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T. 68.

This thy word and Spirit teach us, (753.)
As its mark to all around:

CHURCH of Christ, be glad, May we learning—and discerning

Praise thy Lord and Head; Both thy doctrine and example,

Grounded on thy Saviour's merit, Be in truth thy holy temple. That thou’rt filled with his Spirit 4. Grant that with thy chosen Is perceiv'd, and this people

Proves that thou art his :-
Each may serve thee evermore, 2. For the Lamb of God
Following thee as thy disciple,

Fixeth his abode
And in spirit thee adore : (vour, In his ransom'd congregation;
Gracious Saviour, with heart's fer- And true joy and consolation,
May we walk as thine anointed,

Grace and truth abound
In the path thou hast appointed.

Where the Lord is found.

3. Strength to grow and thrive (751.) 656.* T. 16.

From Christ's death derive, CHURCH of Christ, thy desti- As the cause of man's salvation;

And proclaim his bitter passion Is to joy in him by faith ; (nation

Showing forth his praise
He hath purchas'd thy salvation, Till the end of days.
He hath ransom'd thee from death.

Balth. y. Promnitz. 2. Sin-sick souls, repair for healing



T. 114. To his stripes and bleeding wounds; Then retain a grateful feeling

BRIDE of the Lamb, thou favor'd Of the grace which there abounds. congregation, (nant-flock,

Thou fruit of Jesus'cross, dear cove. 3. In all wants, in all distresses, Thence deriving sure relief;

Securely built on him, the eternal

rock, Looking daily unto Jesus,

(vation, Who to gladness turns your grief;

Rejoice in him, the God of thy sal

Reap all the blessings he design'd 4. Join his church in this confession:

for thee, “I am sinful, weak, and poor, Grow in his grace and knowledge But my Saviour's birth and passion

constantly. Prove to me the richest store :

2. Thy glory be to all the world 5. “ Nought but Jesus' grace, his


(claim; merit,

(ness, To all mankind his dying love proAnd his blood-bought righteous- Awake, put on thy strength, JeruIs the cause why I inherit

salem, Life, and peace, and holiness.” And in thy beauteous garments be 6. Jesus' death thy strength abideth,

arrayed; Church of Philadelphia ; Break forth, extend thy borders He who in aught else confideth everywhere, (may share. Goes Laodicea's way.

That thousands still thy happiness M. Hehl & Z.




T. 16.13. As thy sheep :11:

May we all thy voice obey, HIGHLY favour'd congregation,

And not listen to a stranger; Lov'd by Jesus and esteem'd,

Keep us, lest we go astray, Ne’er forget thy destination,

Shelter us from every danger: Why from this vain world re

No where else can we secured be, deem'd.

But in thee. :11: 2. Grounded on thy Saviour's merit,

4. Might we all, :11: Bless'd in his communion sweet, Young and old, be witnesses Dustin'd heaven to inherit,

Of the power of thy salvation, And the church above to meet :

And extol redeeming grace 3. Witness here to all around thee · Midst a crooked generation ; Of thy Saviour's dying love;

Thus will many souls around us be Testify, “ He sought and found me,

Gain'd for thee. :11: Else I still should restless rove.

5. We entreat, :Il: 4. Evidence by word and action, Lord, lift up thy countenance That thy faith is not in vain,

On thy ransom’d congregation; That thy highest satisfaction

Grace to every choir dispense : Centres in the Lamb once slain. May we all, each in his station, 5. By love's closest bonds united, Daily in thy great salvation share : As the Lord's own family,

Hear our prayer. :||: Be to serve his name excited,

Be to him a fruitful tree. (758.) 661. 6. Grant, Lord, to thy congregation, YE, who freely offer praises,

What adorns her in thy sight; Glorify your Saviour's name: Let her walls be call’d Salvation, Do not his unbounded mercies

Be her glory, shield, and light. Justly your thanksgivings claim ? (756.) 660. T. 119. 2. Yes, with grateful hearts? sensaPRAISE the Lord :||:

tion Bounteously he deals with thee,

We his love and goodness trace, Highly favour'd church of Jesus :

That on earth a congregation Thee he chose thro' mercy free,

He has form’d to show his praise. To show forth his matchless praises, 3. O how kindly has he led us, And rich fruit, meet for the Mas- O'er us watch'd with faithful care,

To produce. :||: On the richest pastures fed us, 2. Gracious Lord, :11:

Sav'd from danger, freed from Blessed is our lot indeed,

fear. In thy ransom'd congregation: 4. Yet while we with joy adore Here we on thy merits feed,

him, And the well-springs of salvation, We indeed have cause to mourn, All the needy to revive and cheer, To confess our faults before him,

Stream forth here. :||: And to him as sinners turn.

T. 16.

ter's use,


T. 30.

5. O forgive each deviation; Desirės to drink of thee, the Rock, Lord, while we for mercy sue,

And thirst no more eternally. Let us joy in thy salvation;

5. Thy grace thou freely dost beAs of old our days renew.

stow, (760.)

T. 16. This is our only plea and claim:

We blush 'fore thee with conscious ON thy ransom'd congregation,


(know. Lord, lift up thy countenance ;

Our many faults and wants we Be our help, joy, and salvation ; Life and health to us dispense.

6. To thee, O Lord our righteousness,

(clean 2. In each heart O fix thy dwelling, Who by thy blood hast wash'd us There erect a monument

From every spot and stain of sin, Of thy love, all love excelling,

Wegive unfeigned thanks & praise. There fulfil thy bless'd intent.

S. Lintrup. 3. Take us under thy protection, Grant us to obey thy voice,


664. * Simply follow thy direction, LIFT up thy pierced hands, most

To thy will resign our choice. gracious Saviour, 4. Ofeach weight still more divested, O’er thy church, and pour out all Freed from every earthly view,

that favour, Be our purpose, unmolested

Which in thy loving Our high calling to pursue.

And kind heart for us is ever moving. 5. Thus may we, as thine anointed, 2. To thy care ourselves we now Walk 'fore thee in truth and grace;


(der, In the path thou hast appointed,

Of our lives to thee we make a tenTill we reach thy dwelling-place.

Protect and lead us, (us. (763.) 663.*

T. 26.
As our faithful Shepherd daily feed

J. Nitchmann.
O LORD, lift up thy countenance
Upon thy church, and own us thine; (767.)

665.* Impart to each thy peace divine, THE happy church of Christ And blessings unto all dispense. Stands to this very day ; 2. 'Tis our desire to follow thee, Those who are chosen daily find And from experience to proclaim to her an open way. Salvation in thy blessed name : 2. Lord Jesus, when we trace O bless thy servants' ministry. Thy gracious call and aim 3. Thy mercy is our only stay, With us thy flock, we render praise Direct us by thy holy Word, Unto thy holy name. Thy Spirit's light to us afford, 3. Thou open'st us a door, Preserve us, lest we go astray. Our little strength thou know'sts 4. O well of life, we pant for thee; Assist us, Lord, we thee implore, In copious streamsthy thirsting flock To call to thee the lost.

T. 582.

and prayer :

T. 151.

(770.) 666.*

T. 56.4. Now may the very God of peace

Us wholly sanctify, THOÚ, whose name is :ll: inexpres And grant us such a rich increase sible,


Of unction from on high, And whose counsels: 11:are unsearch

That spirit, soul, and body may, Thou, who from eternity

Preserved free from stain, Didst the time and place decree, Where securely : ll: thy dear flock Be blameless until thy great day,

Lord Jesus Christ : Amen. should dwell;

Z. Herberger and others. 2. Spread thy blessing :||: here and everywhere,

(773.) 668.*

T. 106 or 90. Far surpassing ://: all our thought LORD, may not one among us be

Who trifles with his call of grace, When we have performed all, None who believes not heartily And fulfill’d thy gracious call, In thee, the Lord our righteousness; After labour : //: we sweet rest shall But grant that, prompted by thy share.



We all to thee may faithful prove. (771.) 667.*

T. 590.
O THOU, whose mercies far exceed (774.)

669.* All we can think or say,

O JESUS Christ, most holy, As in thy people thou indeed

Head of the church, thy bride, Dost daily more display ; Let for our happiness, O God,

Each day in us more fully On us while here below,

Thy name be magnified: By virtue of thy death and blood,

O may in each believer Still thousand blessings flow.

Thy love its power display,

And none among us ever 2. Lord Jesus, let us be thine own, From thee, our Shepherd, stray.

And ever thine remain, (mend
We now ourselves to thee com-
With thy whole chosen train ; (776.) 670.

T. 586. Till thou shalt fully have obtain'd HIGH-PRIEST of thy church-dis

With us thy thoughts of peace, When we, in joys which never end, Lift up, we pray, thy pierced hand,

pensation, Shall see thee face to face.

And bless thy ransom’d congre3. Shelter our souls most graciously gation,

Within thy open'd side, In every place by sea or land; Move them from every harm away, Before thy Father's throne rememAnd in thy safeguard hide :

ber O let our names in life's blest rolls By name each individual member;

Inscrib'd be ever found, Thy face upon us shine, And in life’s bundle may our souls Grant us thy peace divine,

Be fast and firmly bound. For we are thine,




T. 121.(779.)

T. 221. IN Jesus' love and peace, O LORD, let thy countenance On earth's extended face,

friendly and gracious Dwell our congregations; Shine clearly on thy chosen race; Both here, and o'er the seas, To thee we commend ourselves

We raise our supplications, jointly, to bless us; That the God of grace:

Let every member feel thy peace: All of us may bless

Thy servants protect, O most graTill the end of days.

cious Lord,


And always direct by thy holy (778.)

T. 161. Yea, grant them with boldness thy JESUS, hear our supplication,

death to proclaim, (thy name.

And life and remission of sins thro' 'Tis thy pleasure

Oldendorp. Those to bless who to thee cleave; Grant us stronger demonstration

(780.) Of thy favour, Than our weak minds can con- LORD Jesus, by thy death, ceive;

Whereon we trust by faith, Help the feeble,-us enable,

Thy wounds, thy pierced side, In thy bless'd path of salvation,

Thy agonizing pain, Bold and joyful

Preserve the church, thy bride, To go thro' faith's each gradation. Till thou com’st again,

Z. Prince of life once slain. :ll:

672. *


T. 121.

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T. 141. Yea, what thou directest,
OWN thy congregation,

Be our only choice.
O thou slaughter'd Lamb; 3. Church, who art arrayed
We are here assembled

In the glorious dress
In thy holy name;

Of thy Lord and Saviour's Look upon thy people,

Spotless righteousness, Whom thou by thy blood

Be both now and ever Hast in love redeemed,

By his blood kept clean,
And brought nigh to God. And in all thy members
2. Thou hast kindly led us

Be his likeness seen.
For these many years ;
Ah, accept our praises
And our grateful tears :


341. Grant us all the favour

LORD, in thy name we meet To obey thy voice;

Before thy mercy-seat;

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