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There behold the day-spring rise, Pouring light upon your eyes ; See it chase the shades away, Shining to the perfect day.

Sing, ye morning-stars, again,
God descends on earth to reign!
Deigns for man His life to employ,
Shout, ye sons of God, for joy.

Glory to the heavenly King,
Glory all ye Angels sing,
Glory to the Father, Son,
And bless'd Spirit, Three in One.


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32. SONS of men, behold from far,

Hail the long-expected star ;
Jacob's star that gilds the night,
Guides bewilder'd rature right.
Mild it shines on all beneath,
Piercing through the shades of death;
Scattering error's wide-spread night,
Kindling darkness into light.

Nations all, remote and near,
Haste to see your God appear;
Haste, for Him your hearts prepare,
Meet Him manifested there.


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TAIL to the Lord's Anointed,

Great David's greater Son !
Hail, in the time appointed,

His reign on earth begun ! He comes to break oppression,

To set the captive free;
To take away transgression,

And rule in equity.
He shall come down like showers

Upon the fruitful earth;
And love, joy, hope, like flowers,

Spring in His path to birth :
Before Him, on the mountains,

Shall Peace, the herald, go;
And Righteousness, in fountains,

From hill to valley flow.
Kings shall fall down before Him,

And gold and incense bring;
All nations shall adore Him,

His praise all people sing; For He shall have dominion

O'er river, sea, and shore, Far as the eagle's pinion

Or dove's light wing can soar. For Him shall prayer unceasing,

And daily vows ascend;
His kingdom still increasing,

A kingdom without end :
The mountain dew shall nourish

A seed, in weakness sown,
Whose fruit shall spread and flourish,

And shake like Lebanon. O’er every foe victorious,

He on His throne shall rest; From age to age more glorious,

All-blessing and all-bless'd :
The tide of time shall never

His covenant remove;
His Name shall stand for ever-

That Name to us is Love.

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OLD 818T PSALM. D. C. M.

From RAVENSCROFT's Psalter, 1621.

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O THOU, to whose all-seeing eye

Earth's mysteries are clear,
Who bright as noonday canst descry

What we deem darkest here,
Make us in lowly faith rejoice,

With her, who on this day First heard the Angel's wondrous voice, And heard, but to obey !


For though on Duty's narrow path

Dark clouds awhile may rest,
One light the weary spirit hath,

To know, Thy way is best !
And say,

“Whate'er betide, yet still
Behold Thy servant, Lord !
Be it to me, through good and ill,

According to Thy Word!"

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