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6 Lord of my time, whose hand hath set
New time upon my score,
Then shall I praise for all my time,
When time shall be no more.

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of - fer up Mine evening sacrifice. A - MEN.


212 CEL

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4 Minutes and mercies multiplied
Have made up all this day:
Minutes came quick, but mercies were
More fleet and free than they.

3 This day God was my Sun and Shield, 5 New time, new favor, and new joys

My Keeper and my Guide;

Do a new song require:

His care was on my frailty shown,
His mercies multiplied.

Till I shall praise Thee as I would,
Accept my heart's desire.

Rev. John Mason, 1683


#4 4


1 The shadows of the evening hours Fall from the dark-ening sky;

Up - on the fragrance of the flowers The dews of


Before Thy throne, O Lord of heaven, We kneel at close

Henry Hiles, 1867

2 The sorrows of Thy servants, Lord,
O do not Thou despise,

But let the incense of our prayers
Before Thy mercy rise.
The brightness of the coming night
Upon the darkness rolls;
With hopes of future glory chase
The shadows from our souls.


eve - ning lie:

3 Slowly the rays of daylight fade;
So fade within our heart
The hopes in earthly love and joy
That one by one depart.

of day;

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Look on Thy children from on high, And hear us while we pray. A - MEN.



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Slowly the bright stars, one by one,
Within the heavens shine;

Give us, O Lord, fresh hopes in heaven,
And trust in things Divine.

4 Let peace, O Lord, Thy peace, O God, Upon our souls descend;

From midnight fears and perils, Thou

Our trembling hearts defend:
Give us a respite from our toil,

Calm and subdue our woes;
Through the long day we labor, Lord,
O give us now repose.

Adelaide A. Procter, 1862; verse 4, line 7, alt.

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2 Thou, whose all-pervading eye Naught escapes, without, within, Pardon each infirmity,

Open fault, and secret sin.


of day Fades up - on



la bor free, Lord, I would com-mune with Thee. A


Arr. from Carl M. von Weber, 1826


2 Lord, on the cross Thine arms were stretched

To draw us to the sky;

O grant us then that cross to love,
And in those arms to die.

my sight

1 And now the sun's de cli- ning rays

Then, from sin and sorrow free, •
Take me, Lord, to dwell with Thee.

a - way;

4 Thou who, sinless, yet hast known
All of man's infirmity;
Then, from Thine eternal throne,
Jesus, look with pitying eye.

Bishop George W. Doane, 1824

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E'en so our years are sinking down To their ap- point - ed end.


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3 To God the Father, God the Son,
And God the Holy Ghost,
All glory be from saints on earth,
And from the angel host.

Charles Coffin, 1736. Trans. by Rev. John Chandler, 1837




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2 Around the throne on high,
Where night can never be,
The white-robed harpers of the sky
Bring ceaseless hymns to Thee.

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Mason and Webb's "Cantica Laudis," Boston, 1850

But pass not from us with the sun, True Light that lighten-est

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1 Our day of praise is done;

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6 A little while, and then

Shall come the glorious end;
And songs of angels and of men
In perfect praise shall blend.


3 Too faint our anthems here;

5 'Tis Thine each soul to calm,
Each wayward thought reclaim,

Too soon of praise we tire:
But O the strains, how full and clear, And make our life a daily psalm
Of that eternal choir!
Of glory to Thy Name.


A - MEN.


4 Yet, Lord, to Thy dear will
If Thou attune the heart,
We in Thine angels' music still
May bear our lower part.

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The evening shad-ows

But pass not from us with the sun, True Light that lightenest all.

Rev. John Ellerton, 1869, 1871

Horatio W. Parker, 1890


A - MEN.

35 EVENING PRAISE with Refrain

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Jy laad

1 Day is dying in the west; Heaven is touch - ing earth with rest; Wait and


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wor-ship while the night Sets her eve- ning lamps a-light Through all the sky.



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Ho ly, Holy, Ho ly Lord God of hosts!

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3 While the deepening shadows fall, Heart of Love, enfolding all, Through the glory and the grace



full of Thee! Heaven and earth are praising Thee, O Lord Most


William F. Sherwin, 1877

72 Sweet Saviour, bless us, ere we go. 76 Tarry with me, O my Saviour. 145 Saviour, when night involves the skies.


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728 Evensong is hushed in silence.

The following Hymns are also suitable for the Evening:

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Heaven and earth are

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Of the stars that veil Thy face,
Our hearts ascend. - Holy, etc.


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4 When for ever from our sight
Pass the stars, the day, the night,
Lord of angels, on our eyes
Let eternal morning rise,

And shadows end. - Holy, etc.

Mary A. Lathbury, 1877

613 The roseate hues of early dawn.

614 Upon the hills the wind is bleak and cold. 689 Now the day is over.

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