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FESTAL OCCASIONS. 2. We now return each to his tent,|(817.)


T. 159. Joyful and glad of heart, And from our solemn covenant

THE Sabbath is for man, that he

Therein may find repose, Thro' grace will ne'er depart:

And that the soul refresh'd may be Once more we pledge both heart

By Christ, the church's spouse: and hand,

Now doth his ransom’d, happy bride, As in God's presence here we stand,

Fruit of his anguish when he died, To live to him, and him alone,

Enjoy a true sabbatic rest, Till we surround his throne.

In his communion blest.

699. (815.)



J. Swertner.

T. 14.

Z. 696,* T. 166. (818.)

T. 205. LORD Jesus, for our call of grace, GRACIOUS Lord,—with one acTo praise thy name in fellowship We humbly meet before thy face, We're assembled in thy name; And in thy presence love-feast keep: Deign to hear-our fervent prayer, Shed in our hearts thy love abroad, Mercy is our only claim, Thy Spirit's unction now impart; While with tears and blushing face Grant we may all, O Lamb of God, We our sins to thee confess, In thee be truly one in heart.

And our hearts with thanks o'erflow

For the grace thou dost bestow. (816.) 697. SHEPHERD of souls, refresh and (819.) 700.

T. 590. Thy chosen pilgrim-flock, (bless JESUS, knit all our souls to thee, With manna in the wilderness,

Unite us all in one,
With water from the rock. And in our meetings every where

Be thou our aim alone :
2. Hungry and thirsty, faint and
Our souls the joys celestial seek, Till we with angels join above
Asthou when here below, (weak, Reign thou sole monarch of our

Without a rival reign; (hearts, That from thy sorrows flow.

To praise the Lamb once slain. 3. We would not live by bread alone,

But by that word of grace, 821.) Iņ strength of which we travel on

WE who here together are assemTo our abiding-place.

bled, 4. Be known to us in breaking bread Joining hearts and hands in one, But do not then depart;

Bind ourselves with love that's unSaviour, abide with us, and spread

dissembled, Thy table in our heart.

Christ to love and serve alone: 5. Then sup with us in love divine : O may our imperfect songs and Thy body and thy blood,


(Jesus: That living bread, that heavenly Be well-pleasing unto thee, Lord wine,

Say, “My peace I leave with you :" Be our immortal food.

Amen, Amen, be it so. C. R. v. Z.



T. 185.



T. 166. Thou teachest us the way to bliss : WELCOME among thy flock of Keep under thy protection

That church of which He ruler is; grace

We'll follow thy direction. z. With joyful acclamation, Thou, whom our Shepherd we


T. 159. confess : Come, feed thy congregation:

ALL hail! our church's Elder dear! We own the doctrine of thy cross

Jesus, her glorious Head,
To be our sole foundation;

To thy disciples now appear,
Accept from every one of us

As risen from the dead :
The deepest adoration. Let our rejoicing souls, in thee

The tokens of thy passion see, 2. Lord Jesus, to our hearts reveal And hear thy gentle voice anew Thy grace and love unceasing;

Say, “ Peace be unto you!" Thy hand, once pierced with the

Bestow on us a blessing, (nail, 2. Remembering what our fathers That hand which to thy family,

told With tender love's affection,

Thou didst in their young day, Ere thou ascendedst up on high,

This solemn jubilee we hold, Imparted benediction.

That we, as then did they,

Ourselves in covenant may bind, 3. O thou, the church's Head and with soul and strength, with heart Lord,

and mind,

(sea, Who as a shepherd leadest

Through life, in death, on land, o'er Thy flock, and richly with thy word

Meekly to follow thee.
And sacrament us feedest:
What shall we say ? lost in amaze,

3. Revive thy work amidst the years; Our hearts bow down before thee; on heathen soils to sow in tears,

Our brethren still employ,
For none sufficiently can praise,
Love, honour, or adore thee.

With hope to reap in joy; (few,

Though wide the fields, the laborers 4. Our heavenly Father, hear our If thou our failing faith renew, prayer:

The weakest of thy servants, we By virtue of Christ's suffering, In whom we all accepted are,

Can do all things, through thee.

J. Montgomery. Receive us as thine offering : To us the counsels of thy love, |(823)

Its depths, its heights unravel: JESUS, God of our salvation, And may we all through mercy Behold thy church with supplicaprove

tion The fruit of thy Son's travail.

Humbly appears before thy face; 5. O Spirit in the Godhead's throne, By thy powerful love constrained, Accept our adoration;

Since from thy death we life obThou ever didst attend the Son, tained,

(praise : And aid his ministration ; We give thee glory, thanks, and



T. 230.


O listen to our prayer,

Accept our promises : (sion To meet thee us prepare Thy death, thy wounds, and pasWith due reverence; (feel, Abide our hearts' confession, No tongue can tell-what joy we Till we shall see thee face to face. When thou, Lord, dost thyself re

C. R. v. Z. veal.



T. 185. 2. Thee to approach with awe we HEAD and Ruler of thy congreventure,

gation, Entreating thee our gates to enter; Which thou lov'st unspeakably, Our souls and bodies are thine own: And to whom thou oft a deep sen. Speak to every church division,

Giv'st of thy complacency ; (sation We'll hear thy voice with deep im- O regard our hearts within us glow. pression,


(o'erflowing, For we are bound to thee alone:

And the contrite tears our eyes To thee in each concern

While we blush with humble We'll always humbly turn;

shame, Want we insight

And adore thy holy name. Let us by thee-instructed be,

2. Jesus, great High-priest of our Then in thy light the light we see.

profession, 3. Thus our bliss will last for ever; Wein confidence draw near; (sion While we enjoy thy love and favour, Condescend in mercy the confesAnd safe beneath thy shadow rest, Of our grateful hearts to hear: We with joyful acclamation

Thee we gladly own in every nation Adore thee as thy congregation, Head and Master of thy congreThou art our Head and Lord con

gation, fess'd:

Conscious that in every place To thee, Ancient of Days, Thou dispensest life and grace. Be honour, power, and praise

3. Thy blest people, trusting in thy Now and ever:

merit, Lord, grant that we-eternally

On the earth's extended face, May put our trust alone in thee.

From each other far, but one in Countess Zinzendorf. (824.) 705.

spirit, 341.

Sound with one accord thy praise : To Christ we homage pay, May we never cease to make conWe covenant this day


(salvation; Him to serve with all our strength, That thy death's the cause of our

Him to love with all our heart, We to thee, our Head and King, Him to follow, till at length Joyful Hallelujahs sing. We obtain in heaven our part.

(827.) 708. (825) 706.*

THOU, who so graciously didst INCLINE thine ear in favour

lead To us, most gracious Saviour, Israel of old, from bondage freed,

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T. 97.

T. 79.

(in view. (830.)

And by thine own almighty hand Assure us of thy pardoning love : Didst guide them to the promis'do root out whate'er impedeth land,

(the day, Thy Spirit's work or discord breedA cloud thy brightness veiling in eth,

(move: By night thy pillar'd fire did mark Each stumbling-block from us retheir way;

Those who have gone astray 2. That mighty power thou then Cause to return, we pray, didst show,

Faithful Shepherd : Attends us still, where'er we go,

With thee our Guide, And we, tho' undeserving, share May we abide : Thy tender love, thy watchful care, Preserve us lest we turn aside. While we thy leadings faithfully

710. T. 68. pursue, And keep the cloud and pillar still LORD, thy church's Rock, 3. May we to thee, our Shepherd,

Who dost rule thy flock,

Elder of this congregation,

We with humble adoration
Thy Holy Spirit never grieve,
And love each other heartily ;

Thee, and thee alone,

Our chief Shepherd own. Thereby the scorning world will

J. Swertner. see,

(God, That we are children of the living (832.)

711.* A chosen people, bought with Jesus' blood.

W. Horne.

(RECEPTION LITURGI. A.) (829.) 709. T. 230. IN the name of Jesus Christ our

O THOU God of our salvation, The church's Head by us ador'd,
Behold thy blood-bought congre- The Brethren's congregation now

Into her fold receiveth you ;-
Assembled here before thy face;
Pondering on thy gracious dealing, 2 With us in Jesus to be one,
We would express our grateful To follow him, and him alone,

To enjoy his faithful shepherd-care And joyful Hallelujahs raise :

And his reproach and joy to share. But when we in thy light 3. O may our Lord, the God of grace, Discern, how we requite

Who gives you in his fold a place, Thee, O Jesus,

Own you his blood-bought property, We blush for shame,

And lead and bless you constantly. Ours is the blame,

4. With heart and hand you now But praise is due unto thy name.

we own;

(known, 2. Deeply conscious of transgres- The Lord, to whom your heart is sion,

Cause your whole walk ’mongst us To thee we turn, hear our con

to be fession,

His joy and your felicity,

T. 22.

5. The God of peace you sanctify, And by her gracious Lord and
With us to yield him praise and joy; Head
That spirit, soul, and body may Is gently govern’d, train'd, and led.
Be blameless till his perfect day.

3. Enjoy, then, with the church, Gregor.

Christ's spouse, (833.) 712.*

T. 22. The privileges of his house ;

And in our joy, and grief, and care, (RECEPTION LITURGY. B.)

With us take thy allotted share. THIS flock of Christ receiveth thee; 4. Ashis redeem'd from this world's While, conscious of her poverty,

thrall, Before her Saviour she appears

Let us make sure our blessed call; With fervent sighs and contrite tears. That, when the Bridegroom comes, 2. Yet doth her inmost soul rejoice, Because she hears the Shepherd's Be found wise virgins in that day. voice,


we may

see ;

XXIV. THE SERVANTS OF CHRIST. (834.) 713.* T. 166. For Jesus day and night employ'd,

His husbandry they toil to clear: HIGH on his everlasting throne,

The love of Christ their hearts The King of saints his work surveys,


(hands ; Marks the dear souls he calls his own, and strengthens their unwearied And smiles on his peculiar race:

They spend their blood, and sweat, He rests well pleased their toil to

and pains,

To cultivate Immanuel's lands. Beneath his easy yoke they move, With all their heart and strength 4. Alarm'd at their successful toil, agree

Satan and his wild spirits rage : In the sweet labour of his love. They labour to tear up, and spoil, 2. His eye the world at once looks And blast the rising heritage:

In A vast uncultivated field; (thro',

every wilderness they sow Mountains and valesin ghastly show The seed of death, the carnal mind; A barren, uncouth prospect yield: They would not let one virtue grow, Cleard of the thorns by civil care, Nor leave one seed of good behind. A few less hideous wastes are seen; 5. Yet still the servants of their Lord Yet still they all continue bare, Look up and calmly persevere; And not one spot of earth is green. Supported by the Master's word, 3. See, where the servants of their The adverse powers they scorn to A busy multitude, appear; (God,


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