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41. T. 11.3. See the Son of God descend,

At the time by him directed, HARK! the herald angels sing :

Thirty years on earth to spend, "Glory to the new-born King, Glory in the highest heaven,

As a man despis’d, rejected, Peace on earth, and man forgiv'n.” As a victim to be slain,

His love's purpose to obtain. 2. Joyful, all ye nations, rise ; Join the triumph of the skies: 4. What sure prophecies foretold, With the angelic host proclaim,

And mysterious types depicted, Christ is born in Bethlehem !" Sacred covenants of old. 3. Veil'd in flesh the Godhead see !

Solemn promises predicted, Hail the incarnate Deity !

All was made Amen and Yea,

On that great eventful day.
Pleas'd as man with men to dwell,
Jesus our Immanuel.

5. What shall I now give to thee? 4. Hail the heaven-born Prince of Take my heart as a thank-offering: peace!

What hast thou not done for me, Hail the Sun of righteousness! By that life of woe and suffering? Light and life to all he brings,

This restores far more than all Ris’n with healing in his wings.

I had lost by Adam's fall. 5. Lo, he lays his glory by : Born, that man no more may die ;

|(54.) 43. Born, to raise the sons of earth;

REJOICE in Jesus' birth, Born, to give them second birth.

To us a Son is given, 6. Sing we then, with angels sing To us a Child is born on earth, “ Glory to the new-born King !

Who made both earth and heaven. Glory in the highest heaven, Peace on earth, and man forgiv'n.” 2. His arın supports the sky, Wesley's Collection. The universe sustains;


The God supreme, the Lord most (52.)

T. 83.

The King Messiah reigns. TRULY, that eventful day,

3. His name, his nature soar When the God of our salvation Helpless in a manger lay,

Beyond the angels' ken, Of our bliss laid the foundation ;

Yet whom the angelic hosts adore, Centuries had never gain'd,

He pleads the cause of men. What he then for man obtain'd. 4. Our Counsellor we praise, 2. Scarce had Adam falln from Who daily in his church displays

Our Advocate above, grace, Ev'n in paradise ensnared,

His miracles of love. When with parent's tenderness 5. The mighty God is he, God his will to save declared: Author of life and bliss, Should not such great mercy move The Father of eternity, Al to praise, adore, and love? The glorious Prince of peace.

T. 595.


T. 22.

(55.) 44. T. 585. (57.) 46.

T. 585.
HEAR, ye sinners, peace and par- PEACE on earth, heaven: is pro-
Freely offer'd, glad receive; (don claiming:
Nor your hearts yet longer harden, Peace, descending from above, (ing,
Hear his voice and ye shall live; Peace, good will, lost man reclaim-
To God glory in the highest, Peace from God, God who is love :
Peace on earth, good will to men. Peace in Jesus, :Il:
2. Meek and lowly see your Sa- Peace that never shall remove.
Meet returning prodigals; (viour 2. Glory to our great Creator,
He receives them into favour,

Glory in the highest strain ;
Therefore come, 'tis God who calls; Glory to the Mediator,
Unto us a Son is given,

Both from angels and from men :: Unto us a Child is born.

To Immanuel :||: 3. Now to Bethlehem we're in- All the glory doth pertain. Or to Calvary, him to know, (vited, But ere long we shall be cited, (58.) 47. When the trump of God shall blow, MAKER of all things, Lord our 'For the presence of his glory,


(blood, As the judge of quick and dead.

Now veil'd in feeble flesh and 4. Then on clouds in glory seated, To reconcile and set us free He'll pronounce their final doom, From endless woe and misery ;Who, while here, tho' oft entreated, For Immanuel found no room:

2. What heights, what depths of Gracious Saviour, since thou call

love divine May not one of us refuse. (est, In thy blest incarnation shine: (lays.

Let heaven and earth unite their 5. May we all then stand before thee,

To magnify thy boundless grace. Given unto thee without loss,

As thy saints, who here adore thee,
In the manger, on the cross: HOSANNA to the royal Son
To God glory in the highest,

Of David's ancient line : Peace on earth, good will to men. His natures two, his person one, (56.) 45.

Mysterious and divine.

2. The root of David, here we find, WELCOME, blessed heavenly And offspring are the same; stranger!

Eternity and time are join'd Open, Holy Ghost, mine eyes, In our Immanuel's name. Lead me to my Saviour's manger, 3. Blest he that comes to wretched Show me where my Jesus lies. 2. O most Mighty, O most Holy, With peaceful news from heav'ni Far above the seraph's thought! Hosannas in the highest strain Zion, view thy King, as lowly To Christ the Lord be given. As inspired prophets taught.



7. 14.

T. 16.


T. 205.

(62.) 49.* T. 14. Perfect bliss and joy unceasing, BOTH to the seraph and the worm

Deign throughout the earth to

spread: God's goodness doth abound ; He calms the sea, calls forth the By thy holy incarnation,

Life, and death our guilt remove, storm, And fructifies the ground.

Visit us with thy salvation,

Bless us with thy heavenly love. 2. But yet his mercy to man's race More richly was display'd ;

(67.) 53. He pitied us in our distress, And therefore flesh was made ;- GRACIOUS Saviour, mov'd by 3. That he as man might sympa love, thise

Thou the lofty heavens didst bow, With every grief we feel,

Thou didst leave thy throne And, being made a sacrifice,

above, With blood our pardon seal. With lost man to dwell below;

Here among us thou wilt be, (64.)


T. 586.

We rejoice alone in thee,
I WILL rejoice in God my Saviour, Here thy name we will record,
And magnify this act of love; O Immanuel, our Lord.
I'm lost in wonder at his favour,
Which made him leave his throne (68.)

54. above, To take upon him human nature, WITH awe and deeply bow'd, To suffer for his wretched crea- We praise ://: the incarnate God, ture,

Who took our flesh and blood; Dire anguish, keenest pain,

Unto the child at Bethlehem, And death-pangs to sustain,

Whose birth the angelic choirs proMy soul to gain.


Benj. Latrobe. We our thank-offerings bring,

And grateful sing
T. 159.

Praise to our heavenly King.
WISDOM and power to Christ be-
Who left his glorious throne; (long, (69.)

The new, the blessed gospel-song
Is due to him alone;

TO God our Immanuel, made flesh Join all on earth in Jesus' praise, Join with the highest seraphs' lays: Our Friend, our Redeemer, and To us, to us God's Son is given, Brother most dear, The Lord of earth and heaven.

Be honour and glory: Let with (66.) 52.

one accord

T. 167. All people say, Amen! Give praise COME, thou universal blessing, to the Lord. Thou, the woman's promis'd seed;


T. 249.

T. 39.

as we are,


(70.) 56.* T. 146. 5. Our glad hosannas, Prince of LORD Jesus, when I trace

peace, Thee as the great Creator,

Thy welcome shall proclaim; With fear I hide my face ;

And heaven's eternal arches ring

With thy beloved name. But when in human nature

Doddridge. I see thy deep distress, And lowliness of heart,


T. 11. I freely must confess

SWEETER sounds than music That thou my brother art.

knows 2. Therefore I'll thee adore

Charm me in Immanuel's name; With deep humiliation,

All her hopes my spirit owes And own thee evermore

To his birth, and cross, and shame. Lord of the whole creation ;

2. When he came the angels sung, But thy humanity, Thy birth, thy life, and death

“ Glory be to God on high !” Unite my soul to thee,

Lord, unloose my stammering Until my latest breath.

tongue, z. Who should louder sing than I ?

3. Did the Lord a man become, 57. T. 14. That he might the law fulfil, HARK, the glad sound! the Sa- Bleed and suffer in my room, viour comes,

And cansťthou, my tongue, be still? The Saviour promis'd long; 4. No, I must my praises bring, Let every heart prepare a throne, Though they worthless are and And every voice a song.

For should I refuse to sing, (weak; 2. He comes, the prisoners to re-Sure the very stones would speak. In Satan's bondage held; (lease, 5. O my Saviour, Shield, and Sun, The gates of brass before him Shepherd, Brother, Husband, The iron fetters yield. (burst, Friend, 3. He comes, from thickest films Ev'ry precious name in one, of vice,

I will love thee without end.

J. Newton. To clear the mental ray, And on the eye, long clos'd in


T. 14. Το pour

celestial day. 4. He comes, the broken heart to HOW sweet the name of Jesus bind,

In a believer's ear; (sounds The bleeding soul to cure; It soothes his sorrows, heals his And, with the riches of his grace, wounds, To bless the humble poor.

And drives away his fear.

(night, (71.)


T. 14.

2. It makes the wounded spirit Then will we sing more sweet, whole,

more loud, And calms the troubled breast; And Christ shall be our song,

Cennick 'Tis manna to the hungry soul, And to the weary rest.

(72) 3. Jesus, the Rock on which I build, My Shield and Hiding-place,

JESUS, I love thy charming name,

'Tis music to my ear; My never failing Treasury, fill'd With boundless stores of grace :

I gladly would thy praises sound,

That earth and heaven might hear. 4. Jesus, my Shepherd, Saviour, Friend,

2. Yes, thou art precious to my In thee is all my trust;

(soul, My Prophet, Priest, and King; My Lord, my Life, my Way, my

Jewels to me are gaudy toys, Accept the praise I bring. (End, And gold is sordid dust. 5. Weak is the effort of my heart, 3. O may thy name still cheer my And cold my warmest thought; and shed its fragrance there ;

heart, But when I see thee as thou art, I'll praise thee as I ought.

The noblest balm for all its wounds,

The cordial of its care. 6. Till then I would thy love pro- 4. I'll speak the honours of thy

claim With every fleeting breath;

name, And may the music of thy name

With my last labouring breath; Refresh my soul in death.

When speechless, thou shalt be my J. Newton. My joy in life and death. (hope,

Doddridge. 60. T. 590.

THOU dear Redeemer, dying SACRED name of Jesus,

We love to hear of thee;

So great and holy,
No music like thy charming name,

That all our tongues can never Nor half so sweet can be :

praise thee truly

'Fore thee we bow. O may we ever hear thy voice!

In mercy to us speak; 2. Saving name of Jesus, And in our priest we will rejoice, In which salvation (and nation

Thou great Melchizedeck! Is preach'd to every kindred tongue, 2. Our Jesus shall be still our

Might all thee know. theme,

3. Blessed name of Jesus, While in this world we stay ;

How efficacious

(serve us, We'll sing our Jesus' lovely name,

To save, to sanctify, and to preWhen all things else decay:

Thee we adore. When we appear in yonder cloud, 4. Powerful name of Jesus,

With all its favour'd throng, In heaven revered,


T. 58.

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