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729. *

T. 97.


T. 166. (863.)
O MAY the witness-spirit rest, THOU Master of thy family,

Lord, on thy congregation, In humble faith we look to thee; May godly zeal inspire each breast Dispose our hearts, thy blessed

To publish thy salvation : With resignation to fulfil: (will We gladly promise faithfulness Call forth thy servants, grant them To do what we are able ;

needful grace,

(my peace." Sufficient is for us thy grace,

And say to each,“ I leave with thce Which doth support the feeble.

Z. (865.) (860.) 730.* T. 79. LET thy presence go with me, WITH gladness we will follow thee; Saviour, else I dare not move; We vow allegiance, bend the knee With thy aid and led by thee To thee, our Lord and Head : I will go, constrain'd by love; We'll venture freely every thing, Serve thy cause with all my might, At thy command, o Christ our Deeming every burden light; King;

And, if favour'd with success, By thee alone we will be led. To thee render all the praise.


T. 205.




T. 590.13. Lord, by thy Spirit us prepare THY mercy, Lord, to us dispense, To execute thy utmost aim,

To follow thy command,
Thy blessing on us pour;
Lift up thy gracious countenance

And in thy presence stand, Upon us evermore:

As servants willing to be us’d, O may we fully know thy mind,

Who in thy work delight, Thy saving word proclaim,

And offer freely praise and prayer That many heathen-tribes may find

As incense day and night. Salvation in thy name. 4. Hereto we cheerful say, Amen;

We have this truth avow'd, 2. In these our days exalt thy grace, That we in spirit, body, soul,

Thy precious gospel spread; Are bound to serve our God, That for the travail of thy soul Thou mayst behold thy seed:

Who touch'd, and drew, and wood

our hearts, O may thy knowledge fill the earth; Increase the number still

And conquer’d'us by love; Of those who in thy word believe,

To him we have engagéd ourselves: And do thy holy will,

O may we faithful prove.

Countess Zinzendorf.



T. 22. Behold thy seed extend from pole to pole :

(creature; IN our short warfare here below

Thy boundless mercy show to every May our experience daily show,

With old and young thy gracious That in our weakness, thro’ thy aid,

aim obtain ;

(plead in vain. Thy strength divine is perfected.

Thy prayers and tears can never 2. Without thy blessing how could Be servants pleasing unto thee? (we

2. Thy glorious gospel spread thro' every nation;

(name But we can by experience sing, Thy word hath power, and fruit doth

Give us an open door, thy saving

In the most ant regions to probring.

claim, 3. Ah, could we preach in every With power, and with the Spirit's place,

(grace, demonstration ; Our Saviour's boundless love and And grant us joyfully in every land That thousands who are yet enslav'd To see thy pleasure prosper in our Might in these gospel-times be sav’d. hand. 4. There's but a small beginning made,



T. 97. The earth is still o'ercast with shade: THE Lord himself gave forth the Break forth, thou Sun of righteous

word :

(Lord : ness,

(bless. We preach most gladly Christ the With healing beams the nations May thousands, Lord, thy voice 5.Whene'er we to mankind proclaim and turn to thee without delay ;

obey, Thy dying love and precious name, To those who hear us grant an open Support thy servants' weakness, Lord,

(thou appear. By thy blest Spirit, grace, and word. And when we point thee out, do 6. Lord of the harvest, labourers send 2: 'Tis the desire of all our hearts, Who willing are their lives to spend, The love of God to all mankind

That in the earth's remotest parts In scorching heat and chilling cold, Be preach'd to heathen base and To bring the heathen to thy fold. 7. When all our labour here is o'er, For Jesus saves from sin all who

(believe, And when our light shall burn no And pardon offer'd thro' his blood more,

receive. When our endeavours have an end, Then let our souls to thee ascend.' 3. Thanks, adoration, glory, praise,

M. Stach. To Christ we render for his grace;

With every breath may we proclaim T. 114. His goodness and extol his name :

O Lord thy knowledge spread both THOU Saviour of the world, great

far and near,

(share. Mediator,

(soul May all in thy redemption have a


blind ;



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O mayst thou for the travail of thy


T. 221.


T. 97.1(878.)

739. AS 'twas of old, we now may trace, THE springs of salvation from In these most blessed times of grace, Christ the rock bursting, How the reviving gospel-sound And flowing through the wilderness, Of blood-bought grace is spreading Refresh and enliven his heritage round :

(increase, thirsting; We see with joy the work of God Abundant are the showers of grace: And thousands who thro' Jesus find As rain overstreaming the parched release.

ground, 2. We see in hearts as cold as ice With plenty now teeming, spreads The Sun of righteousness arise,

verdure round, And that his all-enlivening rays

The promised blessing its influence Of Satan's slaves make sons of grace,

diffuses, Who are increasing daily more and And fruit, to the husbandman gratemore,

(us adore. ful, produces. And who the slaughter'd Lamb with 2. "I'll bless thee and thou shalt 3. Great is the harvest, truly great ;

be set for a blessing,' The Gentiles for thy advent wait; Thus saith the Lord, “to all around:' Saviour, thy word of promise keep, O may we in grace and in number And send thy servants forth to reap;


abound: Yea, hosts of faithful witnesses In faith which works by love, prepare,

(declare. Upon thy grace founded immoveWho from experience may thy truth


(thee; I. Swertner. And rooted and grounded in love to

Thus shall we in doctrine, in word (875.)

T. 22. and behaviour, (savour.

To others of life unto life prove a LORD, at thy feet amaz'd we sink, When on thy wondrous grace we think,


T. 205, Which now so strikingly appears, WOULD the world our passport The glory of this vale of tears.

see, 2. The gospel in these blessed days, By which we free entrance gain, Throughout the earth its beams Or ask our authority, displays;

We reply, “The Lamb was slain:” Nations that never heard of thee, This is every where our boast; Thy great salvation shout to see. He that higher soars is lost : 3. That mystery, from ages seald, Christ, to thee eternal praise.

For that powerful word we raise, God by his Spirit hath reveal'd, That heavenly thrones and powers 2. Every where with shoutings loud, might know

Shouts that shake the gates of hell, God's wisdom by the church below. Thy anointed witness-cloud

Molther. Of thy great redemption tell:


740. *

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SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL. Are our door-posts, Lamb of God, To many a heathen nation, Sprinkled with atoning blood, And spread his gospel every where. By its virtue we shall be From the dread destroyer free.

|(887.) 744.* T. 205. z.

WARRIOR, on thy station stand, (882.)

T. 221.

Faithful to thy Saviour's call, WITH fire and with spirit endow'd With the shield of faith in hand, every moment,

Fearless, let what may befall : Ye ministers of Christ confess'd, Nothing fill thee with dismay, Go forth and proclaim ye the word Hunger, toil, or length of way:

of atonement, (press's In the strength of Jesus boast; Both far and near; and when op- Never, never quit thy post. By hardships and trials, be bold in God, (and blood : (888.) 745.*

T. 185. And gladly for him spend your life WHAT affords the Christian war'Midst tempests and billows, and rior vigour,

thro’ deserts go, (then to sow. Who climbs rocks, or sinks in The seed of the gospel ’mongst hea sands,

1. Arbo. Braving now of northern storms (884.) 742.* T. 582.

the rigour, AMBASSADORS of Chr

Fainting then in southern lands? Know ye the way you go?

Here no care avails, no circumspecIt is a path not strew'd with flowers, But depending on his Lord's pro

tion, But yielding thorns and woe: All who Christ crucified

tection, Their only Saviour own, (base, He moves on serene and glad.

In his heavenly armour clad, Meet often with such treatment

As to their Lord was shown. (889.) 746. 8. But see, the fields are white; Go therefore, labourers, go,

HOW are thy servants blest, O

How sure is their defence! (Lord ! The Lord leads on to victory,

Eternal wisdom is their guide,
His power and grace you know : Their shield Omnipotence.
Christ, who was crucified,
Of all is sovereign Lord,

2. In foreign realms, and lands re

Supported by thy care, (mote, He is the captain of the host, We conquer through his word. Through burning climes they pass

unhurt, (886.) 743.* T. 79. And breathe in tainted air.

3. Thy mercy sweetens every soil, GO, witness of the suffering

Makes every region please, (claim Of Christ, who as our offering

Where on the mountains they proThy reign, 0 Prince of peace.

T. 14.

Our guilt and curse did bear;
Proclaim his great salvation

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T. 22.

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4. The love of Christ constraining There will be with exultation them,

But one flock and Shepherd known. They plant sweet Sharon's rose 2. Amen, Jesus' words are true, Successfully on icy plains

Surely he his gracious promise
And in eternal snows.

Will accomplish;
5. In midst of dangers, fears, and Ye his servants, ready stand
Thy goodness they adore ; (deaths In each land,
And praise thee for thy mercies Yea, in the most distant places,
And humbly hope for more. (past, Till he comes, to sound his praises,

And make known his saving name.

T. 582. FATHER of boundless grace !

749. Thou hast in part fulfill'd

OH, why should Israel's sons, once Thy promise made to Adam's race,

blest, In God incarnate seal'd:


the scorning world A few from every land

around, At first to Salem came,

Disown'd of heaven, by man
And saw the wonders of thy hand,
And saw the tongues of flame. Outcasts from Zion's hallow'd

oppress'd, 2. Yet still we wait the end,

ground? The coming of our Lord;

2. O God of Israel, view their race! The full accomplishment attend

Back to thy fold the wanderers Of thy prophetic word:

bring :

(grace; Thy promise deeper lies, În unexhausted grace;

Teach them to seek thy slighted

To hail in Christ their promis'd And new discover'd worlds arise

King. To sing their Saviour's praise, 3. Belov'd for Jesus' sake,

3. The vail of darkness rendin twain

Which hides their Shiloh's glorious
By him redeem'd of old,
nations must come in, and make "The sever'd olive-branch again •

One undivided fold:
While gather'd in by thée,

Back to its parent stock unite. And perfected in one,

4. While Judah views his birthright They all at once thy glory see, gone,

(move, In thine eternal Son.

C. Wesley

With contrite shame his bosom

The Saviour he denied-to own, (891.) 748.*

T. 155. The Lord he crucified-to love.
O WHAT praise in highest strain, 5. Haste, glorious day, expected
By the ransom'd host in heaven long,

(shall raise, Will be given

When Jew and Greek one prayer To him who brought us to God With eager feet one temple throng, By his blood,

One God with grateful rapture When of every tongue and nation praise. Bickersteth's Collection.

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