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389. *

That all my powers, with all their By eternal mercy moved :

He alone is my delight,
In thy sole glory may unite. He hath overcome me quite.

J. Angelus.

2. Round his pierced feet I'll cling, (462)

T. 151. Him I seek with love most tender ; JESUS, my highest treasure, And accurs'd be everything, (der:

In thy communion blest Which my seeking him would hinI find unsullied pleasure, Tell me nought of worldly fame,

True happiness and rest : Tell me of his lovely name. Myself as an oblation

3. But himself I must behold, I have to thee assign'd, To him I will make confession; Because thou by thy passion My defects are manifold,

Hast heal'd my sin-sick mind. But I trust to his compassion ; 2. O joy, all joys exceeding !

For I cannot, will not rest, Thou Bread most heavenly,

Till he grants me my request. When I on thee am feeding, 4. Thou in grace hast look'd on me, Thou dost me satisfy

And with precious gifts hast With marrow and with fatness, Yet content I cannot be, (blessed ;

With comfort, joy, and peace, Till I am of thee possessed : And fill my heart with gladness, Jesus, not upon me shine, Assuaging my distress.

Jesus, be thou ever mine. 3. Let me perceive thy friendly,

C. F. Richter. (ed.) Thy cheering countenance; Spread thro' my heart its kindly,

(464.) 391.* Enlivening influence:

I'LL glory in nothing but only in Without thee, gracious Saviour, Jesus,

(to release us ; To live is nought but pain ; As wounded and bruised from sin To enjoy thy love and favour

For he is my refuge, to him I'll Is happiness and gairt.

cleave solely, 4. Earth's glory to inherit Thus can I, like Enoch, in this Is not what I desire ;

world live holy. My heavenly-minded spirit 2. What tho' the world foameth Glows with a nobler fire :

and rageth with fury, Where Christ himself appeareth In nought but my crucified Jesus In brightest majesty,

I'll glory : For me a place prepareth,

Beside him my Saviour I'll know There, there I long to be.

nothing ever ;

S. Liscov. From him neither trials nor death (463.)

shall me sever. JESUS is my light most fair; 3. My Jesus is always desirous to He, the Father's well-beloved,

meet me,


me: Left his throne, our griefs to share,'Abounding in love, and in mercy to

T. 39.


T. 83.

T. 22.

Above all I love him, for he is my|(466.) 393.*

treasure; (with pleasure. DEAR Jesus, when I think on thee, I humbly adore him and serve him My heart for joy doth leap in me; 4. My heart's fix'd on Jesus whose Thy blest remembrance yields de

love is so tender; (render: light, My life and my all unto him I sur- But far more blest will be the sight. He is and remaineth my soul's 2. When thou art near, I must con

meditation, (summation. I feel a bliss I can't express : (fess, My faith's only object, till my con

J. Angelus.

Thy love, my Saviour, ne'er can cloy,

(joy. (465.) 392.* T. 83. Fountain of bliss and source of JESUS will I never leave,

3. Let me by faith behold thy face, He's the God of my salvation ; Still taste thy love and share thy Through his merits I receive

grace ;

(name, Pardon, life, and consolation :

Still let my tongue confess thy All the powers of my mind

And Jesus be my constant theme. To my Saviour be resign'd.

4. Thy love and mercies all exceed; 2. Nought on earth can satisfy The more I on these dainties feed, One desire which God inspireth; The more my eager soul is bent Only Jesus can supply

To live but in this element. All my needy heart requireth:

Bernhardus. He all losses can retrieve, 5. Blest Jesus, what delicious fare, Him I'll therefore never leave.

How sweet thy entertainments are; 3. He is mine, and I am his, Never did angels taste above Join'd with him in close commu- Redeeming grace and dying love. And his bitter passion is (nion;

Watts. The foundation of this union : (467.) 394.* Full of hopes which never yield, DEAREST Jesus, come to me, Firm on him, my rock, I build.

And abide eternally ; 4. O the happy hours I spend Friend of needy sinners, come, With him in bless'd conversation ; Fill and make my heart thy home. He's my near and faithful friend,

2. Oftentimes for thee I sigh, Full of grace, peace, and salvation:

Nothing else can give me joy ; From the look at Jesus' wounds Pure delight to me redounds.

This is still my cry to thee:

Dearest Jesus, come to me. 5. With my Jesus I will stay,

3. Should I in earth's pleasures roll, He my soul preserves and feedeth ;

None could satisfy my soul; He, the life, the truth, the way,

Thee, O Jesus, I adore, Me to living waters leadeth :

Thou’rt my pleasure evermore. Blessed who can say with me,

4. Jesus, thee alone I call Christ, I'll never part with thee.

C. Keymann. My beloved Friend, my All;

T. 11.


: T. 4.


WHEN duly I weigh,

How much day by day
T. 15. Thee, Lord, I have tried,
My Friend ever faithful, who for

me hast died;
2. I own the fault mine:


Nothing, whatsoe'er it be,
Shall divide my heart with thee.

J. Angelus.
(468.) 395.*
GRACIOUS Redeemer, thou hast

To come to thee invited ; (me Thy love, to love thee ardently, Hath my cold heart excited.

Thy patience divine,

, 2. Thy cross thy shame, thy agony, With tears fills my eyes, with shame Thy wounds, and bitter passion,

covers my face. Have wholly won my heart for thee,

And prompt my adoration. 3. As Mary ador'd
3. The fire of love that burns within, When her thou didst greet,

Her Master and Lord,
Is that divine impression,
That thou didst suffer for my sin,

And prostrate before thee, embraced
And die for my transgression.

thy feet;
J. Angelus. 4. As Thomas with awe,

Thy wounds when he saw, (469.)

T. 97. His Saviour avow'd, 'TIS evident that Jesus loves,

And cried with conviction, “My His death for us this fully proves;

Lord and my God;"–
He lov'd the world, a sinful race, 5. As Peter replied,
He loves the church, his flock of His love being tried,

(ev'n me, “ My heart thou dost prove, He loves the children, yea, he loves Lord, thou knowest all things, thou Who nought deserv'd but endless know'st that I love ;"misery

6. So may I, each day, 2. O may I in his love be blest,

A clearer display Like John, reclining on his breast;Obtain of thy grace ; (increase. And oft, like humble Magdalen, Thus my love, O Jesus, to thee will Adore the friend of sinful men,

Cammerhof. With longing heart attending at

(471.) 398.*

(I meet. Till with a gracious look from him WHAT splendid rays_of truth 3. I'll weep whene'er he's not to me What the most cordial friend can be; I perceive, when Jesus Christ

All other lights excelling,
Do I not always feel him nigh,
And his reviving grace enjoy,

Makes my heart his dwelling. Do I not in his sweet communion 2. He blesseth me—so sensibly, live,

(comfort give. That spirit, soul, and body Nought else to my poor soul can

Can in him my Saviour joy, z. Tho' quite poor and needy.

his feet,

T. 45.

and grace,

T. 14.

3. His looks of grace insure always|(473.) 400. To me my heavenly calling :

TEN thousand talents once I ow'd, Am I weak, his hand preserves And nothing had to pay ; Me, his child, from falling.

But Jesus freed me from the load, 4. My prayer sincere-while absent

And wash'd my debt away. here

2. Yet since the Lord forgave my From him, my soul's beloved,

And blotted out my score; (sin, Is, that my heart's confidence

Much more indebted I have been, In him be unmoved.

Than e'er I was before. 5. Could I with him—spend all my 3. My guilt is cancelld quite, I time,

And satisfaction made ; (know, In constant love's fruition,

But the vast debt of love I owe Infinitely happy then Would be my condition.

Can never be repaid. 6. Whene'er I mourn—and humbly

4. The love I owe for sin forgiv'n, For comfort to my Jesus, (turn For present peace, and promis'd

For power to believe, (heaven, This already is a proof That he's near and gracious.

No angel can conceive. 7. They who have grace-our Sa

5. That love of thine, thou sinners' viour's face

Friend, To seek on each occasion,

Witness thy bleeding heart, Never fail to be refresh'd

My little all can ne'er extend With his consolation.

To pay a thousandth part. Gregor. 6. Nay more, the poor returns I

I first from thee obtain ; (make (472.) 399.* T. 167. And 'tis of grace, that thou wilt 0 COULD we but love that Sa Such poor returns again. (take Who loves us so ardently, (viour, 7. 'Tis well—it shall my glory be, As we ought, our souls would ever

(Let who will boast their store,) Full of joy and comfort be: In time and in eternity If we, by his love excited,

To owe thee more and more. Could ourselves and all forget, Then with Jesus Christ united,

|(474.) 401.

T. 11. We should heaven anticipate. 2. Did but Jesus' love and merit

HARK, my soul, it is the Lord; Fill our hearts both night and day, Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee,

'Tis thy Saviour, hear his word; And the unction of his Spirit All our thoughts and actions sway:

“Say, poor sinner, lov’st thou me? Might we all be ever ready 2. “I deliver'd thee, when bound, Cheerfully to testify,

And when bleeding, heal'd thy wound;

(right, How our spirit, soul, and body Do in God our Saviour joy.

Sought thee wandering, set thee z. Turn'd thy darkness into light:


4. “ Mine is an unchanging love, And let my heart with joy confess, 138 3. “ Can a woman's tender care Cease towards the child she bare ? Yea, she may forgetful be, Yet will I remember thee.


And fix and root me in the grace;

So dearly bought with blood. 2. O tell me often of each wound,

Of every grief and pain ;

From hence comes all my gain. 3. For thee, O may I freely count

Whate'er I have but loss;

Higher than the heights above,
Deeper than the depths beneath,
Free and faithful, strong as death.
5. Thou shalt see my glory soon, and every name, and every thing,
When the work of grace is done,

Compar'd with thee, but dross.
Partner of my throne shalt be ;
Say, poor sinner, lov'st thou me ?» 4. Engrave this deeply in my heart,

That thou for me wast slain; 6. Lord, it is my chief complaint, Then shall I, in my small degree, That my love is weak and faint; Yet I love thee and adore,

Return thy love again. O for grace to love thee more. Cowper.

5. But who can pay that mighty

debt, 402.

T. 14. TEAĆH me yet more of thy blest My heart, by nature cold and dead,

Or equal love like thine ? ways, Thou slaughter'd Lamb of God;

To thankfulness incline.


J. Hutton.

XXIII. BROTHERLY LOVE, AND UNION OF SPIRIT. (479.) 403. T. 11. And when fitly, without strife, THEY who Jesus' followers are,

Each his duty doth in life. And enjoy his faithful care, 5. Meek they are to all mankind, By a mutual, hearty love,

To good offices inclin'd, Their belief in Jesus prove.

Ready, when revil'd, to bless,

Studious of the public peace.
2. From their being join'd in one, 6. Tender pity, love sincere
By the faith of God's dear Son,
Boundless blessings they receive,

To their enemies they bear;

And, as Christ affords them light, And to Christ desire to live.

Order all their steps aright. 3. None in his own wisdom trusts, 7. Jesus, all our souls inspire, None of his attainments boasts;

Fill us with love's sacred fire; Each his brother doth esteem, |Thus will all in us perceive, And himself the meanest deem.

That we in thy name believe. 4. They're delighted, when they all 8. May it to the world appear, With one voice on Jesus call; That we thy disciples are,

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