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ness ;

Almighty God, before thy glorious That in ourselves no good we find throne,

(viour own. To move thee, Lord, to be so kind: And thee our only Lord and Sa- Yet many here with inward rap6. Reach out thy sceptre, King of

ture feel

(seal. love,

Thy Spirit's unction and assuring Let us thy royal favour prove, 5. O ground us deeper still in thee, Who, conscious of our indigence, And let us thy true followers be ; Approach thy throne with confi- And when of thee we testify, dence;

(to glow, Fill thou our souls with heavenly teach our lips to praise, our hearts joy:

(inspire, Our eyes with grateful tears to May thy bless'd Spirit all our souls overflow.

Countess Z. And set each cold and lifeless heart (440.) 372.* T. 97. on fire. WHOM, dear Redeemer, dost thou 6. Our souls and bodies, Lord, love ? (prove ? prepare,

(bear; What doth thy highest pleasure That we rich fruit for thee may Whom dost thou favour, cheer, and Grant we may live unto thy praise, bless,

And serve thy cause with faithfulAnd call to endless happiness?

(wish and aim, Thou, who art holy, great, un- Since grace and truth are our heart's changeable, (manuel ?

O glorify in us thy saving name.

Countess Z. The mighty God, yet our Im2. The answer humble thanks doth

(442.) 373.*

T. 79, claim,

(shame :

GRACIOUS Redeemer, who for us And fills our souls with conscious Didst die upon the shameful cross “I love thee, sinner; come to me,

To save our souls from death, I will receive thee graciously ; We humbly at thy feet fall down, 'Tho' thou be sinful, ready to de- And thee thy body's Saviour own,

spair, (glory share.” On whom we firmly trust by faith. Thou shalt my pardon, help, and 2. Weak, helpless babes, 'tis true, 3. What wonder in the soul takes

we are,

(clear ; place,

(grace ; Poor sinners, but from guilt made When we

rvey thy boundless The virtue of that blood, For ah! to know our evil heart,

Which did for all our sins atone, And thy great name, and what thou We have experienc'd, and have art, (cious prove, known

(of God. And yet to find thee still so gra- From thence the quickening power This makes us sink abas'd with 3. We, deeply bow'd, can nought shame and love.

reply, 4. We all know who and what we But at thy pierced feet we lie, are,

Astonish'd at thy grace, And all with one consent declare, That, vile and wretched as we are,



Such undeserved love we share; He leads me to a pasture-ground, To thee is due eternal praise. Where for my soul rich food is found, 4. When we thy boundless love The word of his salvation. survey,

2. He guides my soul to living Our hearts like wax then melt away, springs,

Our eyes with tears o'erflow; Where sweetly I'm refreshed; We are determin’d nought beside His Spirit joy and comfort brings To know, but Jesus crucified, To me whene'er abashed: And him to follow here below. He leads me in the blessed way

A. Nitschman. Of his commandments, day by day, (443.)

T. 79.

To his name's praise and glory.

3. A table for me he prepares, CHRIST, my Redeemer, Lord, and God,

My soul enjoys his favour; How came I, sinner void of good,

And, thus secur’d, no enemy dares To that bless'd company

My God and me to sever; Of ransom'd souls, who are in faith My heart his Holy Spirit cheers, United, grounded on thy death?

And changeth all my grief and fears Why didst thou fix thy choice on

To joys unutterable.
4. His goodness and his mercies all

Will follow me for ever; 2. To thee, with guilt oppress'd, I And I'll maintain my proper call cried :


To cleave to my dear Saviour,
My prayers were heard, my wants

And to his congregation here;
My heart devoid of faith,
Unfeeling, dead in sins before,

And when callid home, I shall live

there Now quicken’d by thy mighty pow. With Christ, my soul's Redeemer,

(death. Glows with love's ardour for thy

(445.) 3. Tho' I to mercy had no right, Yet I found favour in thy sight,

THY thoughts of peace o'er me, Like Magdalen at thy feet;

my gracious Saviour, So that I now, supremely blest,

Thy mercy, love, and patience,

which ne'er waver, In thee have found true peace and rest,

These are my comfort, prompt me to Yea, happiness and joy complete.


And adoration,

2. I am the chief of sinners, yea, (444.) THE Lord my Shepherd is and Of those, whom of thy favour thou Guide,

assurest; Who kindly doth direct me; Yet blessings on all sides I see For all my wants he will provide, abounding, From dangers will protect me:

My soul surrounding.


W. Mosel.


T. 36.

C. R. v. z,


T. 132.

the poorest

T. 14.

3. Hadst thou not sought me first. We, alas, forget too often,

and follow'd ever, (thy favour; What a friend we have above : I had not come to thee, nor known But when home our souls are When thou hadst found me, then brought, with arms of mercy

We will love thee as we ought. Thou didst embrace me.

Newton. 4. I thank thee with sincerest heart's

(448.) 378. affection,

(election, That thou, according to thy grace- JESUS, thy love exceeds by far Hast brought me to thy blood-bought The love of earthly friends ; congregation,

Bestows whate'er the sinner needs, Seal'd my salvation. Is firm, and never ends.

Gregor. 2. My blessed Saviour, is thy love (447.) 377. T. 89.

So bounteous, great, and free?

Behold I give my sinful heart, ONE there is above all others, My life, my all to thee. Who deserves the name of Friend; 3. Noman of greater love can boast, His is love beyond a brother's, Than for his friend to die: Costly, frec, and knows no end :

Thou for thy enemies wast slain ; They who once his kindness prove, What love with thine can vie? Find it everlasting love.

4. Tho' in the very form of God, 2. Which of all our friends, to save With heavenly glory crown'd, us,

(blood ? Thou wouldst partake of human Could or would have shed his

Beset with troubles round. (flesh, But our Jesus died to have us Reconcil'd in him to God:

5. And now, upon thy throne above, This was boundless love indeed;

Thy love is still as great:

Well thou remember'st Calvary, Jesus is a friend in need.

Nor canst thy death forget. 3. When he liv'd on earth abased, 6. O Lord, I'll treasure in my soul "Friend of sinners” was his name ; Now, to heavenly glory raised,

The memory of thy love ;

And thy dear name shall still to me He rejoices in the same : Still he calls them brethren, friends,

A grateful odour prove.

Watts. And to all their wants attends. 4. Could we bear from one another, (449.) 379. T. 90. What he daily bears from us?

JESUS, Redeemer of mankind, Yet this glorious Friend and Brother Sovereign Creator, Lord of all, Loves us, tho' we treat him thus; Since I in thee salvation find, Tho' for good we render ill,

Before thy cross I humbly fall : He accounts us brethren still.

My Lord, my God, my soul's desire, 5. Oh, for grace our hearts to soften; With sacred flames my heart inTeach us, Lord, at length to love ; | spire.

ing eyes,


T. 90.

2. How couldst thou love such 5. The almighty Former of the skies worms as we?

Stoop'd to our vile abode; Why didst thou look upon our race? While angels view'd with wonderWhy didst thou die upon the tree? What caus'd all this but boundless And hail'd the incarnate God.

6. O the rich depths of love divine; 'Twas, dearest Lord, thy matchless

Of bliss a boundless store : love,

Dear Saviour, let me call thee mine, Which thee to save our souls did

I cannot wish for more. move.

7. On thee alone my hope relies : 3. O let thy pity thee constrain, Beneath thy cross I fall, Pardon our sin, its power subdue ; My Lord, my Life, my Sacrifice, May all of us be born again,

My Saviour, and my All. Thy image in us all renew :

Scottish Tabernacle. Let on us shine thy cheering face ; Give us to know thy saving grace.

(452.) 381. 4. Be thou our strength, be thou BEFOREthe Father's awful throne our song ;

Our High-priest lifts his pierced Be our exceeding great reward :

And interceding for his own (hands, Let every heart and every tongue

His purchas'd property demands ; Rejoice and triumph in the Lord: His people's everlasting Friend, Jesus, our boast shall be of thee, Who, loving, loves the to the end. In time and in eternity.

2. By faith we claim him as our own, (450.) 380. T. 14. Our kinsman, near allied in blood,

Flesh of our flesh, bone of our bone, COME, Holy Ghost, inspire my The Son of man, the Son of God:

With thy immortal flame; (song We to his mercy-seat draw nigh; And teach my heart, and teach my He never can himself deny.

tongue The Saviour's lovely name. (453.) 382.* 2. The Saviour! O what endless THY mercies and thy faithfulness, charms

Dear Lord, are daily new, Dwell in this blissful sound; But who can tell them to thy praise Its influence every fear disarms, Upon a close review ?

And spreads sweet comfort round. 2. Could I exalt thee worthily 3. Here pardon, life, and joy divine For thy unbounded grace, In rich effusion flow

Display'd in various ways to me, For guilty rebels, lost by sin, My lauds would never cease. And doom'd to endless woe.

Gregor. 4. God's onlySon, stupendous grace, Forsook his throne above ;

(454.) And swift to save our wretched race, O Lord, accept my worthless heart,

He flew on wings of love. And keep it ever thine ;

T. 14.


T. 590.


T, 151.

Since thou for me, a sinful worm, Of thy great mercies ;

Hast shed thy blood divine, Nor can eternity
Therewith to save my guilty soul Tell all thy praises.

From endless pain and woe :
What dearest friend in all the world (457.) 386.
Could equal kindness show ? O LOVE, all love excelling,

A. Kessler. From heaven to earth come down, (455.) 384.* T. 56. Come, fix in us thy dwelling,

Of all thy gifts the crown:
THOU, O Jesus, :||: art a gracious

Lord, thou art all compassion,
Ever faithful, : //: keeping to thy o grant us thy salvation,

Unbounded love thou art;
word ;
None can be so full of grief,

Speak peace to every heart. But he soon may find relief (458.) 387.

T. 184. By the comfort :11: thy kind looks

HOW much we're lov'd by God afford.

Zinzendorf. our Saviour,

With warmest gratitude we trace; (456.) 385.*

His patience, mercy, pardon, favor, LORD, had I of thy love Supported us throughout our race : Such an impression,

To him we trust for future blessing; As to forget all else

He'll lead us till our latest breath : In that fruition,

O may we all with love unceasing Still would my love fall short Rejoice in him, our Lord, by faith.

T. 37.

XXII. LOVE TO JESUS. (459.) 388.* T. 106 or 90./3. In darkness willingly I stray'd ;

I sought thee, yet from thee I rov'd; THEE will I love, my strength and For wide my wandering thoughts tower;

were spread, My soul with love to thee inspire: Thy creatures more than thee I Thee will I love with all my power; lov'd ; Thou art alone my soul's desire : And now, if more, at length, I see, Thee will I love, my King and God; Tis thro' thy light, and comes Shed in my heart thy love abroad.

from thee. 2. Ah, why did I so late thee know, 4. Give to my eyes repenting tears, Thou fairest of the sons of men ? Give to my heart chaste, hallow'd Ah, why did I no sooner go

fires ; To thee who canst relieve my pain ? Give to my soul, with filial fears, Asham'd I sigh and inly mourn,

The love that all heaven's host inThat I so late to thee did turn. spires ;

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