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T. 214.

May none amongst us from our None e'er to Christ for refuge fled

Be tempted to depart: (Lord But was by him made whole. z. Our human frailty need not lead Our souls from him astray;

(555.) 469.* For he the needful strength imparts THOUGH by nature I'm defiled, To walk the narrow way. Jesus' blood hath made me clean;

He (553.)

T. 590.

sin-sick soul hath healed : my

Yea, tho' traces still remain FEAR not, without reserve disclose Of my former sad condition, The festering wounds of sin: When to him for help I cry, Your case the Lord, your Healer, He to soothe my grief is nigh : knows;

Lord, remain my kind physician, His blood can wash you clean: I, thy patient, then am sure There is a balm in Gilead, Thou wilt work a thorough cure. To cure the sin-sick soul;



470.* T. 22. Is honest, lovely, pure, and just, JESUS, the church's Lord and By faith in thee is then produc'd. Head,

6. Preserve, O Lord, our garments. The Spirit's influence on us shed, pure, Whom thou, while sinners, by thy Keep us from every harm secure; blood

(God. Our members render thro' thy grace Hast ransom'd and brought nigh to Blest instruments of righteousness. 2. Since thou our wretched, lost 7. May spirit, soul, and body be In mercy didst commiserate, (estate A pleasing sacrifice to thee; And feeble flesh and blood assume, Thy name we bear, our hearts thou To save us from the wrath to come:

know'st, 3. We are, if we in thee believe, In thee alone we place our trust. And from thy fulness grace receive, Made clean and sanctified by thee; (562.) And serve thy name acceptably. MIGHTY God, we humbly pray, 4. Renew'd in heart, we're then in- Let thy power so bear the sway, clin'd

That in all things we may show To live according to thy mind :

That we in thy likeness grow. Can we do good with cheerfulness 2. Grant that all of us may prove, We do it, and give thee the praise. By obedience, faith, and love 5. Whatever honors thee our Lord, That our hearts to thee are given, What is call’d virtue in thy word, (That our treasure is in heaven,



T. 11.



T. 151.

3. May it in our walk be seen, Pardon in his blood, and peace reThat we have with Jesus been,

ceived; That as king o'er us he reigns, Hath not found that holiness And unrivall'd sway maintains. Which adorns a child of grace. 4. Then shall we in every state, 2. But how happy is the soul that Soul and body dedicate

cleaveth Unto him who for us died, To the Friend of sinners poor ; Till with him we're glorified. z. And with humble confidence be(563.)

T. 14.


My diseases he can cure : HOW can a sinner here below

While with shame confessing, that Be pleasing unto God? By his own righteousness ? –O no: He throughout is a corrupted crea

by nature Alone thro' Jesus' blood.

ture, 2. When thro' his merits we obtain By the blood of Christ applied,

The gift of pardoning grace, He is cleans'd and sanctified.
A sanctified heart we gain,
And walk in holiness.

(565.) 3. If anything in us appears WHO thro’ Christ's blood remission Unlike to Jesus' mind,

Of all his sins hath gain'd,
To own it with repenting tears, And without intermission
Ah, may we be inclin'd.

With Jesus hath remain'd; 4. A child of God for ever pants To true sanctification

More like his Lord to be; Attains through Jesus' grace, Tho' with conviction still he grants, And in his conversation

That none is good but He. Shows forth his Saviour's praise. 5. Oft as in spirit Christ he views, 2. Our pleasure and our duty, This is his humble cry,

Though opposite before, Which he continually renews: Since we have seen his beauty,

“ As thou wast, О were I! Are join'd to part no more ; 6.“ Whate'er is carnal, through thy It is our highest pleasure,

In me be mortified ; (grace No less than duty's call, Thus, clothed in thy righteousness, To love him beyond measure, I shall in thee abide."

And serve him with our all.

Louisa v. Hayn. (564.) 473.* T. 185. (567.)

475. HE who striveth for sanctification, BLESSED Jesus, we implore thee, But is unrenew'd in heart, Let us, cleans'd and purified, Feeling yet a secret condemnation, Walk in grace and truth before thee Since with sin he still takes part; And in thee by faith abide ; He who hath not yet in Christ be Sanctified : 11 : lieved,

Both in body and in mind.


T. 585.

2. Unto us thy name's sweet savour Thinking, speaking, acting, as be. Is an ointment poured forth ;

fore him,
In thine eyes we have found favour, Being to his gracious mind
Tho' deprav'd and void of worth ; Ever willingly resign'd.
And thy banner : /l:

2. May we all be ever so disposed Over us is love divine.

In our hearts by day and night, 3. Now the conflict is decided, As when, this life's period being We count all things else but loss; closed, What with thee our hearts divided

We to him shall take our flight; Now is nailed to thy cross : Or as when, releas'd from condemWe will glory :Il:


(tion, In the wounded Lamb of God.

We receiv'd the seal of our salva

And obtained thro' his blood 4. We will dwell on Calvary's mountain,

Happiness and peace with God.

2. Where the flocks of Zion feed; Oft resort unto the fountain,



T. 102. Open'd when the Lord did bleed; CHRIST crucified, my soul by. Thence deriving :||:

faith Grace, and life, and holiness.

With thee desires to be united; 5. There, with trimmed lamps we'll For, as the purchase of thy death, tarry,

To thy communion I'm invited : Till the Lord comes from on high, O hear my petition, and let me Watch in prayer and ne'er be weary,

with thee

(in me. But await the midnight cry: Be crucified, Jesus, with all that's

Haste to meet him, :11: 2. O that I might still more enjoy Lo, the Bridegroom draweth nigh. The blessed fruits of all thy pas6. On that day of consummation

sion : May we sinners mercy find, Thy merits to my soul apply, Saved with complete salvation, And let me share thy great salAnd not one be left behind;

vation : As wise virgins : ll:

O hear my petition, &c. May we then before thee stand. 3. Let me in all things conqueror

prove, (568.) 476.*

T. 185. Deliver me from sin's infection; WITH new life endow'd by Christ As well in joy as in affliction :

Preserve me in thy sacred love our Saviour, May we to the world be dead;

O hear my petition, &c.

J. C. Schmidt That great prize to gain be our endeavour,


T. 185. Purchas'd when for us he bled : TO the soul that seeks him Christ By his love constrain'd may we is gracious; : adore him,

They who wait, ne'er wait in vain,


T. 185.

T. 14.

But experience him a God propi-|(573.) 480.
He the feeble doth sustain : (tious; HALLELUJAH, praise be given

T. 585. Hungry souls he on rich pastures feedeth,


Unto Jesus, who for us Those who thirst, to living waters

Left his glorious throne in heaven, Hears the needy sinner's cry,

And was offer'd on the cross ; And to help and save is nigh.

That his sufferings :||:

Might retrieve our dreadful loss. 2. Hath he join'd us to the church, 2. We behold in him our brother,

his body, O may we in him abide ; (ready, He's our strength, we need no

Unto us by blood allied: (other, As wise virgins be to meet him

For our wants he will provide ; Be our lamps with oil supplied :

Soul and body : 11: Looking unto him for preservation, May we shielded be from each May through him be sanctified.

temptation, And unto the end endure,

(574.) 481. Making our election sure. SHOULD our minds, to earthly 479,

objects cleaving,

Of the mark forgetful prove ? OH for a heart to praise my God, God forbid! all worldly trifles leave A heart from sin set free;

ing, A heart that's sprinkled with the Let us fix our thoughts above, So freely shed for me ! (blood Have with Christ in heaven our 2. A heart resign'd, submissive, conversation,

(tion, My dear Redeemer's throne;(meek, Keep in view our blessed destinaWhere only Christ is heard to As redeem'd from this world's Where Jesus reigns alone: (speak, 3. An humble, lowly, contrite To pursue our heavenly call. Believing, true, and clean, (heart, 2. Let us watch and pray, and Which neither death nor life can never slumber, part

Lest the foe approach unseen, From him that dwells within : Cast away whate'er would us en

cumber : 4. A. heart in every thought renew'd,

Fear to touch the thing unclean: And fill'd with love divine ; Lest, escaped from the world's polPerfect, and right, and pure, and


(sion : A copy, Lerd, of thine.


We again give way to sin's delu

Ah, 'twould cause us pungent 5. Thy nature, gracious Lord, im

pain Come quickly from above: (part;

Christ to crucify again. Write thy new name upon my heart,

3. God be prais’d, tho' in ourselves Thy new, best name of love.

defiled, C. Wesley.

Tho' sin cleaveth to us still,



us be

By the tempter we need not be (580.)


T. 79, 'If to Jesus we appeal; (foiled, JESUS, thyself to us reveal, Yet our Lord a faithful heart de-Grant that we may not only feel mandeth :

(tendeth Happy, who with listening ear at- But in communion with thee live,

Some drawings of thy grace, To the Spirit's warning voice, Nor his chastening doth despise. The needful strength to run our

And daily from thy death derive (577.) 482. T. 79. DEAR Lord, my soul desireth,

2. O let us always think thee near, In all thy word requireth,

Near unto us as is the air By works to adorn thy grace:

Which constantly we breathe:

Thus will from all we think or do O may my conversation Display on each occasion To thee unfeigned praises flow; That holy mind which in thee was. For thine we are in life and death.

3. Jesus, thou fain wouldst have .(578.) 483. * T. 68.

(thee; WHILE we take our seat In all things more conform'd to At the Master's feet,

We're fill'd with conscious shame, Urg'd by love, we in our measure And thank thee for thy care and His commandments keep with plea


(prove, Doth he strength bestow, (sure; Thy patience, which we, richly We can all things do.

Our heart-felt gratitude doth claim.

Joh. de Watteville, (579.) 484.

T. 14.

486. T. 11. BESPRINKLE with thy blood my LORD, I look for grace to thee; heart,

Meek and humble may I be,
O Jesus, Son of God;
And take away whate'er thy grace Love for injuries repay.

Pride and anger put away,
Hath hitherto withstood.
2. Earthly affections mortify,

2. May I hate a lying tongue,

Never seek another's wrong,
And carnal nature's strife ;
O may I henceforth only thirst

From all paths of fraud abstain, For thee, the well of life.

And abhor unlawful gain. 3. Waters of life hence may I

3. Lord, each evil temper cure, draw,

Banish every thought impure, And never more depart:

Cleanse my heart, my sins forgive ; My ardent longing is, O Lord,

Teach me to thy praise to live. Fix at this spring my heart. (582.) 487.

T. 16. 4. Alas, with shame I own that oft JESUS, by thy Holy Spirit

I've turned away from thee: May we all instructed be; O let thy work, renew'd to-day, Sanctify us by the merit

Remain eternally. J. Hutton.Of thy bless'd humanity.

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