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we are,


By our loving mutually, 9. O make us quite conform'd to By our being one in thee.


J. Gambold. And grant us true humility ; (480.) 404. T. 22. May we, supported by thy grace,

With patience run our destin'd race. BEHOLD us, Lord, rough stones

W. Foster. Yet for thy building us prepare ;

(481.) 405.

T. 14. Reject not one of us, we pray, OLET thy love our hearts constrain, Thy Spirit's voice may all obey. Jesus, thou God of love ; 2. O may thy flock still more in- The bond of peace let us maintain;

All discord far remove. In mutual love and perfect peace; 2. Us into closest union draw, In harmony with fervent zeal And in our inward parts Serve thee, and do thy holy will. Write thou indelibly thy law; 3. Lord, grant us a forgiving mind, Let love pervade our hearts. To patience and to peace inclin'd, 3. Who would not now pursue the That we may with each other bear;

way, To cherish love be all our care. Where Jesus' footsteps shine ? 4. Tender compassion may we show, Who would not own the pleasing Share in each other's weal and woe,

Of charity divine ? (sway Rejoice with those that do rejoice, 4. United firmly by thy grace, And with the weeping sympathize. We shall thy followers prove; 5. At all times may we ready be, The frowning world must then conYea, even in deep poverty,

fess; The wants of others to relieve,

" See how these Christians love." And soothe and comfort them that

Wesley. grieve.

(482.) 406. T. 11. 6. And be it our concern, to seek CHERISH us with kindest care, In nothing to offend the weak, Jesus, we thy brethren are, To bear with their infirmities,

Of thy flesh and of thy bone; And others, not ourselves to please. To the end, O love thine own. 7. Grant us in meekness to reclaim, 2. As our Head us move and guide, Those who have been in aught to Divers gists to each divide : blame,

Plac'd according to thy will,
Mindful that we, as well as they, Let us all thy mind fulfil.
Are liable from thee to stray. 3. Sweetly may.we all agree,
8. May we, tho' gifts be manifold, Useful to each other be;
As members of one body, hold

Each the other's burden bear,
One doctrine, and be ever led

In his weal and woe take share. By thee, our Master, Lord, and 4. If one member honour'd be, Head.

All rejoice most heartily ;

T. 167.

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If one suffer, all a part

2. By thy reconciling love Bear with sympathizing heart. Every stumbling-block remove; 5. Closely join'd to thee, our Head, Lord, us all in thee unite, Nourished by thee and fed,

To enjoy thy saving light. Let us daily growth receive, 3. Make us all one heart and mind, And with thee in union live. Courteous, merciful, and kind,

Lowly, meek in thought and word, 407. T. 14. As thou wast on earth, O Lord. BLEST Saviour, on my soul im- 4. Let us for each other care,

The image of thy mind, (press Each the other's burden bear; To bear my brother's waywardness, In our conduct patterns be

Long suffer, and be kind. Of unfeign'd humility. 2. 'Tis hard the worldling's scoff to meet,

|(485.) 409.* And that from day to day, FLOCK of Jesus, be united, To mark the scorner in his seat, Covenant with him anew;

And be the drunkard's lay. By his love divine excited, 3. More hard to bear the look un- Praise and serve him as 'tis due : kind,

O that nothing whatsoever The word that causeth pain,

May relax this blessed tie; Where nature's closest ties should In thy love most gracious Saviour,

And love alone obtain. (bind, Grant us all stability. 4. Most hard, when brethren in the 2. With love's ardoúr to be fired,

By selfish passions borne, (Lord, Let us with each other vie; Aid the rude world, by glance or So that, should it be required, word,

For the brethren we could die : To wreathe the crown of thorn. O what boundless love did Jesus 5. Yet when I think what patient May his holy pattern teach us,

To his enemies display!
My Lord extends to me, (care
Shall I not with my brother bear,

How love ought to bear the sway. And that right lovingly?

3. O that we, his steps to follow,

Midst affliction, scorn, and spite, 6. O yes--what wrong to me is

And his sacred name to hallow, By brother, friend, or foe, (done,

Did each other more excite :
I leave it in thine hand alone,
And 'neath thine hand lie low.

Every one stir up his brother
J. A. Latrobe.

To keep Jesus still in view,

Thus encouraging each other (483.)

408. T. 11. His example to pursue. JESUS, we look up to thee, 4. Then the souls he joined together Let us in thy name agree ;

Will, according to his prayer,
Thou who art the Prince of peace, Be accepted of his Father,
Bid contention ever cease. And his kind protection share :

T. 14.

As thou art with him united,

412. Lord, may we be one in thee,

HOW sweet, how heavenly is the And, by genuine love excited,

sight, Serve each other willingly. Z.

When those who love the Lord, (486.) 410.* T. 167. In one another's peace delight,

And so fulfil his word ! GRANT, Lord, that with thy direction ;

2. When each can feel his brother's “Love each other," we comply,

sigh, Aiming with unfeigned affection

And with him bear a part; Thy love to exemplify:

When sorrow flows from eye to eye, Let our mutual love be glowing;

And joy from heart to heart; Thus will all men plainly see,

3. When free from envy, scorn, and That we, as on one stem growing, Our wishes all above, (pride, Living branches are in thee. Each can a brother's failings hide, 2.0 that such may be our union,

And show a brother's love; As thine with the Father is, 4. When love, in one delightful And not one of our communion stream, E’er forsake the path of bliss : Through every bosom flows; May our light 'fore men with When union sweet, and fond brightness,

esteem, From thy light reflected, shine ; In every action glows. Thus the world will bear us witness, 5. Love is the golden chain, that That we, Lord, are truly thine. binds


The happy souls above; (488.)

T. 14. And he's an heir of heaven that HOW pleasant is love's harmony,

His spirit fill'd with love. (finds

Swaine. When brethren truly dwell Together in heart's unity,

413. T. 582. And cordial friendship feel. BLEST is the tie that binds 2. Lord Jesus, in that very night, Our hearts in christian love;

Ere thou didst bleed and die, The fellowship of kindred minds Thou didst with thy disciples urge Is like to that above. Love's ever-sacred tie.

2. Before our Father's throne 3. Remind thy little flock, too apt We pour our ardent prayers;

Among themselves to jar, Our fears, our hopes, our aims are That all thy members' unity

one, Was ev'n thy dying care.

Our comforts and our cares. 4. May we this testament fulfil, 3. We share our mutual woes ; One mind and spirit be,

Our mutual burdens bear; And love with unremitting zeal And often for each other flows Each other fervently.

Z. The sympathizing tear.


T. 159.

4. From sorrow, toil, and pain, | 2. Is this our high calling, harmo" And sin, we shall be free;

nious to dwell, (praises to tell, And perfect love and friendship And thus in sweet concert Christ's reign

In peace and blest union our moThrough all eternity.

ments to spend,

Fawcett. And live in communion with Christ (491.) 414.* T. 165. as our friend ?-JESUS, grant me to inherit,

3. O yes, having found in the Lord Strengthen’d by thy aiding grace, He is our chief object by day and

our delight, (by night; Thro' the guidance of thy Spirit

, This knits us together, no longer we All the fruits of righteousness : Grant me true humility,


(is our home. Faith and zeal to live for thee;

We all have one Father, and heaven To mankind O make me gracious, (493.)

416, To my friends and foes propitious. WHEN brethren dwell in unity 2. Give me grace in all conditions In Jesus' ransom'd fold, Firmly to adhere to thee; Join'd by love's ever sacred tie, And, 'midst all the exhibitions * Tis pleasant to behold: (scends, Of thy boundless love to me, Like dew his grace on them deTo let my poor neighbour share Yea, his rich blessing he commands In my plenty and my prayer: Upon their going out to rest ; By thy love to me imparted Their coming in is blest. . Make me always tender-hearted.

2. We tread on consecrated ground, 3. In the lonely house of mourning, For 'tis his own abode, Thro' the weeping family, (ing, The sparrow here a nest hath found, Comfort, medicine, meat, and cloth- Thine altars, O Lord God : May I minister to thee :

Blest they who to his courts repair, May I calm the orphan's cry, To seek him in his house of prayer ; Make the widow sing for joy, To such he will himself reveal, And the captive's moan distressing His praises they shall tell. Raise to songs of praise and blessing.

(494.) 417. (492.) 415. T. 39.

WE in one covenant are join'd, WHAT brought us together, what And one in Jesus are ;

(bin'd joined our hearts?

With voices and with hearts com. The pardon which Jesus, our High- His praise we will declare : priest, imparts :

In doctrine and in practice one, 'Tis this which cements the disci- We'll love and serve the Lord alone; ples of Christ,

With one accord sound forth his Who are into one by the Spirit Till we shall see his face. (praise, baptiz'd.

J. Swertner.

T. 159.



REPROACH. (495.)

T. 230. 4. Blessed are the meek in spirit, JESUS, Lord most great and glo- They shall, saith Christ, the earth

inherit; rious,

(here ; Rewardand crown of the victorious, yet as heirs of Christ's salvation,

Their life is hid with him while Restorer of lost paradise ; We

In heaven they have their converwith supplication, appear

sation, Before thee, God of our salvation,

(there :

Their treasure and their hearts are And send to thee our fervent cries: O Lord our righteousness,

And as the Lamb of God 'Tis thy delight to bless;

Life's path with meekness trod, We desire it,

His disciples Come then, for we—belong to thee, His steps pursue,-and as 'tis duo And bless us inexpressibly.

Show in their conduct meekness too. 2. Blessed are the poor in spirit,

5. Blessed, who without cessation They shall the realm of heaven in- Hunger and thirst for that salvation, herit,

Which flows from Christ's pure Free grace is theirs and endless

righteousness; bliss;

They are fill'd and satisfied, While all those who place reliance With richest dainties are supplied, On their own works, and bid defi- Wholong and pant for saving grace:

Christ's body and his blood To grace, will of salvation miss :

Prove their life-giving food ; O may we all of thee

Thereby nourish'd,

(bear Learn true humility,

From year to year--they thrive and Lowly Jesus;

Fruits that to him well-pleasing are. May we despise-all earthly joys 6. All the merciful are blessed; For thee the pearl of greatest price. For they, when in their turn dis3. They that mourn, blest is their

tressed, station,

Shall mercy find most certainly : They find abundant consolation,

Water to the poor afforded
Since Jesus first that path did tread; Is as an act of love recorded,
He prevailed while he suffer’d,

And is rewarded generously :
And now to us that cup is offér’d, Who to the indigent
By which himself was perfected :

Doth prove beneficent,
We cannot hope for joy

He is blessed;

(same, On earth without alloy,

But woe to them who scorn tbe Here is weeping;

For God remembers not their name. At the Lamb's feast—is perfect rest, 7. All the pure in heart are blessed; This is a vale of tears at best. Of joys unspeakable possessed,


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