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2 Ye blessed souls at rest,

Who ran this earthly race, And now, from sin released,

Behold your Saviour's face, God's praises sound, as in His light With sweet delight ye do abound.

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66 (DOWNS) C. M.

'1 What shall I render to my God
For all His kindness shown?
My feet shall visit Thine abode,
My songs address Thy throne.

Copyright, 1895. by The Trustees of the Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work

(See also DARWALL'S 148th, No. 62)

4 My soul, bear thou thy part,
Triumph in God above,
And with a well-tuned heart

2 How much is mercy Thy delight,
Thou ever-blessed God!
How dear Thy servants in Thy sight!
How precious is their blood!

at God's right hand,

John H. Gower, 1895


Sing thou the songs of love:
Let all thy days till life shall end,
Whate'er He send, be filled with praise.

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3 Ye saints who toil below,

Adore your heavenly King,
And onward as ye go

Some joyful anthem sing;
Take what He gives, and praise Him still,
Through good and ill, who ever lives.

Rev. Richard Baxter, 1681: recast by Rev. Richard R. Chope, 1857

3 How happy all Thy servants are!
How great Thy grace to me!

My life, which Thou hast made Thy care,
Lord, I devote to Thee.

4 Here in Thy courts I leave my vow,
And Thy rich grace record;
Witness, ye saints who hear me now,
If I forsake the Lord.

Psalm cxvi. Rev. Isaac Watts, 1719

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Shine up on us, Saviour, shine,

And Thy saving health ex- tend



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1 How charm-ing is the place Where my Re-deem-er God

Un to earth's re- mot - est end.


Fill Thy Church with light Di - vine;

2 Here, on the mercy-seat,

With radiant glory crowned, Our joyful eyes behold Him sit, And smile on all around.


(See also MORNINGTON, No. 154)

3 To Him their prayers and cries
Each humble soul presents:
He listens to their broken sighs,
And grants them all their wants.

His face, And sheds His love a - broad.



Henry W. Greatorex, 1849

& Unveils

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4 To them His sovereign will
He graciously imparts;

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And in return accepts, with smiles,
The tribute of their hearts.


5 Give me, O Lord, a place

Within Thy blest abode, Among the children of Thy grace, The servants of my God.

Rev. Samuel Stennett, 1787

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3 We would sing as in the rays
Of mercy ever bright,
Which endureth, to Thy praise,

70 (GORTON) S. M.
1 Lord of the hearts of men,

Thou hast vouchsafed to bless,
From age to age, Thy chosen saints

With fruits of holiness.

Copyright, 1895, by The Trustees of the Presbyterian Board of Publication and Sabbath-School Work

2 Show us, Lord, the goal of life,

And give us heart to run;

Breathe the peace that follows strife,
Lest future work we shun:
Hearts that hasty time has grieved
Are by.Sabbath calm relieved.

2 Here faith and hope and love Reign in sweet bond allied; There, when this little day is o'er,

Shall love alone abide.

John H. Gower, 1895: alt.

3 O love, O truth, O light! Light never to decay!


re- turn

At the Close of Service

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Come to urge our old re-quest. AMEN.



For ever Thy delight:
Sing for happiness we know,
Or that we may happy grow.

4 We would pray as those who stand
Their truest Friend beside,
Whom He takes as by the hand,
Unto their God to guide;
By His power, and for His sake,
Fully us Thy children make.

Rev. Thomas T. Lynch, 1855

O rest from thousand labors past!
O endless Sabbath day!

4 Here, amid cares and tears,

Bearing the seed we come;
There, with rejoicing hearts, we bring
Our harvest burdens home.

5 Give, mighty Lord Divine,

The fruits Thyself dost love;
Soon shalt Thou, from Thy judgment-seat,
Crown Thine own gifts above.
Charles Coffin, 1736. Trans. by Bishop James R. Woodford, 1863

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my God,

2 With Thee when dawn comes in And calls me back to care, Each day returning to begin

With Thee, my God, in prayer.

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3 With Thee amid the crowd

That throngs the busy mart,
To hear Thy voice, where time's is loud,
Speak softly to my heart.


From age

By day, by night; at home, a broad, I would be still with Thee. A - MEN.


Arr. from Hans G. Nägeli, by Lowell Mason, 1845

(See also ABER, No. 228)



1 Lord of the hearts of men,

I would de sire

6 With Thee, in Thee, by faith
Abiding, I would be;

By day, by night, in life, in death,
I would be still with Thee.


4 With Thee when day is done,

And evening calms the mind; The setting as the rising sun

With Thee my heart would find.


5 With Thee when darkness brings
The signal of repose,
Calm in the shadow of Thy wings,
Mine eyelids I would close.

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to age, Thy chosen saints With fruits of ho - li- ness.



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A - MEN. 20


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