may be racity. (5) God's salvation-delivering

mo as pretty as this golden band, but after from sin and suffering.

> all she is a “blind ring”-the chiefThese attributes of God were not go

at glory is lost.” “ But one thing is needonly manifested to David in his trials, and to Christ in His carrying our sorrows, but are shown to all His obedient

FUNNY STORIES people. Hence each one may make his own the prayer which follows.

Never tell a story to a class in Sun

day School simply because it is funny. PRAYER FOR HELP IN TRIALS, VS. 11-16. You may gain the attention of your

Withhold not Thy tender mercies, be- scholars for the moment, but you will cause I am still beset with trials, oppo- not be able to hold it when you begin sitions, dangers, foes. Every hour we to speak of serious things. A class soon need God's help, lest we fall again into gets into the way of expecting to be the miry pit, the Slough of Despond amused, and will watch for the funny Sorrows, sickness, losses, pains, poverty, sayings of their instructor without givannoyances come to the Christian ; but ing heed to his teachings. They will the Lord can deliver him from them all, instinctively feel the impropriety of his and make them work together for good. course, and come to regard him with

no more respect than if he were a clown “I hold it truth, with him who sings

in a circus. We do not say that an apt To one clear harp in divers' tones, That men may rise on stepping stones

illustration should be rejected because Of their dead selves to higher things.” it happens to be amusing, and least of all

would we banish the cheerfulness which PRAYER AGAINST FOES.

springs from a loving Christian heart, V. 14. Let them be ashamed, &c. He but the teacher should always remember does not wish evil to his enemies, but the lofty character of the work in which prays that their plans and devices may he is engaged, and never say a word fil. You can not wish well to wicked that might possibly detract from the practices.

dignity of his vocation.

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Sept. 21st, 1884.

A SONG OF PRAISE. Ps. 103: 1-22.

1 Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that 12 As far as the east is from the west, so far hath is within me, blees his holy name

he removed our transgressions from us. 2 Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget 13 Like as a father pitieth his children, so the not all his benefits:

LORD pitieth them that fear him: 3 Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who | 14 For he knoweth our frame; he remembereth healeth all thy diseases ;

that we are dust. 4 Who redeemeth thy life from destruc 15 As for man, his days are as grass: as a flower of tion; who crowneth thee with loving-kind- the field, so he flourisheth. ness and tender mercies;

16 For'the wind pusseth over it, and it is gone 5 Who satisfieth thy month with good and the place thereof shall know it no more. things; so that thy youth is renewed 11ke 17 But the mercy of the LORD is from everlasting the eagle's.

to everlasting upon them that fear him, and his 6 The LORD executeth righteousness and judg. righteousness unto children's children; ment for all that are oppressed.

18 To such as keep his covenant, and to those that 7 He made known his ways unto Moses, his acts remember his commandments to do them. unto the children of Israel.

19 The LORD hath prepared his throne in the 8 The LORD is merciful and gracious glow to an-heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all. ger, and plenteous in mercy.

20 Bless the LORD, ye his angels, that excel in 9 He will not always chide; neither will he keep strength, that do his commandments, hearkening his anger for ever.

i unto the voice of his word. 10 He hath not dealt with us after our sins; nor 21 Bless ye the LORD, all ye his hosts; ye ministers rewarded us according to our iniquities.

Tof his, that do his pleasure. 11 For as the heaven is high above the earth, 0 22 Bless the LORD, all his works in all places of great is his mercy toward them that fear him. I his dominion: bless the LORD, O my soul.

GOLDEN TEXT: Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits. V. 2. CENTRAL TRUTH: God's mercies call for all our praise.

NOTES. This Psalm was probably written by David set forth. Chide-find fault, reprove. Fear towards the close of his life.

Him-reverence and obey Him. 14. Knoweth Verse 1. Bless-praise. Within me every our frame-our infirmities and shortcomings. faculty of mind, will, heart. 2. Forget not; 16. Wind-the hot wind from the desert the memory of God's mercies calls forth high- blasts vegetation. 17. Fear Him-this conest praise. 3-5 God (1) forgives iniquities, dition of our blessings is repeated over and (2) heals diseases of soul and of body, (3) over. 19. Prepared His throne-established redeems, brings back from the doom of death, it. Kingdom-sovereign power. 20-22. (4) crowns, confers highest honor and beauty, He calls upon the highest and mightiest (5) Satisfies, gives meat and drink to supply angels to praise God. Hosts—the angelic every hunger and thirst. Notice the climax, bodies. Ministers--angels are His servants, each blessing rising higher than the previous His works-the whole Creation. My soul one. 6. Executes righteousness, redresses all each one should join heart and voice in praise wrongs. 7. God's revelation is here acknow- to God. ledged. 8–13. The mercy of Jehovah is here .

QUESTIONS. 1-5. Who is probably the author of this the extent of His mercy compared ? What is psalm. Upon whom does this writer first call the kind of fear we are to have towards God? to praise God? What is he not to do? What How complete is His forgiveness? does God do for our spirits? What for our 13-16. In what is God compared to a bodies? From what does He redeem us? ' human father? How does He become our How? What is the destruction referred to ? real father? Why does He have consideraWith what does He crown us? Through tion for us? Why are we compared to dust? whom? What must we do in order to it? | 17-18. What is the character of God's What is meant by “gatisfieth thy mouth "'? favor and mercy? How long does His rightWhat two kinds of food are to be understood ? eousness last ? What must we do? What is To what does “like the eagle's” refer? the covenant referred to? What are we to

6-7. What does God do for the oppressed ? , remember? What must we do besides ? Who was Moses? Where and how did God 19-22. Where is God's throne established ! make His will known to him? What is How far does His rule extend? What does mentioned as the quality of God's “ways"?'“ail” mean? Who are exhorted to bless the Who were the children of Israel?

Lord? What are angels? In what do they 8-12. What will God not always do? excel? What do they do? Who are His What does this mean? What does " keep his hosts? What do they do? What else is to anger" mean? How has God not dealt with bless the Lord ? What works are meant ? us? How has He dealt with us? To what is What is our soul to do?

Quier. 7. Whence, then, proceeds this depravity of human nature ?

Ans. From the fall and disobedience of our first parents, Adam and Eve, in Paradise; hence our nature is become so corrupt, that we are all conceived and born in sin.

LESSON XII. September 21st, 1884. renewal, by which the corruptions of Fifteenth Sunday after Trinity. our hearts are cured. New life is needed,

and is given by God; and this is salvaThis song of praise consists of five ti parts. (1). “In vs. 1-5 the Psalmist

I V. 4. Redeems life from destructioncalls upon his soul to praise God for

from death and the grave. The word rich personal experiences of the Divine mercy ; (2) for His forgiving grace and

is elsewhere translated pit, grave, corrighteous judgment to Israel in general

ruption. “ It denotes a state of death (vs. 6–12; (3) for His tender consider

in which the body returns to corruption ation of human infirmity (vs. 13-16);

Here, also, in the idea of resumption (4) for His faithful covenant mercy to

from the grave, the germ of the such as fear Him everywhere (vs. 17

doctrine of the resurrection is dis18); (5) for His universal dominion,

covered." for which angels, men and all His

"Hi! Surely these would be blessings works, should praise Him (vs. 19-22).

19. enough to satisfy the wants and desires The last clause of the Psalm repeats

of all hearts; they even surpassed all the sentiment of verse 1, thus rounding

the hopes of man in his natural state. and completing this incomparable ode."

des But God has yet more blessings in store

for man. FIRST PART (vs. 1-5).

Crowneth thee with loving-kindness

that is, gives joy and gladness, as when V.1. Bless the Lord, O my soul. To victors are crowned. Loving-kindness “ bless" God means to praise Him by and tender mercies give this rejoicing declaring His attributes and works, and to the heart. by offering thanksgiving in every ap- Satisfieth with good things. Some men propriate way. To “ bless ” man is to seek their satisfying portion in the invoke God's favor upon Him. O my vanities of fleeting pleasures and treasoul. It is to be a soul work, not a sures, and are miserably dissatisfied in mere formal or lip-service. All that is the end. But the good things of God within me — every thought, faculty, a e an abiding satisfaction to the soul. power, the heart with all its affections, Youth renewed like the eagle's. The all are to join. The whole spiritual

eagle gains fresh strength after the being, all in man that is best and

moulting of its feathers (Isaiah 40: 31); highest, should be enlisted in this ser- lso Chriitians recover fresh power after vice.

distresses; the Church gains strength “Let others forbear, if they cap : from persecution; and the body will bless the Lord, O my soul. Let others | rise glorious from the grave. A Christmurmur, but do thou bless. Let others

|ian bas perpetual youththat is, the bless themselves, their idols, but do I strength of heart, buoyancy of hope and thou bless the Lord. Let others use gladness of spirit that usually chaonly their tongue, but as for me, I will

racterize a healthy youth. cry, bless the Lord, O my soul. Many are our faculties, emotions and capa SECOND PART (vs. 6–12.) cities, but God has given them all to us, and they ought all to join in chorus

| The Lord executeth righteousness. to His praise."'--Spurgeon.

The Psalmist passes from his owen exV. 2. Forget not all His benefits.perience to that of the Jewish people. Man is prone to remember what was His range of vision is widened. For disagreeable, and to forget the good the truth of his declarations he appeals things of the past. But we, as God's to the history of the chosen people. children, should correct this tendency. God's righteous judgments gave release and recall the blessings received

to the oppressed of Egypt. V. 3. Forgiveth * * * healeth. God V. 7. He made known His ways. pardons not in part, but all sins, so that That is, He gave a revelation to the not one is untorgiven, if He pardon at fathers by Moses. This great Leader all. But sin is a disease, which causes was “ made to see the manner in which sores and pain. Healing is, therefore, the Lord deals with men; he saw this needed. With pardon there is also at each of the periods of his life in the

Court (of Pharaoh), in retirement (in and makes them eternal like itself. This Arabia), and at the head of the tribes power is the mercy of God, which of Israel.” But on Mt. Sinai God gave spans itself above all those who fear him the clearest manifestations of " His Him like an eternal heaven." The ways" and “His acts.”

everlasting God gives to weak, frail V. 8-9. The Lord is merciful and man everlasting life and joy, But on gracious The attributes of God are condition that they fear Him-reverence mercy, patience, kindness, good-will. and obey His laws. This is repeated He will not always chide, or judge. He several times. Do His commandments. has no pleasure in punishing sinners ; and His chastisements are for our cor

FIFTH PART (vs. 19-22). rection. God disciplines His children, The Psalmist calls upon angels, men that they may pot perish with the and all creation to praise God for His enemies.

universal dominion. Vs. 10–12. He has not dealt with us

V. 19. The Lord's throne is establishafter our sins. Here the full and free

| ed; God's power is absolute, supreme, forgiveness of sips is beautifully por

por: and everywhere present. It is in the trayed. In v. 10 we are first told what|

| heavens, not merely upon our small God has not done. “We ought to

globe. praise Him for what He has not wrought

V. 20. The angels that excel in for us; even the negative side deserves

strength are the archangels, cherubim our adoring gratitude. Up to this

and seraphim. They do His commandmoment, at our very worst estate, we

ments-execute His word ; they are the have never suffered as we deserve to

executive messengers of Jehovah. suffer; our daily lot has not been ap- Hearkening unto the voice denotes their portioned upon the rule of what we

| readiness to learn and promptness to merited, but on the far different mea-Choo

obey. sure of undeserved kindness."'--Spur

V. 21. The hosts are the whole order geon.

of heavenly beings-God's faitbful THIRD PART (vs. 13–16).


V. 22. Bless the Lord, O my soul. Like as a father pitieth. God's tender He closes as he began. So we close consideration of human infirmity is our worship with the doxology. Let next extolled. An earthly father each lesson end with thanksgiving, each pities his frail and erring chil-day with praise, and life with hosannas dren; the Heavenly Father is even more pitiful, else would every rebellious sinner perish in his first transgressions.

OLD-TIME TITLES. This great pity was seen perfectly in the coming of Christ to die for the un Here are a few titles used by authors

... in the seventeenth century, in England: Dust * * grass * *flowers * * it is “ A Most Delectable, Sweet-perfumed gone. The frailty of man is like that of Nosegay for God's Saints to Smell at; ". the grass and the flower. Pestilences « The Snuffers of Divine Love :" and diseases wither us, as the hot wind“ Hooks and Eves for Believers' from the desert blasts vegetation. This Breeches ; ” “ High-Heeld Shoes for might cause us to despair, were it not Dwarfs in Holine-s ;” “Crumbs of for what follows.

Comfort for the Chickens of the CoveFOURTH PART (vs. 17–18).

nant;” Seven Sobs of a Sorrowful Soul

for Sin; or the Seven Penitential Psalms God's faithful covenant mercy is ever- of the Princely Prophet David ; wherelasting. “In the midst of this plant- unto are also annexed William Hunnius' like, frail destiny, there is, however, Handful of Honeysuckles, and Divers one strong ground of comfort—there is Godly and Pithy Duties, now Newly an everlasting power which raises all Augmented;” “The Spiritual Mustard those who link themselves with it above Pot to make the Soul Sneeze with Devotransitoriness involved in nature's laws, tion."


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