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'Tis not of God, of Nature, or of Art,
To ascribe to all what's proper to one part.

To rule and to be ruled are distinct,
And several duties, severally belong
To several persons, can no more be link'd
In altogether, than amidst the throng

Of rude unruly passions, in the heart,
Reason can see to act her sovereign part.

But a good Bishop, as a tender father,
Doth teach and rule the Church, and is obey'd ;
And reverenced by it, so much the rather,
By how much he delighted more to lead
All by his own example in the way,

, Than punish any, when they go astray.

Lord, thou the Bishop, and chief Shepherd, art
Of all that flock, which thou hast purchased
With thine own blood : to them thou dost impart
The benefits which thou hast merited,

Teaching, and ruling, by thy blessed Spirit,
Their souls in grace, till glory they inherit :

The stars which thou dost hold in thy right hand,
The Angels of the Churches, Lord, direct
Clearly thy holy will to understand,
And do accordingly : Let no defect

Nor fault, no not in our new politics,
Provoke thee to remove our candlesticks;

But let thy Urim and thy Thummim be
Garments of praise to adorn thine holy ones :
Light and perfection let all men see
Brightly shine forth in those rich precious stones ;

Of whom thou wilt make a foundation,

a To raise thy new Hierusalem upon.

And, at the brightness of its rising, let
All nations with thy people shout for joy :
Salvation for walls and bulwarks set
About it, that nothing may it annoy.

Then the whole world thy Diocess shall be,
And Bishops all but Suffragans to Thee.


MARROW of time, Eternity in brief
Compendiums Epitomized, the chief
Contents, the Indices, the Title-pages
Of all past, present, and succeeding ages,
Sublimate graces, antedated glories,

The cream of holiness,

The inventories

Of future blessedness,
The Florilegia of celestial stories,
Spirits of joys, the relishes and closes
Of Angels' music, pearls dissolved, roses
Perfumed, sugar'd honey-combs, delights

Never too highly prized,

The marriage rites,

Which duly solemnized Usher espoused souls to bridal nights, Gilded sunbeams, refined Elixirs, And quintessential extracts of stars : Who loves not you, doth but in vain profess That he loves God, or heaven, or happiness.



Vail Holy

Wholly King of days,

To thy praise, The Emperor,

For evermore Or Universal

Must the rehearsal Monarch of time, the week's Of all, that honour seeks, Perpetual Dictator.

Under the world's Creator. Thy

My Beauty

Duty Far exceeds

Yet must needs The reach of art,

Yield thee mine heart, To blazon fully;

And that not dully : And I thy light eclipse, Spirits of souls, not lips When I most strive to raise Alone, are fit to praise [thee.

[thee. What

That Nothing

Slow thing Else can be,

Time by thee Thou only art;

Hath got the start, Th’extracted spirit

And doth inherit Of all Eternity,

That immortality By favour antedated.

Which sin anticipated.

That I
Could lay by
This body so,

my soul might be
Incorporate with thee,
And no more to six days owe.


Unto the music of the spheres Let men, and Angels, join in concert theirs.

So great a messenger

From heaven to earth

Is seldom seen,
Attired in so much glory;
A message welcomer,

Fraught with more mirth,

Hath never been

Subject of any story: This by a double right, if any, may

Be truly styled the world's birth-day.

The making of the world ne'er cost So dear, by much, as to redeem it lost.

God said but, Let it be,

And every thing

Was made straightway,
So as he saw it good :
But ere that he could see

A course to bring

Man gone astray

To the place where he stood, His wisdom with his mercy, for man's sake,

Against his justice part did take.

And the result was this day's news Able the messenger himself to amuse,

As well as her, to whom

By him 'twas told,
That though she were

A Virgin pure, and knew
No man, yet in her womb

A son she should

Conceive and bear,

As sure as God was true.
Such high place in his favour she possess’d,

Being among all women bless'd.

But bless'd especially in this,
That she believed, and for eternal bliss

Relied on him, whom she

Herself should bear,

And her own son
Took for her Saviour.
And if there any be,

That when they hear,

As she had done,

Suit their behaviour,
They may be blessed, as she was, and say,

'Tis their Annunciation-day.


UNFOLD thy face, unmask thy ray,
Shine forth bright sun, double the day.
Let no malignant misty fume,
Nor foggy vapour, once presume
To interpose thy perfect sight
This day, which makes us love thy light
For ever better, that we could
That blessed object once behold,
Which is both the circumference,
And centre of all excellence :

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