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T. 39.


But will save from hell and sin; |(642.)

543. He is faithful :||: :

BEGONE, unbelief; for my SaTo perform his gracious word.

viour is near,

(pear; 3. Tho' distresses now attend thee, And for my relief he will surely apAnd thou tread the thorny road, By prayer let me wrestle, and he His right hand shall still defend thee, will perform;

(the storm. Soon he'll bring thee home to God; With Christ in the vessel I smile at

Therefore praise him, :11: 2. Tho' dark be my way, yet since Praise the dear Redeemer's name.

he is my guide, (provide ; Fawcett.

| Tis mine to obey, and 'tis his to (641.) 542.

T. 22. Tho' cisterns be broken, and crea

tures all fail, BE still, my heart, these anxious The word he hath spoken will surely

(snares; prevail. To thee are burdens, thorns, and 3. His love in time past me forbidThey cast dishonour on thy Lord,

deth to think, (sink : And contradict his gracious word. He'll leave me at last unrelieved to 2. Brought safely by his hand thus Each sweet Ebenezer I have in refar,

(care? view, (me quite through. Why wilt thou now give place to Confirms his good pleasure to help How canst thou want, if he provide, 4. Why should I complain then of Or lose thy way with such a guide ?

want or distress, (no less ; 3. When first before his mercy-seat Temptation or pain? for he told me Thou didst thy all to him commit, The heirs of salvation, I know He gave thee warrant from that from his word, hour,

Thro' much tribulation must follow To trust his wisdom, love, and their Lord. power.

5. How bitter the cup none can 4. Did ever trouble thee befall,

ever conceive, And he refuse to hear thy call ?

Which Jesus drank up that poor And has he not his promise pass'd, sinners might live: That thou shalt overcome at last ? His way was much rougher and 5. He that hath help'd me hitherto,

darker than mine;

(repine ? Will help me all my journey thro", Did Jesus thus suffer, and shall I And give me daily cause to raise 6. Since all that I meet with shall New Ebenezers to his praise.

work for my good, 6. Though rough and thorny be The bitter is sweet and the medicine the road,

is food; It leads me home, apace, to God; Though painful at present, 'twill I count my present trials small,

cease before long, For heaven will make amends for all. And then, O how pleasant the con

J. Newton. queror's song J. Newton.


544. T. 89. To mark the steps of grace; YES, since God himselfhath said it, How new-born souls, convinced of


(clean, On his promise I rely; His good word demands my credit, Yet by his precious blood made

Extol his name in every place.
What can unbelief reply ?
He is strong and can fulfil,

4. With these my happy lot is cast,

Thro' the world's deserts rude and He is truth and therefore will.

Or thro' its gardens fair: (waste, 2. In my Saviour's intercession

Whether the storm of malice Humbly still I will confide;

sweeps, Lord, accept my free confession, I have sinn'd but thou hast died: Still to go on be all my care:

Or all in dead supineness sleeps, This is all I have to plead, This is all the plea I need.

5. Yes, my dear Lord, in following J. Newton. Not in the dark uncertainly (thee

This foot obedient moves ; (646.) 545.*

T. 90. Tis with a Brother and a King, THRICE happy is the feeble soul Who many to his yoke will bring, Whose strength is only in his God; Who ever lives and ever loves. The fiercest powers he can control 6. Now then my Way, my Truth, By faith in Jesus' precious blood;

my Life,

(strife, In combat can maintain the field, Henceforth let sorrow, doubt, and Because Jehovah is his shield. Drop off like autumn leaves :

Henceforth, as privileged by thee, (647.)

T. 79. Simple and undistracted be THAT I am thine, my Lord and My soul, which to thy sceptrs God,


cleaves. Ransom'd and sprinkled with thy 7. Let me my weary mind recline Repeat that word once more, On that eternal love of thine, With such an energy and light, And human thoughts forget :(say, That this world's flattery nor spite Child-like attend what thou wilt To shake me ever may have power. Go forth and do it, while 'tis day, 2. From various cares my heart Yet never leave my safe retreat. retires;

8. At all times to my spirit bear Tho' deep and boundless its desires, An inward witness strong and I'm now to please but One, Of thy redeeming power; (clear, Him, before whom the elders bow; This will instruct thy child aright, With him is all my business now, This will impart the needful light, And with the souls that are his For exigence of every hour.

9. Now then the sequel is well 3. This is my joy which ne'er can weigh’d, fail,

I cast myself upon thy aid, To see my Saviour's arm prevail, A sea where none can sink ;



549. *

T. 22.

Yea, thereon I depend, poor worm,|(650.)

T. 208. Believing that thou wilt perform JESUS, source of gladness, Beyond whate'er I ask or think.

J. Gambola. Comfort in all sadness,

Thou canst end my grief; (648.) 547.

While for thy salvation God of my life on thee I call, I with expectation Afflicted at thy feet I fall; (vail, Wait, I find relief: (name When the great water-floods pre- Slaughter'd Lamb,—thy saving Leave not my trembling heart to Yields to me far greater pleasure, fail.

Than all worldly treasure. 2. Friend of the friendless and the 2. God is my salvation, faint,

(plaint ? Joy, and consolation; Where should I lodge my deep com With the world I've done : Where but with thee, whose open To pride's vain pretension door

I pay no attention, Invites the helpless and the poor? Avarice I disown; (cross, 3. Did ever mourner plead with Perils, loss,--shame, death, and thee,

(plea? Sufferings e'er so keen, shall never And thou refuse that mourner's Me from Jesus sever. Doth not the word still fix'd re- 3. If the Lord protect me, main,

(vain? Sin cannot infect me, That none shall seek thy face in Nought can do me harm; 4. That were a grief I could not Although Satan rageth, bear,

(prayer; Christ the storm assuageth Didst thou not hear and answer By his mighty arm : But a prayer-hearing, answering Would the foe-his malice show, Supports me under every load.(God, Since Christ is my strength and 5. Poor tho' I am, despis'd, forgot,

I dread not his power. (tower, Yet God, my God, forgets me not; 4. Gloomy thoughts must vanish, And he is safe and must succeed, Jesus doth replenish For whom the Lord vouchsafes to

Me with heavenly peace; plead.


Who the Saviour loveth, (649.)

548.* T. 79. By experience proveth, JESUS, our Guardian, Guide, and Tho'I here—reproach must bear,

Grief is chang'd to bliss :

Yet he turneth all my sadness
Now thy protecting wings extend,
Thy children save from harm;

Into joy and gladness.

J. Frank. Would Satan seek us to devour, Against his malice, craft, and



T. 22. power,

JESUS, my All, my highest good, Defend us by thy outstretch'd arm.

Who hast redeem'd me with thy P. Gerhard. blood,


T. 205,

When confidence in thee I place,

552. My soul is filld with joy and peace. To the hills I lift mine eyes, 2. Where should I turn, or how To the everlasting hills; thee leave?

Thence I draw divine supplies, Jesus, to thee my mind doth cleave; Thus my soul new vigour fills: With thee my heart hath always Faithful is his promis'd word; found

Help, while yet I ask, is giv'n; True counsel, comfort, help abound. Giv’n by him, the sovereign Lord, 3. All who abide in faith and love, Who hath made both earth and This truth in their experience heaven. prove,

(trust 2. Not the powers of earth or hell That none who simply put their E'er thy Guardian can surprise : In Jesus Christ, can e'er be lost. Careless slumber cannot steal 4. None can be so o’erwhelm'd with Over his all-seeing eyes; grief,

He is Israel's sure defence; But they in Christ may find relief; Israel all his care shall prove; All misery, howsoever great, Kept by watchful Providence, His comforts can alleviate. Borne by ever-waking love. 5. Jesus, my only God and Lord, 3. Thee, on cvil's baleful day, What comfort does thy name afford; Scorching sun shall never smite; No friend on earth can ever be Nor the moon with chilling ray For faithfulness compar'd with thee. Ever blast thee through the night: 6. Were health, and strength, and Safe from known or secret foes, friends withdrawn,

Free from sin and Satan's thrall, Were every earthly comfort gone, God shall keep thee safe from all.

When the flesh, earth, hell oppose, If I have thee, I have ev'n here What me eternally can cheer.

C. Wesley, (acl.)

553. 7.0 Lord, preserve me sound in (656)

T. 205. faith,

JESUS, lover of my soul, Thine let me be in life and death; Let me to thy bosom fly, May nothing pluck me from thy While the raging billows roll, hand,

While the tempest still is high : Lead me in safety to the end. Hide me, O my Saviour, hide,

M. Moeller. Till the storm of life is past ; (655.) 551.* T. 68. Safe into the haven guide: THANKS for ever be,

O receive my soul at last. Jesus, unto thee,

2. Other refuge have I none, That thy strength doth us enable Hangs my helpless soul on thee; To adhere to thee, tho' feeble ;

Leave, O leave me not alone, That thou hear'st ourprayers,

Still support and comfort me: And regard'st our tears.

All my trust on thee is stay'd,
J. Neander. All my help from thee I bring;


183 Cover my defenceless head 14. Plenteous grace with thee is

With the shadow of thy wing. found, 3. Thou, O Christ, art all I want, Let the healing streams abound,

Grace to pardon all my sin; All in all in thee I find;

Make and keep me pure within : Raise the fallen, cheer the faint,

Heal the sick, and lead the blind: Thou of life the Fountain art, Just and holy is thy name,

Freely let me take of thee; I am all unrighteousness;

Spring thou up within my heart,

Rise to all eternity. Vile and full of sin I am,

C. Wesley Thou art full of truth and grace.



T. B. p. 110. The Holy Ghost, the Comforter,

The church doth worship and revere. LORD God, thy praise we sing, Thee to be God's eternal Son: (own

O Christ, thou glorious King, we To thee our thanks we bring : Both heaven and earth do worship Didst'not abhor the Virgin's womb:

Thou, undertaking in our room, Thou Father of eternity : (thee, To thee all angels loudly cry,

The pains of death o'ercome by The heavens and all the powers on Made heaven to all believers free:

thee, high : Cherubs and seraphs thee proclaim,

At God's right hand thou hast thy And cry thrice holy to thy name:

seat, Holy is our Lord God,

And in thy Father's glory great; Holy is our Lord God,

And we believe the day's decreed, Holy is our Lord God,

When thou shalt judge the quick The Lord of Sabaoth.

and dead. With splendour of thy glory spread

Promote, we pray, thy servants' Are heaven and earth replenished:


(blood; The apostles' glorious company,

Redeem'd with thy most precious The prophets fellowship praise Among thy saints make us ascend The noble and victorious host (thee: To glory that shall never end: Of martyrs makes of thee their Thy people with salvation crown, boast :

Bless those, O Lord, that are thine The holy church in every place

(vance Throughout the earth, exalts thy Govern thy church, and, Lord, adpraise.

For ever thine inheritance. Thee, Father, God on heaven's From day to day, O Lord, do we Thy only and beloved Son, (throne, Highly exalt and honour thee :


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