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--our seeing Him, rather than cause such who, almost unconsciously, detects varisight. “I will come to you,” Christations of temperature, color, density, adds. The bodily presence was re- &c., of his, materials which are inapmoved, to make room for His presence preciable to the ordinary eye. The hunin and by the Spirit. I will send the ter, tbe mariner, the artist, the scientist, comforter unto you, and I will come to each needs to educate the eye to quick you. On the day of Pentecost Christ action in his special field of research came, and the Spirit came. “The before he can hope to become expert in Holy Spirit is a Present Christ.” (See it. The following story, which is quite Dr. Joseph Cook's lecture in Tremont apropos, is related of Agassiz, and it is Temple, Boston, March 16tb, 1885.) sufficiently characteristic of this remark

“The Spirit then constitutes the ably accurate observer to have the form of Christ's presence and activity merit of probability. We are told that in the Church, and the medium by once upon a time the Professor had which he communicates Himself to occasion to select an assistant from one of His people.” “Jesus Christ is the his classes. There were a number of Principle of the spiritual order of ex- candidates for the post of honor, and, istence, and the Holy Ghost is the finding himself in a quandary as to Medium.”--Dr. Nevin.

which one he should choose, the happy Tho dispensation of the Spirit is the thought occurred to him of subjecting personal reign of Christ. In 2d Corin-three of the more promising students in thians 3: 17, St. Paul says: “Now turn to the simple test of describing the the Lord is the Spirit.” In other words, view from his laboratory window, which as Lange remarks, “ The Holy Spirit over-looked the side-yard of the college. is Christ's Spirit," The life of the One said that he saw merely a board Spirit is the continuation of Christ's fence and a brick pavement; another activity.

added a stream of soapy water; a third “Ye in Me, and I in you.” Thus detected the color of the paint on the are we joined to our Saviour by His fence, noted a green mold of fungus on Spirit. “If any man be in Christ the bricks, and evidences of “bluing' Jesus, he is a new creature;" and " it is in the water, besides other details. It the Spirit that quickeneth ;" maketh is needless to tell to which candidate alive in Christ.

was awarded the coveted position. The gift of the Holy Ghost lifts souls Houdin, the celebrated prestidigitateur, from moral death to spiritual life; and attributed his success in his profession He is given in greater and greater mainly to his quickness of perception, measure to them that obey. "He which, he tells us in his entertaining dwelleth with you, and shall be in you. autobiography, he acquired by educating He shall abide with you forever.” his eye to detect a large number of ob

jects at a single glance. His simple

plan was to select some shop window USING ONE'S EYES.

full of a miscellaneous assortment of arti

cles, and to walk rapidly past it a How many of us go through life with- 1;

number of times every day, writing

down each object which impressed itself out ever realizing that our eyes have to lupon his mind. In this way he was be educated to see, as well as our

Table, after a time, to detect instantanetongues to speak, and that only the

ously all the articles in the window, harest outlines of the complex and

even though they might be numbered ever-changing images focused on the

e by scores.- The Penn Monthly. retina ordinarily impress themselves upon the brain? That the education of the eye may be brought to a high I WILL tell you what to hate. Hate state of perfection is shown in numerous hypocrisy. Hate cant; hate indolence, ways. There are many delicate pro- oppression, injustice; hate Pharisaism; cesses of manufacture which depend for hate them as Christ hated them—with their practical success upon the nice a deep, living, godlike hatred.-F. W. visual perception of the skilled artisan, Robertson.



May 31st, 1885.

PAUL'S CHARGE TO TIMOTHY.-2 Tim. 3: 14-17 ; 4: 1-8.

! 14 But continne thou in the things which thou 3 For the time will come, when they will not hast learned and hast been assured of, knowing of endure sound doctrine; but after their own lasts whom thou hast learned them ;

shal they heap to themselves teachers, having itch16 And that from a child thou hast known ing ears; the holy scriptures, which are able to make 4 And 'they shall turn away their ears from the thee wise unto salvation through faith truth, and shall be turned uoto fables. which is in Christ Jesus,

6 But watch thou in all things, endure afflictions, 16 All scripture is given by inspiration of do the work of an evangelist, make full proof of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in 6 For I am now ready to be offered, and the time righteousness :

of my departure is at hand. 17 That the man of God may be perfect, 7 I have fought a good fight, I have finished my thoroughly furnished unto all good works, course, I have kept the faith:

1 I charge thee therefore before God, and the 8 Henceforth there is laid up for me a crown of Lord Jesus Christ, who shall judge the quick and righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous the dead at his appearing and his kingdom;

Judge, shall give me at that day: and not to me 2 Pr-ach the word; be instant in -rason, out of only, but unto all them also that love his appear. season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long-uf. ing. fering and doctrine.


GOLDEN TEXT:-The Holy Scriptures, which are able to make thee wise .

unto salvation. V. 15.

NOTES. The second letter to Timothy was written Perfect-complete. V. l. The quick-the from Rome by Paul just before his martyr- | living. 2. Instanturgent, pressing on. Re

prove-convince, show their errors. RebukeV. 14. Continue-abide in the old truths. show them their sin. Erhort-plead with and Learned them-of his mther, grandmother, appeal to them. Long suffering-patience. and Paul (2 Tim. 1: 5). Scriptures -of the Doctrine-teaching. 3. Itching ears—lesirOld Testament. 16. Inspiration-breathing in; ing to be pleased, rather than instructed in the Holy Spirit guided the writers and taught what is true. 5. An evangelist-one who goes them what to write: (1) Doctrine-teaching or from place to place and preaches. 6. Offered instruction in the truth. (2) Reproof-con- - put to death for the Gospel. 8. A crownvicting the erring. (3) Correction-restoring such as victors receive. His appearing-at the the erring to the right way. (4) Instruction | 2d Advent. in righteousness-training in a right life. 17.

QUESTIONS. When and where was 2d Timothy written? | Timothy? Before whom? What will By whom ?

Christ do? When? The meaning of quick V. 14-15. In what was Timothy to abide ? 2. What is Timothy to do? When? Of whom had he learned them? How early? 3. What would come in time? How do What Scriptures are meant? What are they some treat the doctrines of Scripture? Meanable to do? What additional Scriptures have ing of itching ears? we?

4. From what do they turn? To what? 16-17. What is said of Scripture? What 5. What must the teacher do? What else! in 2d Peter 1: 21 ? What is the meaning? What is an evangelist ? For what is Scripture profitable? The mean- 6-8. Wbat time had now come for Paul ? ing of doctrine ? Of reproof? Of correction ? The meaning of offered? Of departure ! Of instruction? Which two refer to knowledge! What had he done? What else? What did Which to practice? How does Scripture fur- he look for? What crown? Who else shall nish man ?

receive one? When? Do unbelievers “love V. 1. What final charge does Paul give to | His appearing ?” Do you ?

REVIEW QUESTIONS. (School in concert). How many Epistles did Paul write to charge was given to Timothy? Do all perTimothy? Who was Timothy ? Give the names sons endure sound doctrine ? What instead? of his mother and grandmother. What did | What had Paul finished? What had he kept ? they teach him? What did Paul urge him What did he look for? Who shall be to do? What does Paul say about"all Scrip- crowned ? ture?” What does Peter declare? What |

CATECHISM. Ques. 42. Since then Christ died for us, why must we also die?

Ans. Our death is not a satisfaction for our sins, but only an abolishing of sin, and a passage into eternal life.


May 31, 1885. the dim colonnades and mysterious inTrinity Sunday.

scriptions in the ancient venerable temPaul was 64 or 65 years old when he ple of the old covenant.”— Van Oosterzee. wrote the 2d letter to Timothy, and “ the time of his departure was at

THE BIBLE THE WORD OF GOD. hand.” It contains the dying coun- Vs. 16, 17. The revised version is : sels of an aged to a young minister : Every Scripture inspired of God is pro“ We should read it with the interest fitable, etc. The Bible is God's Word to with which we do the last words of the man, not man's. It was written by 36 great and good. We feel that, having different persons during a period of 1500 little time to express his wishes, he will years; and yet it is one Book; there is select topics that lie nearest his heart, unity and agreement in all its parts. This and that he deems most important. Let could be only as its truths proceed from us sit down at such a man's feet, and a common source—“inspired of God.” listen to his parting counsels.”

The power of the Divine Spirit is the A BIDING IN SCRIPTURAL TRUTH is breath of life which moved the minds urged on Timothy. Continue in the and hearts of the writers. “ Inspiration things, v. 14. In the previous verses is an extraordinary Divine agency upon he had mentioned men who grew worse teachers while giving instruction, wheth and wurse, and departed from the truth. er oral or written, by which they were Follow not their example, but that of taught how and what they should speak your teachers—his mother, grandmother or write."--Knapp. and Paul. Continue in the things that It is profitable-yes, in all good things. is in the truths of religion. Amid the The uses of Scripture are (1) to teach the seductions and errors of the day he ignorant, (2) to convict the evil and preshould hold on to those doctrines, who-judiced, (3) to correct the fallen and ever might oppose them, or whatever erring, and (4) to train all men in rightconsequences might follow.

eousness. 15. From a child Timothy knew the Perfect, thoroughly furnished-comScriptures of the Old Testament. The plete at all points, and completely equipNew Testament was not in existence at ped for all good works-every part of that time,

the Christian life and service. There is Which are able to make thee wise unto nothing one-sided, narrow or defective salvation-because they make known about it; and, if rightly used by us, we to us our need of salvation, and point will not only get rid of all sin and igus to the Saviour.

norance, but also be filled with all “The Scriptures are not a cold, tame, knowledge and goodness. dead thing. There is no book that For doctrine-for teaching," for theohas so much power as the Bible ; none retical instruction in everything in the that is so efficient in moving the hearts sphere of religion, which without it and consciences and intellects of man- would remain unknown to us.”— Van kind. There is no book that has moved Oosterzee. so many minds; none that has pro- For reproof-refutation, convicting duced so deep and permanent effects on the erring of their error. This includes the world." Barnes.

polemical teaching, or combating error. Unto salvation (1) from Jewish and “Doctrine and reproof” comprehend Pagan error; (2) from sin, condemna- the speculative parts of theology. tion and everlasting death.

Correction and instruction in rightThrough faithour part in the work eousness—these refer to the practical of salvation. We must believe the moral life. Scriptures in order that we may be en- “The Holy Scriptures have God for lightened by them, and rescued from their Author, salvation for their end, evil and its punishment. “Not every and truth, without any mixture of erone can be made wise unto salvation by ror, for their matter.”Locke. the writings of the old covenant, but only every one who believes in Christ.. BIBLE

BIBLE TRUTHS ARE TO BE PREACHED. Faith in Christ is a torch, by whose light Vs. 1-5. I charge thee. There are we can first read aright and understand temptations to teach and preach man's thoughts and opinions ; but resist it. THE ELEPHANT AND THE PRACTICAL Teach what God has made known. The

JOKER. Lord Jesus will judge your words and works. Therefore preach the Word The Rev. Mr. Watson gives a very proclaim it as a herald does, on the au- curious story in illustration of this anithority of a higher Personage.

mal's wonderful long memory of a V. 2. Be instant, or urgent, in this

wrong suffered. One of those pests of work. In season, out of season. Take

society, “a practical joker," visited a and mıke opportunities.

caravan in a west of England fair and V. 3. The time will come—it has come

tried his stupid tricks upon an elephant in every age of the world. The first

there. He first doled out to it, one by glow of enthusiasm dies out, and then

one, some gingerbread nuts; and when there is a craving for novelties or sensa

the grateful animal was thrown off its

guard, he suddenly proffered it a large tions. Then hearers want to hear what! will please or entertain, rather than

parcel wrapped in paper. The unsuswhat will profit them.

picious creature accepted and swallowed

the lump, but immediately began to 1.4. Turn from the truth. to fables-- lexbibit signs of intense suffering, and “ far-off speculations, scientific imagin-snatching up a bucket, handed it to the ings, teachings evolved from an inner

keeper for water. This being given to consciousness.” Such things cannot it, it eagerly swallowed quantities of the save men.

Auid. “Ha!” cried the delighted V. 5. Watch thoube on your guard. joker, “I guess those nuts were a trifle It is hard to preach sound doctrine hot, old fellow.” “You had better be when it is unpopular.

off,” exclaimed the keeper, “unless you Endure afflictions of all kinds, and wish the bucket at your head.” The from whatever source they may come. fool took the hint just in time, for the

Do the work of an evangelist; do not enraged animal, having finished the merely have fixed hours and places for sixth bucketful, hurled the bucket after teaching; go about and preach, as a its tormentor with such force that had traveling missionary.

he lingered a moment longer bis life V. 6. I am now ready to be offered - might have been forfeited. nu work is finished : now you must con. The affair had not, however, vet continue it.

cluded. The following year the show I am being offeredmy life is being re-visited the same town, and the foolpoured out as a libation, or peace-offer ish joker, like men of his genius, unable ing.

to profit by experience, thought to rePAUL'S TRIUMPH.

peat his stupid trick on the elephant.

He took two lots of nuts into the show V.7. I have fought--I have finished with him-sweet nuts in the one pocket I have kept. What a life, what suffer- and hot in the other. The elephant ings, what deeds! “I labored more had not forgotten the jest played upon than they all!” Through all trials, him, and therefore accepted the cakes mockery and persecutions he had been very cautiously. At last the joker faithful.

proffered a hot one, but no sooner had Now the time of departure has come. the injured creature discovered its punHis ship had loosed her anchor and was gency than it seized hold of its persecuon the voyage to the harbor of eternal tor by the coat-tails, hoisted him up by rest!

| them, and held him until they gave 1.8. Henceforth! What of the fu- / way, when he fell to the ground. The ture! What shall the harvest be? elephant now inspected the severed coat

There is laid up for me a crown! | tails, which, after he had discovered and Only the victors are crowned ; and Paul eaten all the sweet nuts, he tore to ragg was a glorious victor. His shall be the and flung them after their discomfited crown of righteousness-the crown that is owner. - Chambers' Journal. awarded to the righteous. The Righteous Judge will give it to me--and to all What wonderful condescepsion! God who are righteous.

| beseeches me to be reconciled to Him.



JUNE, 1885.

NO. 6.

A LEGEND OF EPHRATA. Washington was at Valley Forge,

Watching the army of old King George, BY THE EDITOR.

But he sent one day a soldier-band

To seize the Tory that cursed the land ; (John Peter Miller, who had been in early And Widman was borne away to die life a Reformed minister, was for many years The shameful death of a British spy. Prior of the Protestant convent at Ephrata, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Though some of the Brothers were glad to know in many respects fanatical, his sincere piety The coming fate of their wicked foe; has never been questioned. The following But the Prior said: “I cannot stay!" legend was actually related to the anthor on And over the hills lie took his way. a visit to Ephrata, but has since appeared His limbs were weary, his feet were sore, in print. It is stated in the Colonial When he stood at last at the chieftain's door, Records that the property of Michael Wide And prayed aloud : “0, General, save man was confiscated by the government The man who has sinned from a traitor's and sold in March, 1780.]

grave !" This is the story I heard one day

“Pray,” said the chieftain, “ tell me why In the ancient cloister at Ephrata :

You ask for the life of a British spy ?

| Does your love to your country's foes exMiller was Prior here, you know,

tend? More than a hundred years ago.

And why have you chosen this wicked Here at his summons, at dawn's early light, friend ?" Gathered the Brethren in garments of white Singing their songs of devotion and praise, “ Friend ? " cried the Prior, “ It is not so ; Raising to heaven their rapturous lays, The man, I believe, is my only foe; Ere to their labor, through cold and beat, But I seek to do what the Scriptures tell, Forth they wandered with naked feet. And those that hate me I love full well.

Save him ! save him ! l humbly pray, Treasure of treasures, Peace of Mind

As you hope to stand on the Judgment Where can the weary spirit find,

After temptation, heavenly rest ?
Where can the mourning soul be blest ?

The chieftain mused: “Such love is rare, Even within the convent's walls,

And I cannot deny your earnest prayer. Often a cloud of sorrow falls ;

I will spare the life of the British spy; And the saint that is pure as the driven snow He must leave the country, but shall not die. Can never escape from his ruthless foe,

You have taught a lesson that all should But most feel the blows of the monster grim . know, That is sent by Satan to buffet him.

That a Christian prays for his vilest foe.” Near the convent a tavern stood, Kept by a Tory, a man of blood,

Thus a way was found—and the way was Michael Widman, whose dreaded name

bestWas known and hated for deeds of shame.

| That led the Brothers to peace and rest; Often he stood at the convent gate,

For the cruel Tories were seen no more, Taunting the Brothers with words of hate.

Gathered around the tavern door; Once he smote the Prior meek

And their wicked leader away was sent
Cruel blows on his aged cheek,

To the foe, in lifelong banishment.
Adding the final deed of shame-
The cruel insult I need not name-

But the Brothers sang with the rising sun, Which the soldiers did when they bent the And patiently toiled till the day was done, knee

Till the Lord at last gave their souls release, On the fearful journey to Calvary.

And took them home to the realms of peace.

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