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ORD, a Saviour's love displaying,

Show the heathen lands Thy way;
Millions still like sheep are straying

In the dark and cloudy day.
Shades of death are gathering o'er them,

Lord, they perish from Thy sight!
Let Thine Angel go before them;

Bring the Gentiles to Thy light. Fetch them home from


nation, From the islands of the sea ; By the Word of Thy salvation

Call the wanderers back to Thee. Thou their pasture hast provided,

Grant the blessing long foretold; Let Thy sheep, divinely guided,

Find at last the common fold.

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* Probably by Wilhelm II., Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, author of the Hymn "Gott der Frieden bat gegeben," of which it is the tune.

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Christians, hearken! None has taught Lo! the hills for harvest whiten,

Of His love so deep and dear; [them All along each distant shore;
Of the precious price that bought them; Seaward far the islands brighten, -
Of the nail, the thorn, the spear ;

Light of nations! lead us o'er ·
Ye who know Him,

When we seek them,
Guide them from their darkness drear. Let Thy Spirit go before.

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