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750. T. 151. Thy chosen servants call; OH that the Lord's salvation

Reveal thy grace to heathen hearts, Were out of Zion come;

Thy grace extend to all. M. Taylor. To heal his ancient nation,

753, T. 22. To lead his outcasts home!

JESUS shall reign where'er the sun How long, the holy city

Doth his successive journeys run; Shall heathen feet profane?

His kingdom stretch from shore to Return, O Lord, in pity ;


(more. Rebuild her walls again. Till moons shall wax and wane no 2. Let fall thy rod of terror ;

2. For him shall endless prayer be Thy saving grace impart : Roll back the vail of error,


(head; Release the fetter'd heart:

And praises throng to crown his Let Israel, home returning,

His name like sweet perfume shall Her lost Messiah see ;

With every morning sacrifice. (rise Give oil of joy for mourning,

3. People and realms of every tongue And bind thy church to thee.

Dwell on his love with sweetest song;

Lyte. And infant voices shall proclaim 751. T. 22. Their early blessings on his name. WHEN shallthine hour, dear Jesus 4. Blessings abound where'er he come,


reigns, That Israel's sons shall be brought The prisoner leaps to lose bis chains, When shall thegin thy name confide, The weary find cternal rest, Whom once their fathers crucified? And all the sons of want are blest. 2. When shall that hour of grace

5. Let every creature rise and bring appear,


Peculiar honours to our King ; That rends their vail as Christ draws Angels descend with songs again, When shall they feel what Thomas And earth repeat the loud Amen. felt,

(knelt? When 'fore his wounded side he

754. T. 151. 3. Then, Father, all thy family HAIL to the Lord's Anointed! Shall in thy house assembled be, Great David's greater Son! And bless the Lamb who once was Hail, in the time appointed, slain ;

(Amen. His reign on earth begun! Come soon, Lord Jesus, come : He comes to break oppression,

z. To set the captive free ; (892.) 752. T. 590. To take away transgression, LORD, to thy people aid dispense,

And rule in équity. Their shield and portion be,

2. He shall come down like showers And let their lives the world Upon the fruitful earth : That they belong to thee :(convince And joy and hope, like flowers, To bear thy třuth to distant parts, · Spring in his path to birth:


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Before him, on the mountains, From many an ancient river,
Shall peace,

the herald, go: From many a palmy plain,
And righteousness, in fountains, They call us to deliver
From hill to valley flow.

Their land from error's chain. 3. Arabia's desert-ranger

2. Shall we, whose souls are lighted To him shall bow the knee; With wisdom from on high, The Ethiopian stranger

Shall we to men benighted, His glory come to see :

The lamp of light deny ? With offerings of devotion Salvation ! O salvation !

Ships from the isles shall meet, The joyful sound proclaim, To pour

the wealth of ocean Till earth's remotest nation In tribute at his feet.

Has learn'. Messiah's name. 4. Kings shall fall down before him, 3. Waft, waft, ye winds, his story,

And gold and incense bring; And you, ye waters, roll, All nations shall adore him, Till like a sea of glory,

His praise all people sing: It spreads from pole to pole; For he shall have dominion Till o'er our ransom'd nature

O’er river, sea, and shore, The Lamb for sinners slain, Far as the eagle's pinion, Redeemer, King, Creator,

Or dove's light wing can soar. In bliss returns to reign. 5. For him shall prayer unceasing

Bishop Heber.
And daily vows ascend;
His kingdom still increasing,

(893.) 756.

T. 22. A kingdom without end : BEFORE Jehovah's awful throne, The mountain-dew shall nourish Ye nations bow with sacred joy ;

A seed in weakness sown, (ish, Know that the Lord is God alone: Whose fruit shall spread and flour- He can create and he destroy. And shake like Lebanon.

2. His sovereign power, without our 6. O'er every foe victorious,

(men; He on his throne shall rest; Made us of clay, and form'd us From age to age more glorious, And when like wandering sheep All blessing and all blest :

we stray'd, The tide of time shall never He brought us to his fold again. His covenant remove :

3. Enter his gates with thankful His name shall stand for ever,

songs, His great, best name of love. And in his courts your voices raise :

J. Montgomery. Let earth, with her ten thousand 755. T. 151.


(praise. FROM Greenland's icy mountains, Sound forth, almighty Lord, thy

From India's coral strand, 4. Wide as the world is thy comWhere Afric's sunny fountains mand,

Roll down their golden sand; Vast as eternity thy love,

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Firin as a rock thy truth shall (901.) 758. T. 22, stand,

(move. FROM all that dwell below the When rolling years shall cease to


Let the Creator's praise arise ; (900.)

T. 90. Let the Redeemer's name be sung CHRIST JESUS is that precious Through every land, by every grain,


tongue. Which fell into the ground and 2. Eternal are thy mercies, Lord; Now since he for our sins was slain, Eternal truth attends thy wor

He doth no more alone abide, Thy praise shall sound from shore But for the travail of his soul

to shore, His seed appears from pole to pole. Till suns shall rise and set no more.



759 T.590. Thou saidst,“ Preach pardon to the HEAVEN'S kingdom none shall

Baptize them in the name (lost, But as a little child; (enter in

Of Father, Son, and Holy Ghost;" Therefore the children are by Christ

We now will do the same. Heirs of his kingdom styl’d: 2. Be present with us, Lord our Is heaven theirs, none shall forbid Tho' water fails from sin (God;

A child to come to him: To cleanse, yet thy aloning blood Who shall forbid the water-flood Can wash this infant clean : A babe to overstream ?

Accept this child we now baptize 2. O Father, Son and Holy Ghost, His soul be precious in thine eyes,

And here present to thee;
Be present with us here;
We trust in Jesus' saving name,

Now and eternally.
To us his words are dear;
We now baptize a little child



T. 22. Into the Saviour's death; BURIED in baptism with our Lord, 'Tis his command, and we perform We rise with him, to life restor’d; This solemn act in faith. Not the bare life in Adam lost,

Schlicht. But richer far, for more it cost. (905.)

2. Christ by his blood aton'd for sin; 760.


This precious blood can wash us LORD Jesus, from thy pierced side clean,

Both blood and water stream'd, And he arrays us in the dress A cleansing laver to provide Of his unspotted righteousness. For man, from sin redeem'd:




J. Ilart.

T. 39.

T. 14.

(907.). 762. T. 582. 4. Thy faithful servant may he

Girded with truth divine ; (prove, OUR baptism first declares That we must cleansed be,

A sharer in thy dying love, T'hen shows that Christ to all God's

A follower of thine. Dispenses purity. (heirs 5. Lord, plant us all into thy death; 2. Water the body laves;

That we thy life may prove ; And, if 'tis done by faith, Partakers of thy cross beneath, The blood of Jesus surely saves And of thy crown above. Beck. The sinful soul from death.

(909.) 765. 3. Baptiz’d into his death, We rise to life divine;

THOU who in the days of thy flesh The Holy Spirit works the faith,

didst receive (ing didst give, And water is the sign. The children, and to them thy bless

Most gracious Redeemer, thy favour (908.) 763.

bestow (bless him now. FATHER of Jesus Christ our Lord, On him we present thee; we pray,

(In him our Father too,) 2. Receive him O Christ, as a lamb O bless, we pray with one accord,

thou hadst lost, The work we have to do.

And think what a price his redemp2. Jesus, as water well applied

tion hath cost; Will make the body clean ; Thy name on his forehead, thy seal So in the fountain of thy side

on his breast, (impress’d. Wash thou this soul from sin. Be by thee, our Shepherd & Bishop 3. O Holy Ghost, with power apply 3. Vouchsafe to be present, thou

The Saviour's cleansing blood; Father ador'd; (ciful Lord; Own thou this babe, and testify, And thou our Redeemer and merThis is a child of God. J. Hart. O Holy Ghost, come with thy unc

tion and fire,

(inspire. T. 14. And all with thy love and salvation JESUS, we lift our souls to thee,

J. Cennick. Thy powerful Spirit breathe ;

(911.) 766. And let this little infant be

Baptiz’d into thy death. O BLEST Redeemer, in thy sido 2. O let thine unction on him rest; Upon the cross was made a wound,

Thy grace his soul renew; The fount, in which we're purified, And write within his tender breast, Wherein our sin and guilt are Thy name and nature too.

drown'd. 3. If thou shouldst quickly end his 2. Water and blood in streams ran days,

thence, His place with thee prepare ; And on the earth were freely spilt ; Or, if thou lengthen out his race, Water, to sanctify and cleanse ;

Continue still thy care. Blood, to atone for heinous guilt.


T. 22.

3. This wondrous grace to place in 2. Rejoice, ye contrite hearts ; view,

The blood which Jesus spilt, Baptismal waters were design'd, While we with water you baptize, In which thou, Lord, wast buried Will wash away your guilt. too,

3. While with repenting tears To thy great Father's will resign’d. Your sins you now deplore, 4. Thus penitents who die to sin, Christ with his blood will blot them With thee are buried in thy grave;

Remember them no more. (out, Thus quicken’d to a life divine, 4. Ye who in Christ believe, Their souls a resurrection have.

And to his sceptre bow, 5. And tho’their bodies turn to dust, Sing your Redeemer's love, and tell This holy symbol doth assure, What he hath done for you. The resurrection of the just Shall render them all bright and

5. Unspotted robes you wear,

Your sighs to songs are turn'd; pure.

Garments of praise adorn you now,

Who late in ashes mourn'd. (912.) 767.

T. 582.

6. Ye with your Lord are ris'n ; COME, lowly souls, that mourn, Aspire to things above : Depress'd with grief and shame, Mansions for you he now prepares, Wash in your Savour's cleansing In realms of light and love.

And call upon his name. (blood,



XXXVII. THE HOLY COMMUNION. (913.) 768.* T. 107.(At each returning celebration, LORD Jesus, who before thy pas

We show thy death for our salva

tion. sion, Distress'd and sorrowful to death, 3. Assurance of our pardon sealed To us the fruits of thy oblation Is in this sacrament renew'd; In thy last supper didst bequeath ; The soul with peace and joy is Accept our praise, thou bounteous filled, Giver

With thy atoning blood bedew'd ; Of life to every true believer. That stream from all defilement 2. As oft as we enjoy

this blessing, and life abundantly dispenses. Each sacred token doth declare Thy dying love, all thoughts sur- 4. That bond of love, that mystic

passing; And while we thee in memory By which to thee, our Head, we're

union, bear


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