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TARK! the song of jubilee,

Loud as mighty thunders' roar, Or the fulness of the sea,

When it breaks upon the shore : “ Hallelujah!” for the Lord

God omnipotent shall reign; “Hallelujah !” let the word

Echo round the earth and main.

“ Hallelujah!” Hark! the sound

From the centre to the skies, Wakes above, beneath, around,

All creation's harmonies : See Jehovah's banners furl'd,

Sheathed His sword; He speaks—’tis done, And the kingdoms of this world

Are the kingdoms of His Son.

“He shall reign from pole to pole

With illimitable sway;
He shall reign when, like a scroll,

Yonder heavens have pass’d away.
Then the end :-beneath His rod.

Man's last enemy shall fall : Hallelujah! Christ in God,

God in Christ is all in all.”

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Awake, then, ye to whom
God has so freely given
To fly the sinner's doom,
And know the path to heaven ;-

Ye know the joyful news;
Hide not the blessed Word :
Oh, how can ye refuse
To tell what ye have heard ?

158. O GOD, from Thee alone

Our earthly blessings flow;
What is there not Thine own,
Of all we prize below ?

We are but stewards here;
Lord, may we faithful prove,
And what we hold most dear
Deny not to Thy love.

Ye know your Lord's command ;
Ye have that ye may give
With ready heart and hand,
That others, too, may live.

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