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T. 83.


2. Trusting his mild staff always, He makes my cup run o'er, I go in and out in peace;

Anointeth me with oil; He will feed me with the treasure I shall enjoy for evermore Of his grace in richest measure ; The merits of his toil. When athirst to him I cry, 3. When faith and hope shall cease, Living water he'll supply.

And love prevail alone, 3. Should not I for gladness leap, I then shall see him face to face, Led by Jesus as his sheep;

And know as I am known:
For when these blest days are over Then I my Shepherd's care
To the arms of my dear Saviour Shall praise and him adore,
I shall be convey'd to rest: And in his Father's house shall share
Amen, yea, my lot is blest.

True bliss for evermore.
Louisa v. Hayn.

Beaumont. (962.) 809.*

(965.) 811.* T. 11. MORE than shepherd's faithful

COULD we sinners fully tell, To his flock our Saviour showeth ; How our hearts with rapture swell, From the treasures of his grace

Gladly then we would declare He the choicest gifts bestoweth:

Ev'n to angels what we share. As his sheep by him we're own'd, 2. But since words the happiness Since his blood for us aton'd. Which we feel can ne'er express, 2. They who feel their want and We adoring 'fore him lie, need,

And what he bestows enjoy. Thirsting for his great salvation, 3. Angels sing before his throne, On the richest pastures feed, While we at his feet sink down: With true joy and delectation; Gracious Jesus, Man and God, Till they shall, when perfected, What hast thou on us bestow'd. With celestial joys be fed.

S. Meyer. Gregor. (963.) 810. T. 582 or 595. (967.) 812.* MY Shepherd is the Lamb,

JESUS, who to save hast power, The living Lord, who died;

And who livest evermore
With all that's truly good I am

For thy flock to intercede,
Most plenteously supplied:

Helping us in time of need;
He richly feeds my soul

12. Thou, who a divine repast With manna from above, For the poor prepared hast, And leads me where the rivers roll Giving thy own flesh and blood Of everlasting love.

As the needy sinner's food;2. My table he doth spread 3. Let thy power divine, we pray,

With choicest fare, and I Be our strength and only stay, Behold the Lamb, the living bread, Till we drop this mortal vest,

And eat most joyfully : And the spirit goes to rest.

T. 11.

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A. Schindler.

(968.) 813.* T. 22., 2. May we so captivated be, LORD! what amazing love and

By thy redeeming love,

As to be wean’d from earthly things, grace, How doth it our poor souls abase,

And fix our thoughts above; To eat thy flesh and drink thy blood, May all that's carnal be subdu’d, To feed on more than angels' food.

And mortified in us,

That we may glory in thy name, 2. Thy sacred body thou didst give

And count all else but loss. For us, that we thereby might live; No pledge of love could be so great: Never may we thy love forget. (972.) 816.* T. 96 or 90. 3. Thy precious blood, for sinners SINCE Jesus' body I have ate, spilt,

(guilt; And drank the blood he shed for Cleanses our hearts, removes our

me, The debt is paid which we incurr'd, O may I never him forget : And we're to happiness restor’d. I know he will remember me; 4. Thy Holy Spirit with us leave, And I shall, when this life is o'er, So that we rightly may conceive, Live in his presence evermore. What thou for all believers hast

Pfefferkorp. Prepared in this bless'd repast. M. Luther. (973.) 817.*

T. 83. (970.) 814.* T. 185. CHRIST, how are thy people

bless'd PRAISE be given to Christ, our With thee as their Head united : soul's beloved,

Tho' of thee by faith possess'], By us sinners; what are we?

Still we, by they love excited, Feeble human creatures, far removed Tears of ardent longing shed, From angelic purity : (bids us, Till our bliss is perfected. Yet when he to his rich banquet Where he with his sacred body feeds (974.) 818. T. 595.

us, And we drink his blood once shed,

COME, O my soul, and sing
We are richly comforted.

How Jesus thee hath fed ;
Louisa v. Hayn.

How Jesus gave himself to thee,

The true and living Bread. (971.)

T. 590. 2. For food he gives his flesh; THOU, who art present with thy He bids us drink his blood :

According to thy word, (church, Amazing favour, matchless grace When to enjoy thy flesh and blood Of our incarnate God! We meet with one accord ;

3. This holy bread and wine O grant us to show forth thy death

Confirms us in the faith, Until thou shalt appear ; In love and union with our Lord, And may it in our walk be seen, And we show forth his death. That we thy followers are.





T. 26.


T. 14. 4. Wejoin together heart and hand,

Towalk towards the promised land; NO words can ever fully tell

For his appearance may with care What blessings Christ bestows

Each member day and night preOn us, when we on Calvary dwell,

pare. And weep beneath his cross. 2. He who unto his flesh and blood 5. Till we the Lord our righteous

Can ne'er himself deny, Saith unto us,“ Take courage good, The bond of peace may we main

Shall see in glory face to face, Your brother, lo, am I.”


(main. 3. His loving heart we open see, And one with him, our Lord, reReplete with tenderness;

L. v. Hayn. He as his blood-bought property Doth even us confess.


821.* 4. We are forgiv'n and reconcil'd, THOU Lamb once slain, thy flesh

Our happiness renew'd, (fill'd and blood, Our hearts with deep abasement Which thou didst sacrifice for us

And with his blood bedew'd. Upon the altar of the cross, 5. From all anxiety and dread,

Are to our souls celestial food. Which else our souls oppress’d, This makes us all with one accord Thanks be to him, we now are freed, To love each other fervently ;

For he hath given us rest. Yea, to be wholly one with thee, (487.) 820.*

And all that love thee, gracious

Gregor. THE enjoyment of Christ's flesh and blood,


822.* Which is on earth our highest HAPPY, thrice happy hour of His members closely should unite, And them to mutual love excite.

I've seen by faith my Saviour's 2. Love he most strongly did enforce, Just ere he finished his course;

He did himself to me impart, For love most fervently he pray’d, And made a covenant with my The night in which he was betray'd. heart. 3. O that we all could quite fulfil 2. Ah, mightin my behaviour shine Our Saviour's testament and will; The power of Jesus' love divine, To love each other we desire; His conflict and his victory, Come, sacred Love, our hearts in- His seeking and his finding me.

T. 22.

T. 22.


face ;



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| Lord Jesus, make my heart in(979.) 823.

T. 22.
To love and to obey.

(clin'd THOUGH but a little child I am,

5. I'm often stubborn, vain, and Yet I may praise the slaughter'd

wild, Lamb:

Self-will'd and hard in heart; He loveth children tenderly,

O Lord, to me thy chaste, thy mild, He also loveth sinful me.

Thy holy mind impart.'

J. Swertner.
2. Yes, gracious Saviour, I believe
Thou wilt a little child receive; (981.) 825. T. 14.
For thou didst bless them formerly, O WHAT a wretched heart have I,
And say,‘Let children come to me.

How full of sin and shame,
3. Lord Jesus, unto me impart How obstinate continually,
An humble, meek, and docile heart;

How day by day to blame ! O cleanse me in thy precious blood,

2. Lord, look on me 'midst all my Shed in my heart thy love abroad.

faults; 4. Save me from liking what is ill, And when thou seest my guilt, Teach me to do thy holy will;

My wicked words and foolish Each day prepare me thro' thy

thoughts, grace,

Think why thy blood was spilt. To meet thee, and behold thy face.

J. Cennick.

3. In that most precious river cleanse

And wash my sins away, (980.) 824. T. 14. My selfishness, and each offence THOUGH Christ was God and all Which I have done to-day. things made,

4. When thou, dear Jesus, wast a Himself he humbled thus;

child, That he, a servant in our stead, Thou hadst no sin like me; Might minister to us.

No wicked words thy lips defild, 2. Our Saviour was a lovely child, No faults appear') in thee.

His parents' chief delight, 5. Thou wast more spotless than a
In his behaviour meek and mild, dove,
And always acted right.

More harmless than a lamb, 3. A blessed pattern Christour Lord Obedient, humble, full of love, Himself to children gave,

And never once to blame.
That they to him might joy afford, 6. But I am proud, and headstrong
And never misbehave.

Oft sadly misbehave;

(too, 4. A child true happiness may find, I am not meek like thee, and low; And humbly ought to pray:

Me, Lord, in mercy save,






T. 14.



7. O might I but resemble thee, 3. What sorrows may my steps

That every one might know I cannot now foretell; (attend, I love the Saviour, and will be But if the Lord will be my friend, His follower here below.

I know that all is well.
8. Imprint thine image on my heart, 4. And, Lord, whatever grief or ill
Bestow thy Holy Ghost,

For me may be in store,
And an obedient mind impart; Make me submissive to thy will,
Then I shall not be lost.

And I would ask no more.

J. Cennick. 5. Attend me through my youthful (982.) 826.

T. 14.
Whatever be my lot;


And when I'm feeble, old, and O LORD, forgive a sinful child,

O Lord, forsake me not. (grey,
Whose heart is all unclean ;

Jane Taylor.
How bad am I, and how defild,
How prone to every sin.

2. O change my vile and stubborn YOUNG children once to Jesus

His blessing to entreat: (came,
Like thee O make me pure ; And I may humbly do the same
To me thy love divine impart, Before his mercy-seat.
Keep me from sin secure.

2. For when their feeble hands were
3. Self-will, that cruel enemy, spread,
No more I would obey ;

And bent each infant knee, Thy Spirit shall my teacher be,

“Forbid them not,” the Saviour And guide me in thy way. And so he says to me.

(said, 4. O may I never speak a word But what I truly mean,

3. Though now he is not here below, Nor lie to thee, most gracious Lord, To him may little children go,

But on his heavenly hill,
By whom each thought is seen.

And seek a blessing still. 5. I'll make thy wondrous, dying

Dear Lord, my daily song; (love, 4. Well-pleas'd those little ones to
Andjoys, like theirs who sing above,

The dear Redeemer smil'd; (see,
Shall tune my infant tongue.

Oh, then, he will not frown on me,

A poor unworthy child. 827.

5. If babes so many years ago NOW that my journey's just His tender pity drew,

My course so little trod, (begun, He will not surely let me go I'll stay, before I further run, Without a blessing too. And give myself to God.

6. Then, while his favour to implore, 2. And, lest I should be ever led

My little hands are spread,
Through sinful paths astray, Do thou thy sacred blessing pour,
I would begin at once to tread

Dear Jesus, on my head.
In wisdom's pleasant way.

Jane Taylor.

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T. 14.

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