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(1, 2, 3, 4.)

0. Y. My soul, praise the Lord, His chamber-beams lie

Speak good of His Name; In the clouds full sure, O Lord our great God,

Which as His chariots How dost Thou appear !

Are made Him to bear : So passing in glory,

And there with much swiftness That great is Thy fame,

His course doth endure, Honour and Majesty

Upon the wings riding In Thee shine most clear.

Of winds in the air. With light as a robe

He maketh His spirits Thou hast Thyself clad,

As heralds to go, Whereby all the earth

And lightnings to serve Thy greatness may see:

We see also press'd ; The heavens in such sort

His will to accomplish Thon also hast spread,

They run to and fro, That they to a curtain

To save or consume things Compared may be.

As seemeth Him best.

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• The Title of this very rare Psalter is "Tas PSALIE OF DAVID IN ENGLISH meter, with Notes of foure partes set unto them, by Guilielmo Daman, for John Bull, to the vse of the godly Christians, for recreatyng themselves, in stede of fond and vnseemely Ballades. anno 1579. At London. Printed by John Daye. Cum privilegia" In a commendatory Preface- by Edward Hake, Gent., John Bull is said to have been a "Citezen and Goldsmith of London," and "his honest frend Guilielmo Daman one of her Maiesties Musitions."

Modified Version. OLD 8187 PSALM. D. C. M. (No. 2.) From RAVENSCROFT's Psalter, 1621.

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(1, 2, 3, 4.)

N. V.
O RENDER thanks, and bless the Lord; Rejoice in His Almighty Name,
Invoke His sacred Name;

Alone to be adored ; Acquaint the nations with His deeds, And let their heart o'erflow with joy His matchless deeds proclaim.

That humbly seek the Lord. Sing to His praise, in lofty hymns

Seek ye the Lord, His saving strength His wondrous works rehearse;

Devoutly still implore Make them the theme of your discourse,

And, where He's ever present, seek And subject of your verse.

His face for evermore.


An adaptation of a Choral by BARTHOLOMÄas CRASSELIUS. * 1704.

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• A pupil of. Francke, the founder of the Orphan House at Halle. He was afterwards Lutheran Minister at Düsseldorf.

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