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..60. to dark

Ye that feel the tempter's power ; Your Redeemer's conflict see,

Watch with Him one bitter hour : Turn not from His griefs away, Learn of JESUS CHRIST to pray. Follow to the judgment-hall,

View the Lord of life arraign'd: O the wormwood and the gall!

O the pangs His soul sustain'd! Shun not suffering, shame, or loss; Learn of Him to bear the cross. Calvary's mournful mountain climb,

There, adoring at His feet, Mark that miracle of time,

God's own sacrifice complete: “It is finish'd !”-hear the cry; Learn of JESUS CHRIST to die.

Early hasten to the tomb,

Where they laid His breathless clay; All is solitude and gloom;

Who hath taken Him away? “ Christ is risen !” He meets our eyes ; Saviour, teach us so to rise. God of everlasting love,

One in coeternal Three, All the shining Hosts above

Give unceasing praise to Thee : So we worship Thee and cry, Glory be to God on high.


+ MOUNT MORIAH. 7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7,7, 7.

JAMES TURLE, 1862, Composed for this work.

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61. BOUND upon the accursed tree,

Faint and bleeding, who is He? By the eyes so pale and dim, Streaming blood and writhing limb, By the flesh with scourges torn, By the crown of twisted thorn, By the side so deeply pierced, By the baffled burning thirst, By the drooping death-dew'd brow, Son of Man I 'tis Thou, 'tis Thou. Bound upon

the accursed tree,
Dread and awful, who is He?
By the sun at noon-day pale,
Shivering rocks, and rending veil,
By earth that trembles at His doom,
By yonder saints who burst their tomb,
By Eden, promised ere He died
To the felon at His side,
Lord ! our suppliant knees we bow,
Son of God ! 'tis Thou, 'tis Thou.

the accursed tree,
Sad and dying, who is He?
By the last and bitter cry,
The ghost given up in agony;
By the lifeless body laid
In the chamber of the dead ;
By the mourners come to weep,
Where the bones of JESUS sleep;
Crucified ! we know Thee now,
Son of Man ! 'tis Thou, 'tis Thou.

the accursed tree,
Dread and awful, who is He?
By the prayer for them that slew,
“Lord I they know not what they do!”
By the spoil'd and empty grave,
By the souls He died to save,
By the conquest He hath won,
By the saints before His throne,
By the rainbow round His brow,
Son of God! 'tis Thou, 'tis Thou.

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SINCE Christ, our passover, is slain, Christ

, being raised by power divino

Let all with thankful hearts agree

To keep the festival :

And rescued from the grave,
Shall die no more ; death shall on Him

No more dominion have.

Not with the leaven, as of old,

Of sin and malice fed ;
But with unfeign'd sincerity,

And truth's unleaven'd bread.

For that He died, 'twas for our sins

He once vouchsafed to die;
But that He lives, He lives to God

For all eternity.

So count yourselves as dead to sin,

But graciously restored,
And made henceforth alive to God,

Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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