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THE Word, with God the Father One,

Before the heavens and earth were made,
Is now the Virgin's new-born Son,

Upon her lowly bosom laid.
Already on His sinless Head

The streams of wrath begin to flow;
Already on His infant bed

The taste of grief He deigns to know.
The lowliest poverty He bears

That we may be with wealth supplied ;
He weeps : O precious grief and tears !

Through Him the world is purified.
JESU, who camest from on high

To be the Lamb for sinners slain,
Leave not Thy ransom'd flock to die,

Nor let Thy toil be spent in vain.

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EIGHT days amid this world of woe The traitor sought Him by that Name, The holy Babe hath been;

When all the murderous crew Long named in heaven, He now must go With swords and staves against Him came: To take that Name on Him below, And on the Cross, the tree of shame, JESUS, who saves from sin.

That Name was fix'd in view. His mother kept the Angel's word Yet in His hour of glory now Deep in her bosom’s store ;

That precious Name is given, But others there, by love unstirr'd, Above all names to deck His brow, Unconscious of its meaning, heard And at the Name of JESUS bow The Name the Infant bore.

The powers and thrones of heaven.
Worthy art Thou o'er us to reign,

JESUS, for evermore :
Thou who for us didst not disdain
That sinners should the Name profane

Which seraphim adore.

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NOW, gracious Lord, Thine arm revcal,

And make Thy glory known;
Now let us all Thy presence feel,

And soften hearts of stone.
Help us to venture near Thy throne,

And plead a Saviour's Name;
For all that we can call our own

Is vanity and shame.
From all the guilt of former sin

May mercy set us free;
And let the year we now begin,

Begin and end with Thee.
Send down Thy Spirit from above,

That saints may love Thee more,
And sinners now may learn to love,

Who never loved before.


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