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T. 22.

XXX. PRAYER AND SUPPLICATION. (696.) 588. T. 582. For his grace and power are such, BEHOLD the throne of grace,

None can ever ask too much. The promise calls me near,

3. Lord, I will not let thee go, There Jesus shows his cheering face, Till the blessing thou bestow : And waits to answer prayer.

Oh, do not my suit disdain ; 2. That rich, atoning blood,

None shall seek thy face in vain.

J. Newton. Which sprinkled round I see, Provides for those who come to God

An all-prevailing plea. AND dost thou say, “ Ask what 3. My soul, ask what thou wilt, thou wilt?"

(hour; Thou canst not be too bold; Lord, I would seize the golden Since his own blood for thee was. I pray to be releas'd from guilt, spilt,

And freed from sin, and Satan's What else can he withhold ?

power. 4. Beyond thy utmost wants 2. More of thy presence, Lord, im

His love and power can bless; part, To praying souls he always grants More of thine image let me bear ;

More than they can express. Erect thy throne within my rt, 5. Since 'tis the Lord's command, And reign without a rival there.

My mouth I open wide: 3. Give me to read my pardon seal'd, Lord, open thou thy bounteous And from thy joy to draw my

That I may be supplied. (hand, strength; 6. My soul, believe and pray,

To have thy boundless love reWithout a doubt believe :


(length. Whate'er we ask in God's own In all its height, and breadth, and

We surely shall receive. (way, 4. Grant these requests, I ask no 7. Here stands the promise fair, more, For God cannot repent,

But to thy care the rest resign, To fervent, persevering prayer,

Living or dying, rich or poor, He'll every blessing grant. All shall be well, if thou art-mine. J. Newton.

J. Newton. (697.) 589. COME, my soul, thy suit prepare, FATHER, whate'er of earthly bliss Jesus loves to answer prayer ;

Thy sovereign will denies, He himself hath bid thee pray, Accepted at thy throne, let this And sends none unheard away. Sincere petition rise. 2. Thou art coming to a King, 2. Give me a calm and thankful: Large petitions with thee bring; From every murmur free; (heart:

T. 11.


T. 14.


T. 14.


195 The blessings of thy grace impart, 8. Give these,—and then thy will And let me live to thee.

be done; 3. Let the sweet hope that thou art

Thus strengthen'd with all might, My life and death attend ; (mine, We, by thy Spirit and thy Son, Thy presence through my journey

Shall pray, and pray aright. shine,

J. Montgomery. And crown my journey's end.


T. 595. Mrs. Steele. O THOU who hearest prayer,

The God of power and might;

To seek thy face be all our care, LORD, teach us how to pray aright,

And our supreme delight.
With reverence and with fear :
Though dust and ashes in thy sight, 2. O God of grace and love,
We may, we must draw near.

Regard us from thy throne; 2. We perish if we

Send down to us the heavenly Dove, cease from

And seal us as thine own. prayer ; O grant us power to pray!

3. We have no other trust, And when to meet thee we pre- Our hope, thou holy One and just,

But thy dear sacrifice; Lord, meet us by the way. (pare, 3. Burden'd with guilt, convinc'd

Thou never wilt despise. of sin,

4. Sinful, we plead thy blood, In weakness, want and woe,

Weak, we implore thy power ; Fightings without, and fears within, Saviour, remember us for good Lord, whither shall we go?

In danger's trying hour. 4. God of all grace, we come to 5. Come with thy saving strength, thee,

With healing virtue come; With broken contrite hearts;

And let thy guiding hand at length Give what thine eye delights to see,

Conduct us safely home. Truth in the inward parts :

6. Till, sav'd from all annoy 5. Give deep humility ;—the sense

Of earthly fear and strife, Of godly sorrow give;

We enter into endless joy, A strong, desiring confidence, And everlasting life.

W. Edwards (ad.) To hear thy voice and live :6. Faith in the only sacrifice


T. 11. That can for sin atone; HEAVENLY Father, to whose To cast our hopes, to fix our eyes, Future things unfolded lie, (eye

On Christ, on Christ alone : Through the desert where I stray, 7. Patience, to watch, and wait, Let thy counsel guide my way.

2. Lead me not, for flesh is frail, Though mercy long delay; Where fierce trials would assail ;Courage, our fainting souls to keep, Leave me not, in darken'd hour,

And trust thee though thou slay: To withstand the tempter's power..

and weep,


3. Save me from his treacherous And Satan trembles when he sees wiles,

The weakest saint upon his knees. Arm me against pleasure's smiles; 4. While Moses stood with arms Give me, for my spirit's health, spread wide, Neither poverty nor wealth. Success was found on Israel's side; 4. Help thy servant to maintain But when through weariness they A profession free from stain,

fail'd, That my sole reproach may be, That moment Amalek prevail'd. Following Christ and fearing thee. 5. Have you no words ? Ah, think 5. Lord, uphold me day by day, again ;

(plain, Shed a light upon my way;.

Words flow apace when you comGuide me through perplexing And fill your fellow-creature's ear snares,

With the sad tale of all your care. Care for me in all my cares.

6. Were half the breath thus vainly 6. All I ask for is enough;

spent, Only, when the way is rough, To heaven in supplication sent, Let thy rod and staff impart Your cheerful song would oftener be, Strength and courage to my heart." Hear what the Lord has done for 7. Should thy wisdom, Lord, decree

Cowper. Trials long and sharp for me, (698.)

596.* Pain or sorrow, care or shame,

THE prayers of the needy, Father, glorify thy name!

Thou, Lord, to hear art ready ; 8. Let me neither faint nor fear, Thy mercy and forbearance Feeling still that thou art near, We every day experience. In the course my Saviour trod,

2. When thee in faith addressing, Tending still to thee, my God.

Thou no good gift nor blessing Conder.

Unto thy church deniest, 595. T. 22. But all her wants suppliest. WHAT various hindrances we 3. In thee we trust for ever, In coming to a mercy-seat; (meet Since thou to each believer Yet who, that knows the worth of Afford'st that consolation:

I've heard thy supplication.” prayer, But wishes to be often there.

(701.) 2. Prayer makes the darken'd cloud QUITE alone, and yet not lonely, withdraw;

(saw; I'll converse with God Friend; Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob Now from worldly cares receeding, Gives exercise to faith and love; I my time in prayer will spend. Brings every blessing from above. 2. O how blessed are the moments, 3. Restraining prayer, we cease to When the Lord himself draws near, fight;

(bright; When I feel his gracious presence, Prayer makes the Christian's armor And he listens to my prayer.

T. 10.

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T. 16.




T. 36.


T. 79. With gospel-seed already sown,

In Gentile lands or in our own,
WITH ardent longing, at thy feet,
Lord Jesus Christ, I humbly wait;

May an abundant harvest yield. O lend a gracious ear

8. O Father, us with pleasure own, Unto my manifold complaints :

The dear-bought purchase of thy I trust thou wilt relieve my wants,

O Spirit, be our guide, (Son; And deign thy needy child to hear. To us thy saving light afford; 2. Grant me an upright, simple Christ, the church's Head & Lord, heart,

May we for ever thine abide. A cheerful mind to me impart,

(705.) 599.* Free from sin's galling load : O may I of my sinfulness LORD Jesus Christ, thy body's Always retain a consciousness,

Head and Saviour, But not serve sin, forbid it, God! On us, thy children, deign to look

in favour ;

(are overflowing, 3. Grant me a harmless, dove-like Our grateful hearts wtth thanks To true humility inclin'd; (mind,

Before thee bowing. Thy will be mine indeed : O may I labour, constantly

2. What peace do we derive, what Endow'd with spirit's poverty,

consolation, From every hurtful influence freed. What strength from thy atoning

death and passion : 4. May I be serious, child-like too, Impress’d with holy reverence we In all essentials firm and true;

adore thee, Give me a trusty ear;

And fall before thee. A sympathizing, tender heart, In joy and sorrow to take part,

3. Thy goodness, as thy power, is And gladly others' burdens bear.

past expression ;

We trust that thou, whene'er with 5. In converse make me tractable

supplication (accept us, And mild ; in storms invincible,

We seek thy face, in mercy wilt And never prone to yield.

And not reject us. May I maintain incessantly

4. O Lord, thou great High-priest A tender fellowship with thee, From day to day by grace upheld. Who at God's right hand makest

of our profession, 6. Thy unction O may I obey, intercession, (help the needy And tread the pilgrim's rugged way; And by thy powerful prayers to Grant I may shun no toil :

Art ever ready :In all my senses render me

5. The many drops of blood which Well exercis'd, and let me be

from thee flowed, Anointed with thy gladdening oil. The streams of tears which oft thy 7. Thou of all nations the desire, cheeks bedewed, (pleading With zeal thy ministers inspire;

Are all in our behalf for mercy And grant that every field,

And interceding.

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of grace,

6. O may thy church thro' thy We rise from prayer with blessing, atonement's powers,

O'ercome what is distressing (race. Unto thy praise before thee bloom Thro' thee, and run with joy our like flowers; (Saviour,

Z. & Neisser. Yea, glorify thy name in us, dear (709.)


T. 114. Both now and ever. WHENEVER we in holy contem


(O Lord, (706.) 600.* T. 83. Survey the kingdom of thy cross, FLOCK of Christ, in fellowship And call to mind the promis’d, full Offer fervent supplication ;


(expectation Whether to rejoice or weep

For thy soul's travail ; with glad We may now have most occasion: The hope we cherish, that thy When the lips no more can pray,

reign of

peace Sighs will find to him their way.

Shall soon o'erspread the earth

with rich increase. 2. O may he so sensibly Bless us with his grace and favour, 2. O Father of thy people, we imThat we in humility

plore thee, (ferings, bless; May rejoice in him, our Saviour; The church, the fruit of Jesus' sufMay he in his mercy grant

Refresh thine heritage with showers All we weep for, all we want.

(the glory :

The cause is thine, and thine alone 3. May his presence constantly

May Jesus thousands as a spoil Yield us joy and consolation,


(gain. In the certain hope that he Will regard our supplication,

And his disciples constant victory Grant our prayers, and much more

3. O Holy Spirit, Christ's bloodThan we're able to conceive. (give

bought salvation 4. This be our supreme delight,

Set forth, and glorify his sacrifice; To remain in closest union

May hosts of sinners, listening to With our Lord both day and night, Receive with joy the gospel-invi

thy voice,

(tation, And enjoy his sweet communion; And, by thee gather’d, see their This our heaven while here we stay,

names enroll'd (som’d fold. Him to love, serve, and obey.

Among the sheep of Jesus' ran(708.) 601.*

603. LORD, our High-priest and Sa- GRACIOUS Saviour, bless thy Pour fire and spirits fervour (viour, congregation,

On all our priestly bands ; Richly all her wants supply ; When we are interceding, Be our only joy and consolation, And for thy people pleading, (hands. Till we quit mortality: Give incense, and hold up our Of each weight may we be more 2. By thine illumination,


(lested, Thy church's situation

Live beneath thy sceptre unmoa In the true light we trace ;

T. 79. (712.)

T. 185.

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