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O ,

Though cold and green the turf is spread

Above their narrow cell, —
No more we cling to mortal clay,

We doubt and fear no more;
Nor shrink to tread the dreary way

Which Thou hast trod before.
When, soon or late, this feeble breath

No more to Thee shall pray,
Support me through the vale of death,

And in the darksome way!
When, clothed in fleshly weeds again,

I wait Thy dread decree,
Judge of the world! bethink Thee then,

That Thou hast died for me!


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129. ALMIGHTY Maker of my frame,

Teach me the measure of my days ; Teach me to know how frail I am,

And spend the remnant to Thy praise.

My days are shorter than a span,

A little point my life appears : How frail, at best, is dying man!

How vain are all his hopes and fears !

130. O GOD, Thy grace and blessing give

To us who on Thy Name attend, That we this mortal life may live

Regardful of our journey's end. Teach us to know that Jesus died

And rose again, our souls to save ; Teach us to take Him as our Guide,

Our Help from childhood to the grave. Then shall not death with terror come,

But welcome as a bidden guest; The herald of a better home,

The messenger of peace and rest. And when the awful signs appear

Of judgment, and the throne above, Our hearts still fix'd, we shall not fear;

God is our trust, and God is Love.

Oh! be a nobler portion mine!

My God! I bow before Thy throne: Earth's fleeting treasures I resign, And fix my hope on Thee alone.

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