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CXIII. (II.) HALLELUJAH! raise, O raise Yet to view the heav'ns He bends,

To our God the song of praise ; Yea to earth He condescends; All His servants join to sing

Passing by the rich and great God our Saviour, and our King.

For the low and desolate.

Blessed be for evermore
That dread Name which we adore;
Round the world His praise be sung,
Through all lands, in ev'ry tongue.

He can raise the poor to stand
With the princes of the land ;
Wealth upon the needy shower,
Set the meanest high in power.

O'er all nations God alone,
Higher than the heav'ns His throne;
Who is like to God most high,
Infinite in majesty!

He the broken spirit cheers,
Turns to joy the mourner's tears ;
Such the wonder of His ways,
Praise His Name, for ever praise.

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When death alarm'd me, He removed

My dangers and my fears ;
My feet from falling He secured,
And dried my eyes from tears.

God's tender mercy knows no bound,

His truth shall ne'er decay : Then let the willing nations round

Their grateful tribute pay,

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1.-(1, 2. 15. 17. 19.) N. V. O

PRAISE the Lord, for He is good,

His mercies ne'er decay:
That His kind favours ever last,

Let thankful Israel say.
Joy fills the dwelling of the just,

Whom God has saved from harm;
For wondrous things are brought to pass

By His Almighty arm.
God will not suffer me to fall,

But still prolongs my days;
That, by declaring all His works,

I may advance His praise. Then open wide the temple-gates

To which the just repair, That I may enter in, and praise My great Deliv'rer there.

Thou art my Lord, O God, and still

I'll praise Thy holy Name: Because Thou only art my God,

I'll celebrate Thy fame.

O then with me give thanks to God,

Who still does gracious prove; And let the tribute of our praise

Be endless as His love,

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JOY and salvation in the tents

Of righteous men abound;
The right hand of the Lord our God

With victory is crown'd.
The right hand of the Lord is high,

Through all the world renown'd;
The right hand of the Lord our God

With victory is crown'd.
I shall not die, but live, and tell

His works, whilst I have breath :
He hath chas ed, but gave me not

Into the hand of death.
Open the sanctuary gates,

The gates of righteousness;
That I may enter, and in pray'rs

And praise His Name confess.

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, What can man's weak arm avail ? While my helpers He befriendeth,

Vainly shall my foes assail.
Trust in God, more sure reliance

Than in man's brief changeful hour ;
Trust in God, more safe affiance

Than in princes' mightiest power.
By ten thousand foes surrounded,

When the thronging nations came,
I beheld their hosts confounded

Through my God's victorious Name.
God, my hope and my salvation,
Who didst strength and succour bring,

heart's deep adoration
Aid my tongue Thy truth to sing.

Let my

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