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BREAD of heaven! on Thee we feed,

For Thy flesh is meat indeed;
Ever let our souls be fed
With this true and living Bread !
Vine of heaven! Thy blood supplies
This bless d cup of sacrifice :
Lord ! Thy wounds our healing give;
To Thy cross we look and live,
Day by day with strength supplied,
Through the life of Him who died :
Lord of life! O let us be
Rooted, grafted, built on Thee !
Honour, glory, might, and praise
Be through never-ending days
To the Father, and the Son,
And the Spirit, Three in One,

A. men.

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OLD 81st PSALM. D. C. M.

The Melody as given in Daman's Psalter, 1579.*

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* The Title of this very rare Psalter is "THE PSALMES OF DAVID IN ENGLISH meter, with Notes of foure partes set vnto them, by Guilielmo Daman, for John Bull, to the vse of the godly Christians, for recreatyng themselves, in stede of fond and vnseemly Ballades. anno 1579. At London. Printed by Jobn Daye. Cum privilegio.” In a commendatory Preface by Edward Hake, Gent., John Bull is said to have been a "Citezen and Goldsmith of London," and "his honest frend Guilielmo Daman one of her Maiesties Musitions."

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