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upon her,

They shall behold their God in As the bride deems it an honour peace :

To take the bridegroom's name They who faithful have remained To Jesus, and preserv'd unstained Should we of Jesus be asham'd ? The garment of his righteousness, Far, far be this from us ; Shall once obtain the grace, Welcome, reproach and cross : To see him face to face :

We are Christians, I entreat thee,

Who follow thee-Lord, cheerfully Impart to me—that purity, Thro' honour and thro’ infamy. Dear Jesus, which I trace in thee. 11. Gracious Lord, who by thy 8. They are blessed with God's fa passion vour,

And death hast gained our salvaWho peace unceasingly endeavour

tion, Among their neighbours to secure : O may we all thy name confess: As his children them he owneth ;

May we be by faith united He with success their labour crown-To thee, who hast us all invited, eth,

To share eternal happiness : And their reward of grace is sure :

Constrain us by thy love, Love is the character

In all we do to prove Of each true follower

Faithful followers, Of our Saviour:

Dear Lord, of thee ;--and grant May he through grace-make us always

May ever love thee ardently.

Z. in part. Intent upon promoting peace. 9. Blest are they who gladly suffer (496.) For righteousness, and freely offer HOLY Lamb and Prince of peace, Their lives and blood for Jesus' Hear my soul implore thy grace;

(ness, Grant that my behaviour may Yea, who bear the cross with meek- Meekness, such as thine, display. Resign’d and patient in all weak

2. O that I

may faithfully ness, And him their only pattern make :

To thy voice obedient be; For Jesus' help and love

Valiant, steadfast, may my love Their consolation prove :

In the hardest trials prove. They who freely

3. Keep thou me, a feeble child, For him will bear—reproach, while Sober, watchful, undefild; here,

That where'er thy steps I see At last shall in his glory share. Simply I may follow thee. 10. Blessed they who are despised, 4. Thou the great victorious Lamb, In scornful manner stigmatized, Who all hosts of hell o'ercame, And for their Saviour's sake de- Grant that by thy blood I may fam'd :

Conqueror be till thy great day.

that we


T. 11.

sake ;

5. When thou shalt on Zion stand, 2. We are travelling home to God,
May I be at thy right hand, In the way the fathers trod :
Clothed in the glorious dress They are happy now, and we
Of thy spotless righteousness. Soon their happiness shall see.

C. 1. Richter. 3. Foes are round us, but we stand

420, T. 22. On the borders of our land: HOW shall I follow him I serve? Jesus, God's exalted Son, How shall I copy him I love ?

Bids us undismay'd go on. Nor from those blessed footsteps 4. Onward then we gladly press swerve,

Through this earthly wilderness : Which lead me to his seat above ? Only, Lord, our Leader be, 2. Privations, sorrows, bitter scorn,

And we still will follow thee.

Cennick, The life of toil, the mean abode, The faithless kiss, the crown of (498.) 422.

T. 587. thorn,

O TELL me no more Are these the consecrated road ?

Of this world's vain store; 3. 'Twas thus he suffer'd, though a The time for such trifles with me Son,

now is o’er. Foreknowing, choosing, feeling all, 2. A country I've found, Until the perfect work was done; Where true joys abound; And drank the bitter cup of gall. To dwell I'm etermin’d on that 4. Lord, should my path through happy ground. suffering lic,

3. The souls that believe, Forbid it I should e'er repine ; In paradise live:

(receive. Still let me turn to Calvary,(thine. And me in that number will Jesus Nor heed my griefs, remembering 4. My soul, don't delay, 5. O let me think how thou didst He calls thee away: Untasted every pure delight, (leave Rise, follow thy Saviour, and bless To fast, to faint, to watch, to the glad day. grieve,

(night: The toilsome day, the homeless What he can bestow,

5. No mortal doth know 6. To faint, to grieve, to die for me! What light, strength, and comfort ; Thou camest not thyself to please ; Go, follow him, go. And, dear as earthly comforts be, Shall I not love thee more than 6. Perhaps, with the aim

To honour his name, these?


may do some service, poor dust

tho I am. CHILDREN of the heavenly 7. Yet this is confess'd, As ye journey, sweetly sing !(King! I count it most blessid, Sing your Saviour's worthy praise, As at the beginning, in him to find Glorious in his works and ways!



T. 11.



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T. 22.

8. And when I'm to die,


T. 83. Receive me, I'll cry,

JESUS Christ, thou Leading-star, For Jesus hath lov'd me, I cannot Thy great name we praise and tell why.

From believers be it far (hallow : 9. So closely in mind

Any other guide to follow : To Jesus I'm join'd,

Thou, Lord, if we walk in light, He'll not live in glory and leave Wilt direct our steps aright. me behind.

2. Christians are not here below 10. Lo, this is the race

To enjoy earth's transient treasure; I'm running thro' grace

After Christ they're call’d to go, Henceforth, till admitted to see my His reproach they count a pleasure; Lord's face.

Under manifold distress,

J. Gambold. Thro' the narrow gate they press. (499.) 423.* T. 26 or 22. (502.)

425. LORD Jesus, 'tis with us thy aim, IF father, mother, children, wife, That'soul and body should be thine; Houses, or lands, or aught in life O take our hearts, and us incline Delude thy heart, and thou no To be devoted to thy name. Dost follow Jesus as before ; (more %. What love can be compar'd with 2. His words with due attention thine ?

hear: Who hath to us so just a claim “My cross whoever will not beary As thou, who didst our souls re-And all forsake to follow me, deem,

He cannot my disciple be.” And for us leave thy throne divine ? 3. First let us duly count the cost, 3. Go, all ye wise, without control And then in Jesus place our trust; Your empty notions still pursue;

If we on him alone depend, Jesus alone I have in view, (soul. He’midst all trials proves our friend. This powerful magnet draws my 4. If once the plough in hand we 4. A subject I of Christ my King;


(back; And tho' I poor and helpless be,

Preserve us, Lord, from looking Yet all around shall plainly see,

O let us thro' thy aiding grace, My Saviour is my every thing.

Pursue our course with steadiness. 5. Thee I adore, moșt gracious Lord; 5. On those who faithful prove to Grant that my walk in truth may


(faith, At all times pleasing unto thee, (be And show by works of love their Directed by thy holy Word. A crown of life thou once wilt place, 6. My King, thy noble statutes write Before thy Father them confess.

W. Foster. Upon the table of my heart; Thy grace and truth to me impart,

426. And let thy law be my delight.

WHEN any turn from Zion's way, Z. (Alas! what numbers do!)

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T. 14,

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T. 167.

Methinks I hear my Saviour say,

428. “ Wilt thou forsake me too ?

JESUS, I my cross have taken, 2. O Lord, with such a heart as all to leave and follow thee;

Unless thou hold me fast, (mine, Naked, poor, despis’d, forsaken, I feel I must, I shall decline, Thou, from hence, my All shalt be ; And prove like them at last.

Perish every fond ambition, 3. Yet thou alone hast power, I All I've sought, or hop’d, or known ;

To save a wretch like me :(know, Yet how rich is my condition, To whom, or whither could I go,

God and heaven are still my own. If I should turn from thee?

2. Let the world despise and leave 4. Beyond a doubt, I rest assur'd me,

Thou art the Christ of God, They have left my Saviour too ; Who hast eternal life secur'd Human hearts & looks deceive me

By promise and by blood. Thou art not, like them, untrue ; 5. The help of men and angels join’a And whilst thou shalt smile upon Could never reach my case ;

me, Nor can I hope relief to find,

God of wisdom, love, and might, But in thy boundless grace.

Foes may hate, and friends disown

me, 6. No voice but thine can give me Show thy face, and all is bright.

And bid my fears depart: (rest, No love but thine can make me

3. Go, then, earthly fame and trea

sure ; And satisfy my heart. (blest, 7. What anguish has that question In thy service pain is pleasure,

Come, disaster, scorn, and pain : If I will also go ? (stirr'd, With thy favour loss is gain ; Yet, Lord, relying on thy word,

Man may trouble and distress me, I humbly answer, No.

'Twill but drive me to thy breast; J. Newton.

Life with trials hard may press me, (503.)

T. 90. Heaven will bring the sweeter rest. “MY yoke,” saith Christ, “ upon 4. Soul,then know thy full salvation;

Rise o'er sin, and fear, and care ; Serve me amidst oppression ; Joy to find in every station, The world and all its joys forsake, Something still to do or bear : And shun no tribulation :

Think what Spirit dwells within Come follow me, and humbly bear thee, My cross, & in my suffering share.” Think what Father's smiles are 2. Then let us follow Christ our

thine ; Both soul and body offering, (Lord, Think that Jesus died to win thee : Be cheerfully, with one accord, Child of heaven, canst thou repine ? Partakers of his suffering ;

5. Haste thee on from grace to glory, For theywho show true faithfulness, Shall gain a rich reward of grace.

Arm’d by faith, and wing'd by J. Angelus.

prayer ;


you take,



T. 14.

Heaven's eternal day's before thee;| 3. Asham’d of Jesus, of that Friend God's own hand shall guide thee On whom my heavenly hopes dethere;

pend ? Soon shall close thy earthly mission, It must not be ;-be this my shame, Soon shall pass thy pilgrim days: That'I not more revere his name. Hope shall change to full fruition, 4, Asham'd of Jesus, of my Lord, Faith to sight, and prayer to praise. By all heaven's glorious hosts


ador'd ? (505.)

T. 16. No, I will make my boast of thee, CROSS, reproach, and tribulation, In time and in eternity.

Ye to me are welcome guests, 5. And when I stand before thy When I have this consolation,

throne, That my soul in Jesus rests. Me 'fore thy heavenly Father own; 2. The reproach of Christ is glorious; Then shall the holy angels see

Those who here his burden bear, Thee, Jesus, not asham'd of me. In the end shall prove victorious,

Countess Huntingdon's II. And eternal glory share.

(507.) 3. Christ, our ever-blessed Saviour, GLORY to God, whose witnessBore for us reproach and shame,

Those heroes bold in faith, (train, Conqueror now he lives for ever,

Could smile on poverty and pain, And we conquer in his name.

And triumph ev'n in death. 4. Bear then the reproach of Jesus, Ye who live a life of faith;

2. Scorn'd and revil'd as was their Sing ye joyful songs and praises,

Head, Ev’n in martyrdom and death.

When walking here below,

Thus in this evil world they led 5.Bonds,and stripes and tribulation, Are our honourable crowns ;

A life of pain and woe. Shame is our glorification, 3. With the same faith our bosom Gloomy dungeons are our thrones. glows,

Lange, or Gotter. Wherein those warriors stood, (506.) 430.

When in the cruel hands of those

Who thirsted for their blood. JESUS, and shall it ever be, A sinful worm asham'd of thee?

4. God whom we serve, our God Forbid it, Lord ; thee I confess,

can save, Before both friends and enemies. Can damp the scorching flame, 2. Asham'd of Jesus, of my God, Can build an ark, or smooth a wave,

For such as fear his name. Who purchas'd me with his own blood,

5. Yea, should it ev'n to man appear Of him who to retrieve my loss, · At times, as tho' our Lord Despis'd the shame, endur'd the Forsook his chosen people here, cross ?

At last he'll help afford.

T. 22.

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