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ascension. This results from a number of life-subscribers to be mean between two observations, six hundred; their subscription, taken one by me, and the other by ten guineas; and that of annual Mr. Charles D.Leech, of Bury, and subscribers, two guineas. which differ only 20' in right ascen- The Jews in London have lately sion, and 1° in declination. Right printed a small volume in Hebrew ascension at eight last night, 24° and English containing a collection 50 north declination 19o. Comet 10 of their prayers, and the service nearly below y Herculis."

used in the synagogues. It appears On the 25th Mr. Lofft communi- than the Hebrew language is on dated some further observations : the decline among the English

* There was no opportunity of Jews, and that they cultivate a stuobserving the Comet here on Thurs- dy of the langaage of the country day or Friday night. A very fine in which they live, considerably one Saturday night. Tolerable more than formerly. this night. Yesterday evening it When the late Mr. Gilbert Wakeappeared in forty-eight hours to field, published his Proposals for a have advanced more than 10 deg. Greek and English Lexicon, a gen. in declin. and about 3 in right as- tleman who had for a considerable cension. Nucleus very brilliant, time been employed on a similar and train exceedingly so. Fully 4° work, desisted from his labour, on in length, about 1 broad, fanning the supposition that Mr. Wakeout and incurvated upwards, with field's work was ready for the press. a shorter branch extending on the But as it appears from Mr. Wakeupper side. A fine meteor was field's Memoirs, that he had not visible in the field of the telescope proceeded much further in the colon Saturday, with the Comet for a section of materials than his intersecond or two. This night it ap- leaved Hedericus, which has been pears nearly stationary in N.decli- destroyed by fire, that gentleman nation, and retrogade in right as- has now resumed his own work, cension. It seems by these and all and will in a short time present the circomstances, to be turning round publick with a copious and accurate in its orbit, and to be passing its Greek and English Lexicon. peribelion.-Position, Sunday night, · Mr. Carpenter, author of Ohser25th of October, W. of & Herculis, vations addressed to Grand Juries, and above it about 1o.”

has nearly ready for publication, We have singular satisfaction in Refiections, that have suggested being able to announce the prospect themselves from the Journal of of the immediate establishment of Messrs. Whitbread, Malthus, Rose, a third Publick Library, or grand Weyland, and Colquhoun's Plans literary depot, in the metropolis. and opinions on the Subject of the Its site will be the vicinity of Black- Poor Laws, with outlines of a new friar's-bridge, and it will be especi- Plan for bettering the condition of ally calculated to accommodate the Poor, &c. the centre of the metropolis, as it Dr. Carey has in the press, a is considered that the Royal and new edition of his Latin Prosody the London Institutions adapt them- made Easy, with considerable adselves more particularly to the west ditions and improvements, particuand east ends of the town. It is larly in the part which treats on intended to include a valuable and the different species of verse. An extensive library, an arrangement Abridgement, for the use of schools, for lectures on the different branch. will be published at the same time Es of philosophy and science, and with the larger work. commodious rooms for reading the The love of literature seems to foreign and domestick Journals, be gaining ground daily in Ireland, and other periodical works. The and particularly that class of it bumber of proprietors is to be which will tend ultimately to make twelve hundred; and their sub- its provinces more frequented and scription, twenty guineas. The better known, which will not only excite the attention of the stranger, of this printing office is now provbut point out natural beauties and ed by the following titles of two curiosities, unexplored even by the works, which Tycho Brahé caused native. The general topography to be printed at Uranienburg. of the country has received partial They are both in quarto, and one illustration from the Statistical it entitled, “De Mundi Ætherei Surveys of the counties of Dublin, recentioribus Phænominis, liber seWicklow, Kilkenny,

Queen's cundus. Uraniburgi in Insula County, Cayan, Armagh, Monag- Hellesponti Danici Huena, imprihan, Meath, Down, Londonderry, mebat auctoris Typographus Tyrone, Donegal, Sligo, Leitrim, Christephorus Weida, Anno Doand Mayo, which have been alrea- mini, 1588.The title of the dy published, and the recent writ- other is “ Tychonis Brahé Dani ings of Sir John Carr, Miss Owen- Epistolarum Astronomicarum liber son, and Sir Richard Hoare, have primus. Uraniburgi ex officina augmented our knowledge of the Typographica auctoris. Anno Dosister island in no inconsiderable mini 1596.” In the last work, are degree.

found many letters from Tycho Denmark.

Brahé to the Landgrave William The learned have long doubted of Hesse, wherein he mentions the the existence of a printing-office, printing office, and the paper mills, said to have been established by he had established at Uranienthe celebrated astronomer Tycho burgh; and in the latter work is Brahé, in the island of Huen, or an engraving on wood, of the house Ween, in the Sound, in the Obser- in which this printing office was vatory of Uranienburgh, erected established. for him on that island by Frederic II. of Denmark. The existence


Sunt bona, sunt quædam mediocria, sunt mala plura.-Mart.


Stillman, D.D. Comprising several The Columbiad, a poem, in ten sermons never before published. To books. By Joel Barlow. 1 vol. royal which is prefixed a biographical sketch 4to. Illustrated with a portrait of the of the author's life. 8vo. pp. 408. Price author, painted by Fulton and engraved $2 bound. Boston, Manning & Loring. by Arthur Smitli, and eleven engra- 1808. vings on the following subjects, painted The Pharmacopæia of the Massachu. by Smirke, and engraved by English setts Medical Society. Published by artists. 1. Hesper appearing to Co. E. & J. Larkin. Greenough & Steb. lumbus in prison. 2. Capac and Oella bins printers. 12mo. Price Si. instructing the savages in agriculture Tables of the Pharmacopæia of the and the domestick arts. 3. Camor Massachusetts Medical Society. Conkilled by Capac. 4. Inquisition. 5. taining, 1st. Table of the proportion of Cesar passing the Rubicon. 6. Cruelty Antimony, Opium, and Quicksilver in presiding over the prison ship. 7. Mur- some compound medicines. 2d. Poso. der of Lucinda. 8. Cornwallis resign- logical and Prosodial Tables. 3d. Two ing his sword to Washington. 9. Rape Tables of ancient and of systematick of the Golden Fleece. 10. Initiation to names. Also, a Sheet Table of ancient the Mysteries of Iris. 11. Final Resig. and systematick names. Published by nation of Prejudices. Philadelphia, C. E. & J. Larkin. Price 25 cts. & A, Conrad & Co.

The Boston collection of sacred and Select Sermons on doctrinal and prac- devotional Hymns, intended to accomtical subjects. By the late Samuel modate christians on special and stated

occasions. Boston, Manning & Loring. pastor of said church. New-York. S. Price 62 cents bound.

Gould. Unitarian pieces and tracts, No. 1. A sermon on the subject of SanctifiA discourse on the right, duty, and cation. By John Peak, minister of the importance of free inquiry in matters gospel in Newburyport. 8vo. pp. 32. o religion. Delivered Nov. 1, 1807. Newburyport, W. & J. Gilman. 1808. By a member of the first society of Six Essays on the subject of laying a Critarian Christians in Philadelphia. tax on dogs ; addressed to the legisla870. Philadelphia, Thomas Dobson. ture of Pennsylvania. By Joseph H.

The Mercuriad, or Spanish practice Fleming. Philadelphia. of physick, a tragi-comedy in five acts, Catalogue of masters and misses, who in prose : being a burlesque on the ex- have, at any time, belonged to the acadsessive use, and an exposition of the emy in Portsmouth, N.H. kept by the malignant effects of mercury, introduc- Rev. Timothy Alden, jun. Portsmouth, ed into the modern practice of physick. William Treadwell. pp. 12. 1808. By a friend of mankind. Lansingburgh, N. Y.

NEW EDITIONS. The Lady's Cabinet of Polite Litera- The 3d and last volume of Boswell's wure, containing a selection of the most Life of Johnson. 1st American, from delicate and refined airs, songs, poems, the 5th London edition. 8vo. Boston, and various other miscellaneous pro- Andrews & Cummings and L. Blake. ductions, in verse and prose. Vol. I. No. X. and Vol. V. of Shakespeare's The Lute, consisting of songs. Bos- Plays, containing the three parts of ton, Russell & Cutler. Price $1.

King Henry VI. and King Richard III. On the worth, and loss of the soul : 12mo. Boston, Munroe, Francis, & a sermon, delivered at Ipswich, on a Parker. day of prayer, August 4, 1807. By Self-knowledge: a treatise, shewing Joseph Dana, D.D. one of the ministers the nature and benefit of that important of that town.

Newburyport, E. W. science, and the means to attain it: inAlen. 8vo. 1808.

termixed with various reflections and A Sermon preached at Northampton observations on human nature. By John before the Hampshire Missionary So- Mason, M.A. To which is now preciety, at their annual meeting, Aug. 27. fixed, for thc first time in an American 1807. By the Rev. Samuel Taggart, edition, Memoirs of the author. 12mo. A. m. Pastor of the presbyterian church 75 cents. Boston, Munroe, Francis, in Colrain. Northampton, W, Butler. & Parker.

Worlds Displayed, for the benefit of The Sorrows of Werter. Translat. young people, by a familiar history of ed from the German of Baron Goëthe, some of their inhabitants. Boston, by William Render, D.D. To which Lincoln & Edmands. 1807.

is annexed, the Letters of Charlotte to The Approved Minister. A sermon

a female friend, during her conneetion preached October 28, 1807, at the ordi. with Werter. 12mo. Price $1. Bosnation of the Rev. Enoch Pratt, to ton, Andrews & Cummings. the pastoral care of the West Church

An abridgement of a Serious Call to and Society in Barnstable. By Thad- a devout and holy life, adapted to the deus Mason Harris, Minister of Dor- state and condition of all orders of chrischester. Boston, Lincoln & Edmands. tians. By William Law, A.M. 12mo.

A Thanksgiving Sermon, delivered 75 cents. Boston. Munroe, Francis,
before the Second Society in Plymouth, & Parker.
November 26, 1807. By Seth Stetson, The Pleasures of Human Life, inves-
minister in that place. Boston, Lincoln tigated cheerfully, elucidated satirical-

ly, promulgated explicitly, and discus-
A Sermon preached at Hatfield Oc-
tober 20, 1807, at the opening of Hal-

sed philosophically, in a dozen disser

tations. By Hilaris Benevolus & Co., field Bridge. By Joseph Lyman, D.D. fellows of the London literary society pastor of the church in Hatfield. North

of Lucorists. 12mo. 75 cents, boards. ampton. William Butler.

Boston, Oliver & Munroe. A Sermon preached July 22, 1807, at A Serious Call to a devout and holy the funeral of the Rev. Alexander Mac- life, adapted to the state and condition worter, D.D. senior pastor of the Pres- of all orders of christians. By William byterian church, in Newark, N. Jersey. Law, A.M. To which is added, some By Edward D. Griffin, A. M. surveying

account of the author, &c. not before

& Edmands.

published in any of his works. 12mo. ing the antiquity of the Hebrew na$1,25. Boston, E. & J. Larkin. tion and church of God-Forming a sa

cred commentary ; a body of scripture WORKS IN THE PRESS. history, chronology, and divinity ; and

Mr. Charles Pierce of Portsmouth serving in a great measure as a conNew Hampshire, has put to press and cordance to the Bible in two volumes. will speedily publish Religious Cases of this valuable work has just been prinConscience answered in an evangelical ted in Edinburgh under the immedimanner at the Casuistictal Lecture, in

ate direction of Mr. Brown's solis, and Little St. Helen's, Bishop-gate-street. has many valuable additions and correc. By S. Pike & S. Hayward. To which

tions made by the Author previons to is added, the Spiritual Companion, or

his death. A sketch of Mr. Brown's pofessing Christian tried at the bar of life is perfixed to this Edition. God's word. By S.Pike. Messrs. Belcher & Armstrong, of

WORKS ANNOUNCED. this town, have in the press Poems by W. Wells of this town, and W. Hil. Robert Treat Paine jun.

liard of Cambridge, propose publishing Dr. Samuel Bard, who has been long by subscription, “Novum Testameitur known as an able and learned practi- Græce e Recensione Jo : Jac : Griestioner in New York, and who has for bachii ; cum selecta lectionum varie. some years past retired from the ac. tate.” This edition of the Greek Testative duties of his profession, has now in ment will be an exact copy of that lately the press of Messrs. Collins and Per published at Leipsic, by G.J.Goschen, in kins, of that city, an interesting work two volumes small octavo. It will con. entitled, “ A Compendium of the The- tain the Greek text as edited by the ory and Practice of Midwifery, con- celebratedGriesbach, with a selection at taining practical Instructions for the the bottom of the page of all the various Management of women during Preg. readings, which affect the sense or connancy, in Labour and in Child-bed; struction. This edition will be princalculated to correct the Errours and ted in one handsome volume octavo, improve the Practice of Midwives, as The price to subscribers will be two well as to serve as an Introduction to dollars in boards ; or it will be deliver. the Study of this Art, for Students and ed in any kind of binding with the cusyoung Practitioners.”

tomary additional charge. A few coIsaiah Thomas jun. of Worcester has pies will be struck off upon fine paper, in the press the following works :- royal octavo ; price $3,50 in boards.

The complete works of the late Rev. John West, No.75, Cornbill, is about Jonathan Edwards, President of the putting to press, a Greek Grammar, in College of N. Jersey.-- This work will which the declensions of nouns and the be comprised in eight octavo volconjugations of verbs are reduced to umes ; it is publishing on an entire new their most simple forms; the rules of type, and fine wove paper.

contraction made concise, and the syn. Whiston's genuine works of Flavius tax and prosody complete : with an Josephus, the learned and authentick appendix subjoined. By John Smith, Jewish Historian, and celebrated War- S.T.D. professor of Latin, Greek, He. rior. This work be published in three brew, and other Oriental languages, at octavo volumes, from the last Edin Dartmouth College. burgh Edition, printed in 1804.

Snelling & Simons, and J. W. ArmSchrevelii's Greek Lexicon. This strong, of this town, propose publishing work will be completed in the course by subscription, in a duodecimo volume, of the winter.

the dramatick works of Joseph AddiBrown's Genuine Dictionary of the son, consisting of Cato, Rosamond, and Holy Bible ; containing an historical the Drummer. Price $1 bound. account of the persons ; a geographical and historical account of the places ; a literal, critical and systematical descrip- ERRATA.- Page 47, 2d line from bottom, for tion of other objects, whether natural, promotion," read formation ;'p. 48, 15th line

, ." artificial, civil, religious or military ; The following should have been subjoined to w the explanation of the appellative

the piece on the use of printed discourses :

" in the former essay we wish to correct the terms mentioned in the writings of the following errours : Page 454, 2d column, line 14 Ok! and New Testament ; the whole from top, for one's," read one;' p. 455, Ist col

line 11 from top, for 'of,' r. 'or; p. 457, 1st col comprising whatever is known concern- line 4 from bottom, for 'engaged' i. 'regarded.'



For the Anthology.

ABORIGINAL INDIANS. THE unhappy descendants of forests of America have exhibited those warlike ancestors, who once the spectacle of a captive, while exercised the just rights of sove- slowly expiring at the stake amidst reignty over the soil we inhabit, the horrible variety of his toruntil superiour craft in the first ments, coolly suggesting modes of place, and superiour force in the suffering more acute for his own second, compelled them to surren- body to endure. We are almost der their inheritance, and to seal induced to believe, that the conthe conveyance with their blood, tempt of death influenced their seem peculiarly entitled to our physical nature, and, by removing commiseration and regard. We all susceptibility from their nerves, invaded the quietude of their for- enabled them to suffer in a manests, corrupted the simplicity of ner congenial to their wishes. The their manners, and left to their descendants of these gallant souls posterity all the curses of civiliza- we now behold dissipating, as civtion, without one of its benefits. ilized life invades the recesses of The Indian is now (if I may be their forests; and one or two cenallowed the expression) little more turies will probably allow them than the shadow of his departed little more than historical existence. ancestors. With an insatiable ap- A sort of chivalry in reformation petite for glory, and a magnani. is one of the distinguishing feamous contempt of danger in its tures of the present age. Every acquisition, their onset was terri- artifice has been employed to ble, and their expiring agonies tempt the Indian from his wilderbreathed defiance. We have been ness ; but the experiment has so taught to look with reverence on often unsuccessfully encountered antiquity ; but it may be made a the recurrenee of former habits, very serious question, whether all that we may venture to pronounce the records of past ages can pro- it incompetent. Naturalists have duce examples of more heroick observed of the beaver, that, when contempt of death, than the forests domesticated, he gives no evidence of America have furnished ? In- of that shrewd sagacity and calcugenuity had already been taxed to lating judgment, that distinguishes its full competence to devise tor- him in the society of his fellows; tures more exquisite ; yet indis- but, on the contrary, he is slugputable tradition relates that the gish and inert, and dozes, away a

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