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T. 14.


12. Hungry and thirsty after thee Admitted to the realms of bliss,

May I be found each hour; I then shall see him as he is, Where countless pardon'd sinners Humble in heart, and constantly Adoring at his feet.

(meet, Supported by thy power.

dregor. 3. May thy blest Spirit to my heart, (369.)

Throughout my future race, THY child so minded ever keep; True faith and constancy impart Let me know nought beside

To live unto thy praise. Thee, who was slain me to redeem, 4. The mystery of redeeming love Thee, Jesus crucified.

Be ever dear to me: 2. O may we, Saviour, step for Till I shall once in heaven above Bear thee sweet company, (step,

For ever dwell with thee.

Countess Huntingdon's II. Thus will, whate'er we undertake, An act of worship be.

(373.) 318.

T. 14. 3. May we to thee in all our wants Ó DEAREST Lord, take thou my

Child-like yet closer fly, Directing still, throughout our

Where can such sweetness be, By faith to thee our eye. (course, As I have tasted in thy love, 4. Altho’ but little we can do,

As I have found in thee. Yet 'tis our heart's desire,

2. If there's a fervour in my soul, To do that which affords thee joy;

And fervour sure there is, Nor dost thou more require.

It shall be quite at thy control,

And but to serve thee rise. (371.) 316.* O LET thy countenance, most lov

3. To seek in earthly things for bliss

Is vain; none can be found, ing Saviour,

(me ever Till Jesus Christ our portion is; Shine on me day and night, and let Have of thy presence and thy gra- 4. 'Tis heaven on earth to taste

In him true joys abound.
cious dealing
A tender feeling :-

his love,
2. That soul and body, on thy And all the bliss I seek above

To feel his quickening grace ; merit feeding, (proceeding,

Is to behold his face.
May daily be from grace to grace
With thee at peace, in tenderest (374.) 319.

r. 14. love's coinmunion

'TIS heaven on earth by faith to And perfect union. Thy face, my gracious Lord; (see

Gregor. The noblest, most substantial joys (372.) 317. T. 14. Thy chcering smiles afford. JESUS, my Saviour, full of grace, 2. Thou say'st, dear Jesus, all thy

Be thou my heart's delight, Who love thy face to see, (saints, Remain my favourite theme always, Shall have, while in this vale of

My joy by day and night. Kind visits oft from thee. (tears,

T. 36.

T. 79.

3. 0. let my soul with thee con- Oh, with what peace, and joy, anå
Who art my chief delight; (verse, love,
For the whole world can't ease my She communes with her God!
If banish'd from thy sight. (heart, 4. There, like the nightingale, sho


T. 205.

Her solitary lays;
VAIN, delusive world, adieu ! Nor asks a witness of her song,

Thou, with all thy creature Nor thirsts for human praise. Only Jesus I pursue, (good; 5. Author and guardian of my life, Him, who bought me with his

Sweet source of light divine, All thy pleasures I forego, (blood; And (all-harmonious names in one) All thy wealth and all thy pride;

My Saviour, thou art mine! Only Jesus will I know,

6. What thanks I owe thee, and Jesus, and him crucified.

what love, 2. Him to know is life and peace,

A boundless, endless store, Joy and pleasure without end; Shall echo thro’ the realms above, This is all my happiness,

When time shall be no more. On my Jesus to depend;

Cowper. Daily in his grace to grow, In his favour to abide :

(375.) 322. Only Jesus will I know,

O JESUS, everlasting God, Jesus, and him crucified.

Who hast for sinners shed thy 3. Him in all my works I seek, blood

Who expir’d upon the tree; Upon mount Calvary, Only of his love I speak, And finish'd there redemption's

Who so freely died for me : While I sojourn here below, Thus I became thy happy spoil; Nothing I desire beside ;

All praise and glory be to thee. Only Jesus will I know,

2. Fain would I think on all thy Jesus, and him crucified.

Toplady, (ad.)

(gain, Would find therein my life and 321.

And firmly fix my heart FAR from the world, O Lord, I flee, Upon thy wounds and dying love ;

From strife and tumult far; Nor ever more from thee remove, From scenes where Satan wages Till from this world I shall depart. His most successful war. (still

3. The more thro? grace myself I 2. The calm retreat, the silent shade, know,

With prayer and praise agree; The more inclin'd I am to bow And seem bythy sweet bounty made In faith beneath thy cross; For those who follow thee.

To trust in thy atoning blood, 3. There, if thy Spirit teach the soul, And look to thee for every good,

And grace her mean abode, Yea, count all earthly gain but loss.

toil :

T. 14.


(376.) 323. T. 90./4. Communing with the Lamb of

God, THOU hidden source of calm re

With heartfelt gratitude we'ro pose,

bow'd; Thou all-sufficient love divine; My help and refuge from my foes, And walk in true humility,

As Christ's disciples constantly. Secure I am, for thou art mine :

Kinchin. Thou art my fortress, strength, and

(378) tower,

T. 79. My trust and portion evermore. O THAT we could for ever sit 2. Jesus, my All in all thou art, With Mary at our Saviour's feet, My rest in toil, my ease in pain, Be this our happy choice; The balm to heal my broken heart, Our only care, delight, and bliss, In storms my peace, in loss my Our joy, our heaven on earth be this, gain;

To hear the Bridegroom's cheering My joy beneath the tyrant's frown, voice. In shame my glory and my crown; 2. O may his love our hearts in3. In want my plentiful supply, spire;

(sire, In weakness my almighty power; Nought else on earth may we deIn bonds my perfect liberty, * Nought else in heaven above : My refuge in temptation's hour; Let earth and all its trifles go, My comfort ’midst all grief and Give us, O Lord, thy grace to thrall,

know, My life in death, my All in all. Give us to feel thy precious love.

(379.) 326.

T. 146. (377.) 324. T. 22.O WHAT is Christ to me, 'TIS thro' the grace thou dost be Who hath for my diseases stow,

Found out a remedy,
O Lord, that I thy goodness know;

And every grief appeases ?
Grant that I in humility My ever faithful Friend,
For evermore may cleave to thee. My confidant most true,
2. The privilege to be with Christ

On whom I can depend
In union, can't enough be priz'd ;

In joy and sorrow too.

J. Gambold. Since I'm the purchase of his blood,


T. 230, Grant me this privilege, O God.

BE our comfort which ne'er faileth, 3. Reflecting how our Lord and When any trial us assaileth, Head,

Or when we're needlessly disWhen ris'n, his followers visited, tress'd; We

pray to share that happiness, Jesus show, on each occasion, Which without sight we may pos- That thou our strength art and





T, 167.

Our shield, our hiding-place, and There my Lord had oft his resting O may we constantly (rest: station, Look up by faith to thee,

Converse held in friendly mood: Who redeem’dst us;

With that bliss which Mary highly And daily prove

savour'd, That thou art love,

I could wish this day still to be faTill we shall be with thee above.

vour'd; Gregor. But thy presence makes to me

Every place a Bethany. (382.)

Gregor. MOMENTS of ecstatic pleasure, (385.) 330. When I feel thee, Saviour, mine: What is this world's joy or trea- WHEN Christ our Saviour lives

and dwelleth

In us, O what consummate bliss ! To the thought that I am thine ?

This from our hearts all gloom disEarthly dreams of vain enjoyment Cannot soothe the watchful soul;

pelleth, Joy and grief, rest and employment, Lord Jesus, hear our supplication ;

Our life of heaven a foretaste is: Sacred be to thee the whole.

Let all of us in every station, (383.)

T. 185. Be truly join’d to thee,

Until eternally BETHANY, O peaceful habita- Thy face we see. Blessed mansion, lov'd abode;(tion,

J. Swertner,

T. 586.






T. 114.) What are the treasures which the JESUS, my King, thy kind and

worldlings hoard ? (able, gracious sceptre (me:

To comfort weary souls they are not Assuages every grief that burdens But Jesus can and does abund. When I with all my heart apply

antly ;

(He. (preceptor;

All earthly jo to thee,

will fail, but never Then thy peace-giving Spirit's my 3. How highly bless'd, how happy Thy comforts so refresh and cheer

is the spirit

(soon depart. Which, weary of self-working, inly That fear and restlessness must

mourns, 2. The gifts of Christ are so ines- And unto him for aid and succour timable,

turns : That all the world nought equal The humble every good from him can afford :


my heart,


He to the troubled soul imparteth 2. Here is a pasture, rich and ease, (science peace. never failing,

(flow; Restoring to the wounded con- Here living waters in abundance 4. That which the law could have None can conceive the grace with imparted never, (grace;

them prevailing, Is then produc'd alone by Jesus Who Jesus' shepherd-voice obey This is the source of genuine holi

and know : (behaviour;

He banishes all fear and strife, This changes and reforms our whole And leads them gently on to everFrom strength to strength, from

lasting life. grace to grace led on, (run. 3. Whoe'er would spend his days We safe proceed, until our race is in lasting pleasure, 5. O may I look to Christ without Must come to Christ, and join his cessation; (from on high,

flock with speed; Come, visit me, thou Day-spring Here is a feast prepar’d, rich be'That in thy light the light I may. The world

meanwhile on empty

yond measure, espy,

(foundation; On grace depending as my sole

husks must feed : Confirm my faith, grant that no Those souls may share in every fault in me

(from thee. good, May intercept the light that beams whose Shepherd doth possess the

treasuries of God. 6. Thou Source of love, I rest in

thy embraces, (peace : Thou art alone my everlasting (388.)


T. 164. My only treasure is thy boundless O DAYS of solid happiness, grace ; (thy mercies;

O antepast of heaven, (grace, * Tis heaven on earth to live upon when, in the accepted time of And since in thee all happiness I

We know our sins forgiven: sind,

(mind. I seek nought else to satisfy my of Christ's atoning blood,

Cleans'd in the precious flood

Enjoying in our hearts by faith (387.) 332. T. 115. The blessings purchas’d by his HOW great the bliss to be a sheep

death. of Jesus,

(staff: 2. The peace of God then fills the And to be guided by his shepherd

soul, Earth's greatest honours, howso And heals the wounded spirit; e'er they please us,

The broken heart is then made Compar'd to this, are vain and By virtue of his merit: (whole,

(give, Yea, his sweet looks of grace Yea, what this world can never Convey such happiness, May, thro' the Shepherd's grace, That we in his redeeming love

each needy sheep receive. Anticipate the bliss above.

J. J. Rambach.

C. F. Richter.

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