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T. 228.

2. Grant that we may love thee Once lost it was, but is restor'd truly ;

(sway, By thy humanity; Lord, our thoughts and actions Under thy shadow, Son of Man, And to every heart more fully 'Tis good a man to be. Thy atoning power display.

Gregor. 3. Lead us so that we may honour (586.) 490.

T. 586. Thee, the Lord our righteousness, How could I bear to be partaker And bring fruit to thee, the donor Of all gospel-truth and grace.

Of sinful, frail humanity, Had not the world's almighty Maker z.

Become a sinless man for me? 488. T. 14. But since my God assum'd my naOH that the Lord would guide my ture,

To keep his statutes still ! (ways, I gladly am a human creature ; Oh that my God would grant me For such his mercies are,

To know and do his will! (grace He takes a tender share 2. O send thy Spirit down to write

In all I bear.

Nyberg, Thy law upon my


(588.) Nor let my tongue indulge deceit, Nor act the liar's part.

O JESUS, were we thro' thy grace 3. From vanity turn off my eyes; Like thee in thought and action ;

In all respects form’d to thy praise, Let no corrupt design,

Did we but wake and sleep to thee, Nor covetous desires arise

Bear pain and sickness patiently, Within this soul of mine.

Trusting in thy direction : 4. Order my footsteps by thy word, Where'er-we are, And make my heart sincere;

Might, dear Saviour,-our beLet sin have no dominion, Lord,

Thro' thy blessing, (haviour, But keep my conscience clear. Always be to thee well-pleasing. 5. My soul has gone too far astray, My feet too often slip,

(589.) 492.* T. 79. Yet I have not forgot thy way;

THY law, O Lord, be my delight; Restore thy wandering sheep.

My gracious King, thy statutes 6. Make me to walk in thy com

In my untoward heart: (write 'Tis a delightful road; (mands, Thy power divine afford me grace Nor let my head, or heart, or To love thee, and to walk thy ways, Offend against my God. (hands And never from thee to depart.

G. Arnold. (585.) 489.* T.590.(590.)

493, O THOU, whose human life for us I ASK not honour, pomp, or praise, Did happiness obtain ;

By worldly men esteemid; Thou who, expiring on the cross, I wish from sin's deceitful ways

God's image didst regain ; To feel my soul redeem'd.



T. 14.

HUMILITY, AND GROWTH IN GRACE. 165 2. I wish as faithful Christians do,|(591.)

494. T. 144. Dear Lord, to live to thee, And by my words and walk to GOD, who art love, the same both That thou hast died for me.(show,

now and ever,

Lift up, we pray, on us thy coun3. O grant me, thro' thy precious

tenance, blood, Thy gospel thus to grace :

Thy pardon grant, thy peace divine

dispense, Renew my heart, O Lamb of God, and give us richly to enjoy thy Thus shall my works thee praise.

favour; 4. Quick as the apple of the eye, On us thy sanctifying grace beO God, my conscience make;

stow, Arouse my soul when sin is nigh, That in thy love and knowledge we And keep me still awake.

may grow.

J, Cennick.

T. 83.


GRACE. (593.) 495.* T. 151. The wish’d-for good effected,

His gracious help I own,
GENTLE is the coercion

Who hath the work directed :
Of Jesus' power and love ;
Without it my exertion

The praise be his alone.
Must unavailing prove:
Humble in heart and broken,


496.* To Christ for strength I flee; WOULD we inward peace enjoy, My grace,” himself hath spoken, We must first be poor in spirit, “Sufficient is for thee."

At the feet of Jesus lie, 2. If ask'd: “hast thou already Trusting only in his merit; In grace such progress made,

Then our kind and loving Lord As with steps firm and steady Will to us his strength afford.

The appointed path to tread ?" 2. None from God so distant are, I own : “I'm weak and feeble, None so sinful, none so wretched, Alone I cannot stand;

But they may his mercy share, 'Tis Christ who makes me stable, For his arms are still out-stretched :

And holds me by the hand.” Yet we must, when we apply, 3. Is good in contemplation,

On his grace alone rely. I on my Saviour call,

3. In this humble, happy frame, Who gave the intimation, And from grace to grace proceeding,

And worketh all in all ; We press forward in his name,


And have cause to bless his leading;| Myself thrice blessed I can call, Gladden'd by his looks of grace, When I am nought and thou my We run our appointed race.


A. Nitschman. (596.) 497. T.590. (599)

Ti 14. O LORD, the contrite sinner's NONE God the Father's favour friend,

share, Most wretched should I be, Or heaven's kingdom win Did I not know thy precious blood But those who little children are,

Was shed for worthless me: And as such enter in. Nought could console me in dis- 2. The high and mighty ones the Or give my soul relief; (tress,

Lord When troubles seize my anxious

Doth from their seats put down; breast,

But to the poor doth grace afförd, Nought could appease my grief.

And them with blessings crown. 2. O give me, Jesus, give me still 3. O may I with submissiveness, My poverty to know;

Dear Lord, be taught by thee; Increase my faith, may I in grace To thee obedience show thro' And in thy knowledge grow :

grace, More clearly to me manifest

And learn humility. The mystery of thy cross ; And for this precious pearl may I 4. Jesus, I humbly thee implore,

Grant me thy Spirit's light, Count all things else but dross.

M. Taylor.

That he may teach me evermore,

And guide my steps aright. (598.) 498.* T. 22.

5. A lowly mind impart to me, MY Saviour, that I without thee According to my prayer ; Can nothing do, rejoices me: Since those who know their poverty, For all thy grace thou dost bestow, To the Most High are near. I fain my gratitude would show.

6. Thou, who in heaven art ador'd, 2. Tho' weak and poor, I am thine Dost with the contrite dwell, own;

Revive the humble by thy word, All praise is due to thee alone, The broken-hearted heal. That thou, when humbly I appear 7. Therefore, my soul, delight no 'Fore thee, in mercy drawest near. 3. When pride would stir within In this world's vanity : my breast,

Look forward; Jesus hath in store I find no happiness nor rest; But, walking in humility, (thee. 8. Lord Jesus Christ, О may I grow

Unfading joys for thee. Have perfect peace and joy in

In knowledge and in grace; 4. O keep me contrite, low, and Grant that in me, while here below, poor;

Thy likeness all may trace. Thus shall I praise thee evermore :)


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501. *

500. T. 11. Meek Redeemer, now impart LORD, if thou thy grace impart,

Thine own deep humility. Poor in spirit meek in heart,

2. Fain would I my Lord pursue, I shall as my Master be,

Would be all my Saviour taught, Clothed with humility ;

Do as Jesus bids me do, 2. Simple, teachable, and mild,

Fain would think as Jesus thought; Chang'd into a little child;

But 'tis thou must change my Pleas'd with all the Lord provides,


(thee; Wean’d from all the world besides. This good gift must come from

Meek Redeemer, now impart
3. Father, fix my soul on thee, Thine own deep humility.
Every evil let me flee;
Nothing want beneath, above;

3. Lord, I cannot, must not rest, Happy in thy precious love.

Till I all thy mind obtain,

Chase presumption from my breast, 4. Oh that all may seek and find

And thy heavenly mildness gain : Every good in Christ combin'd!

Give me, Lord, thy gentle heart; Him let Israel still adore ;

Lowliness my portion be; Trust him, praise him evermore. Meek Redeemer, now impart Madan's Collection.

Thine own deep humility. (601.)

T. 14.

4. Let thy cross my will control, HAPPY the man whose highest and conform me to my guide ;

Is Christ invariably ; (good In thy image mould my soul,
He shows his love and gratitude Crucify my sinful pride :
By true humility.

Give me, Lord, a contrite heart, 2. In weakness, power divine he Ever looking up to thee; gains,

Meek Redeemer, now impart He dwells in peace and rest; Thine own deep humility. And owns with filial confidence:

Toplady, (ad.) “Lord, what thou dost is best;

(602.) 503.* 3. “For thou art gracious, wise, and good,

GO, ye flattering visions,
Thou know'st how help to afford,

Honours, wealth, and lusts :
The time when it should be be- He who, lowly-minded,
Thy goodness be ador’d.”(stow'd:

In our Saviour trusts,
Z. Rich in grace, is blessed,

Freed from anxious care;
T. 205.

For the poor in spirit
LORD, I feel a carnal mind,

Heaven's kingdom share.
That doth hang about me still,
Vainly tho' I strive to bind
Mine own proud, rebellious will;


504.* Does not haughtiness of heart WHEN simplicity we cherish, Separate my God and me? Then the soul is full of light;

T. 141.


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T. 16.

But that light will quickly vanish, Because the love to things terresWhen of Jesus we lose sight.

trial 2. He who nought but Christ de- We must deny thro' Jesus' grace, sireth,

And, to obtain the prize celestial, He whom nothing else can cheer, Cast off whate'er impedes our race. But the joy which he inspireth, 3. The simple heart no care perLending to his voice an ear; plexes, 3. Who sincerely loveth Jesus,

That robs the world of all content; And upon his grace depends ;

Envy nor strife his spirit vexes, Who but willeth whať him pleases, Who lives in that calm element; Simply following his commands; He cherishes his hidden treasure, 4. Who to Jesus humbly cleaveth, If others ask to share this pleasure,

Unruffled by the worldling's spite : Pays obedience to his word,

Simplicity tastes true delight. Yea, in closest union liveth With our Saviour, Head, and Lord: 4. O Jesus, God of my salvation, 5. Who in Jesus Christ abideth, Thy single mind impart to me;

Root out the world's infatuation, And from self-dependence free,

However keen the pain may be : In nought else but him confideth: Thrice happy they who tread unWalks in true simplicity.

wearied 6. He who is by Christ directed, The path of true simplicity ; Trusting the good Shepherd's care, They as wise virgins are prepared From all harm will be protected, To meet the Bridegroom cheerfully. And no danger needs to fear.

G. Arnold. Spangenberg. (605.) 506.*

T. 22. (604.)

T. 184. MEEK, patient Lamb of God, impart

(heart; O BLEST condition, happy living, Thy meekness to my stubborn Which true simplicity imparts, When we to God ourselves are And thy example to pursue.

Grant me to keep thee full in view, giving,

(hearts: And Jesus' mind rules in our 2. Thy blood preserve my garments This lays our souls in deep prostra

clean tion,

From every spot and stain of sin : And fervent prayer before the As a wise virgin, to prepare throne,

For meeting thee, be all my care. Casts down each vain imagination, 3. Bestow on me a simple mind, Till every thought is Christ's alone. To every hurtful fancy blind; %. That which is by the world es-Thy meekness, true sincerity, teemed,

And needful wisdom grant to me. A single mind counts vanity ; 4. Thou holy, spotless Lamb of What's innocent by others deemed, God, Is shunn'd by true simplicity :

(abode; My worthless heart make thine


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