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HARVEST. FOUNTAIN of mercy! God of love!

Thou gav'st the summer's suns to shine, How rich Thy bounties are !

The mild refreshing dew.
The rolling seasons, as they move,
Proclaim Thy constant care.

These various mercies from above

Matured the swelling grain; When in the bosom of the earth

A kindly harvest crowns Thy love,
The sower hid the grain,

And plenty fills the plain.
Thy goodness mark'd its secret birth,
And sent the early rain.

Fountain of love! our praise is Thine;

To Thee our songs we'll raise,
The spring's sweet influence was Thine, And all created nature join
The plants in beauty grew;

In sweet harmonious praise.

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THIS stone to Thee in faith we lay,

We build the temple, Lord, to Thee : Thine eye be open night and day

To guard this house and sanctuary.
Here, when Thy people seek Thy face,

And dying sinners pray to live,
Hear Thou, in heaven, Thy dwelling-place,

And when Thou hearest, О forgive!
Here, when Thy messengers proclaim

The blessed Gospel of Thy Son, Still by the power of His great Name

Be mighty signs and wonders done. That glory never hence depart !

Yet choose not, Lord, this house alone; Thy kingdom come to every heart,

In every bosom fix Thy Throne.


+ LUBECK, 7, 7, 7, 7.


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