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T. 205.

In thy matchless radiance shine, We thee confess the sovereign Lord, Filled with thy love divine. Thy name be everywhere ador’d. 2. Cheer thy chosen witnesses, O 2. Thou who on earth the sick didst Jesus,

heal, Who thy dying love proclaim ; And to the poor thy love reveal, That with joy they may to distant O comfort, by a look from thee, places

All who are now in misery. Bear thy great and glorious name: 3. Nearer and nearer draw us still'; By thy arm 0 may they be de- Might all but know thy holy will'; fended,

(ended, Subdue all pride and stubbornness, Till their pilgrimage on earth is O Lord, by thy prevailing grace. And they are with thee at rest : Lord, we pray, hear our request.

4. Preserve by thy almighty aid Those who have thee their refuge made;

(blame, (713.)

T. 22. Grant that, in all things free from LORD Jesus, with thy presence In meekness they may praise thy bless,

J. Gambold By land and sea, thy witnesses :

(716.) 606. In every danger them defend, In every trial prove their friend. JESUS, hear our fervent prayer, 2. O may thy word in Christendom

Own thy people, seal us thine ; Be bless'd, and may thy kingdom

Thee to obey from day to day

By thy Spirit us incline: And may thy servants joyful bring Us for ever bless and keep, New spoils, each day, to thee, their Mark us as thy chosen sheep; King.

From thy fulness to us grant

Every grace and gift we want. 3. Preserve in constant love and peace, (crease (718.) 607.*

T. 166. And thro' thy blessing still in- LORD Jesus, bless thy witnesses, Thy little flocks, which far and Spread over them thy arms of love ; In towns and villages appear. (near Behold them in their destin'd race, 4. Thy thoughts of peace o'er us Where bold in faith's bright path fulfil,

they move: Incline our hearts to do thy will: Support them under every load, Thy gospel make more fully known; Console them when they weep'fore May all the world thy goodness own. thee,

(stow'd, Joh. de Watteville. And help them, for the aid be(715.) 605.

To praise thy name continually.

T. 22. ATTEND, O Saviour, to |


T. 159.. prayer;

ABUNDANTLY our Saviour's All things by thy appointment are: Bestoweth gifts and grace; (hand


our (719.)

that we

This we in many a distant land The magistrates who are ordain'd, With inward joy can trace : Support by thy almighty hand; When for his work engag'd in And, under their protection, grant

prayer, We know he our requests will hear, May live in godliness and honesty. And confidently can believe,

Gregor. A rich increase he'll give.


T. 22. (720.) 609. 'T. 185. O GOD of heaven and earth, arise,

And hear our loud united cries; BLESS, O Lord, we pray, thy con

Behold us bow before thy face, gregation, Bless each choir and family ; (tion, Throughout our land, and seek thy Bless the youth, the rising genera

grace. Bless the children dear to thee;

2. Our trust is not in mortal hosts, Bless thy servants, grant them grace Nor in the arms that guard our

and unction, (their function ; coasts; That they may with care discharge Thine is the land, and thine the Lord on thee we humbly call,

main, Let thy blessing rest on all.

And human force and skill are vain. 610.*

3. Our guilt might draw thy ven(722.) OFT as the church the goodness On every shore, on every town; weighs,

But view us, Lord, with pitying eye, Which Jesus unto her displays, And lay thy lifted thunder by. And ponders on his faithful care, Which she each day doth richly And cleanse our land from all its

4. Forgive the follies of our times, share,

(inclin'd By love constrain’d, to pray she is Reform’d and deck'd with grace

crimes; For the prosperity of all mankind.

divine, 2. For all put in authority Let our united people shine. We supplicate most fervently ;

Doddridge (ad.)

T. 97.

geance down


(781.) 612.*

T. 22., Revive our hope, our faith increase, LORD Christ, reveal thy holy face, To taste the sweetness of thy grace: And send the Spirit of thy grace, 3. Till we with angels join to To fill our hearts with fervent zeal,

sing To learn thy truth, and do thy will. Eternal praise to thee, our King; 2. Lord, lead us in thy holy ways, Till we behold thy face most bright, And teach our lips to tell thy praise : In joy and everlasting light.

T. 22.

T. 22.

J. Newton.

4. To God the Father, God the Son,|(896.)

615. And God the Spirit, Three in One, WITH joy we hasten to the place, Be honour, praise, and glory giv’n Where we our Saviour oft have met; By all on earth and all in heaven. William, Duke of Weimar. And while we feast upon his grace,

Our burdens and our griefs forget. (895.) 613. JESUS, where'er thy people meet, Or with affliction daily fed, (home,

2. Tho'pinch'd with poverty at There they behold thy mercy-seat: It makes amends, if we can come Where'er they seek thee, thou art

To God's own house for heavenly found,

bread. And every place is hallow'd ground.

3. We thank thee for thy day, O 2. For thou, within no walls con

Lord :

(seek ; Inhabitest the humble mind; (fin’d, Here we thy promis'd presence Such ever bring thee where they Open thine hand, with blessings come,

stor'd And going, take thee to their home. And grant us manna for the week. 3. Dear Shepherd of thy chosen few, Thy former mercies here renew;

616. T. 11. Here to our waiting hearts proclaim (897.) 'T'he sweetness of thy saving name. JESUS is become at length 4. Here may we prove the power My salvation and my strength; of prayer,

(care, And his praises shall prolong, To strengthen faith, and sweeten While I live, my pleasant song. To teach our faint desires to rise, 2. Praise ye then his glorious name, And bring thy cross before our eyes. Publish his exalted fame; 5. Behold, at thy commanding word, Still his worth your praise exceeds, We stretch the curtain and the cord: Excellent are all his deeds. O rend the heavens and come 3. Raise again the joyful sound : down,

(own. Let the nations spread it round: And make each rebel heart thine Zion, sing, thy Monarch see;

Cowper. God the Saviour dwells in thee. 614.

T. 14. ETERNAL Sun of righteousness,

|(898.) 617.

T. 14. Display thy beams divine, And cause the glory of thy face

ZION, where God records his name, Upon our hearts to shine.

In our esteem is dear; 2. Light in thy light O may we see,

Tasting his goodness, we exclaim, Thy grace and mercy prove,

'Tis good to sojourn here." Reviv’d, and cheer'd, and blest by 2. We see his beauty, and admire thee,

The glories of his house ;
The God of pardoning love.

Into his will we here inquire,
C. Wesley.! And here we pay our vows.

J. Newton.

T. 582.

3. Dear Saviour, bless us from on|2. From busy scenes we now rehigh,


(thee: Infuse thy love and fear; That we may here converse with And let our lives exemplify Ah, Lord, behold us at thy feet;

The precious truths we hear. Let this the gate of heaven be. 4. And as successively we quit 3. Chief of ten thousand, now apThis mortal, dying frame,

pear, May others here before thee meet That we by faith may see thy face; To bless thy holy name. O speak, that we thy voice may

hear, (899.) 618. T. 11. And let thy presence fill this place. SHEPHERD of thy blood-bought

Kelly. sheep,

620. Teach the stony heart to weep; WELCOME, sweet day of rest, Let the blind have eyes to see, That saw the Lord arise; See themselves and look on thee.

Welcome to this reviving breast, 2. Let the minds of all our youth And these rejoicing eyes ! Feel the force of sacred truth;

2. The King himself comes near, While the gospel-call they hear,

And feasts his saints to-day ; May they learn to love and fear.

Here we may sit, and see him here, 3. Show them what their ways have And love, and praise, and pray. been,

3. One day amidst the place, Show them the desert of sin; Where my dear God hath been, Then thy dying love reveal :

Is sweeter than ten thousand days This shall melt a heart of steel.

Of pleasurable sin. 4. Where thou hast thy work 4. My willing soul would stay begun,

In such a frame as this, Give new strength the race to run; And sit and sing herself away Scatter darkness, doubts, and fears, To everlasting bliss. Watts. Wipe away the mourner's tears.

621. 5. Bless us all, both old and young; THIS is the day the Lord hath Call forth praise from every tongue:

made, Let the whole assembly prove

Let young and old rejoice; Thy rich grace and dying love.

To him be vows and homage paid, J. Newton.

Whose service is our choice. 61.9. T. 22. 2. This is the temple of the Lord : HOW sweet to leave the world How sacred is this place! awhile,

With meekness let us hear his word, And seek the presence of our Lord :

With reverence seek his face. Blest Saviour, on thy people smile, 3. This is the homage he requires, And come according to thy word. The voice of praise and prayer,

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T. 14.

The soul's affections, hopes, desires, Engage the ear, and warm the Ourselves and all we are.

heart; 4. While rich and poor for mercy Then shall the day indeed be thine.

Mrs. Steele. Propitious from the skies, (call, The Lord, the Maker of them all,


T. 22. Accepts the sacrifice.

SWEET is the work, my God, my 5. Well pleas’d, through Jesus King,

(and sing, Christ the Son,

To praise thy name, give thanks, From sin he grants release; To show thy. love by morning-light, According to their faith 'tis done, And talk of all thy truth by night. He bids them go in peace.

2. Sweet is the day of sacred rest, J. Montgomery.

No mortal cares shall seize my 622. T. 14.

breast; BLEST is the work, O God and

O may my heart in tune be found, King,

Like David's harp of solemn sound. To praise thy glorious name:

3. My heart shall triumph in my By day thy wondrous grace we sing, Lord,

(word : By night thy truth proclaim.

And bless his works and bless his 2. We hail thy day of rest, O Lord, Thy works of grace, how bright And seek thy house of prayer,

they shine; To meet thy saints, to hear thy How deep thy counsels, how divine!

And all thy works declare. (word, 4. Fools never raise their thoughts 3. Though sensual hearts, un

so high;

(they die ; chang’d by grace,

Like brutes they live, like brutes Such heavenly joys despise,

Like grass they flourish, till thy

breath Teach us to love thy dwellingThy day of rest to prize: (place,

Blasts them in everlasting death. 4. Till, fix'd within thy courts 5. But I shall share a glorious part, above,

When grace hath well refin'd my Far nobler songs we raise,

heart, Where every heart is fill'd with love, And fresh supplies of joy are shed, And every mouth with praise.

Like holy oil, to cheer my head. Watts. 6. Sin, (my worst enemy before)

Shall vex my eyes and ears no more;

My inward foes shall all be slain, O LORD, this sacred day of thine Nor Satan break my peace again. Demands the soul's collected pow-7. Then shall I see, and hear, and Gladly may we to thee resign (ers;

know, These solemn, consecrated hours. All I desir'd or wish'd below; 2. Thy Spirit's powerful aid impart, And every power find sweet employ And bid thy word, with life divine, In that eternal world of joy, Watte.


T. 22.

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