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THE SICK 5. Then follow'd by a numerous|4. Nor joy nor grief, nor time nor train,

place, Gather'd from heathen lands,

Nor life nor death can part A crown of life may he obtain

Those who, enjoying Jesus' grace, From his Redeemer's hands.

In him are one in heart.

5. Soon will he wipe off every tear, T. 22.

On Canaan's blissful shore,
THIS ship we now commend to

Where all who friends in Jesus are,
Shall meet to part no more.

Countess Huntingdon's H.


T. 166.

course :

Thou God of providence and grace;
Here may thy presence ever dwell; F. FOR THE SICK.
To sanctify and bless the place.


924. 2. Lord, speed the vessel in its WHEN pining sickness wastes the

frame, Let winds and waves propitious be; Acute disease or weakening pain Let thy divine protection shield

When life fast spends its feeble All whom we now commend to thee.


(vain; 3. Hallow'd to thee be every heart: And all the help of man proves Instructed in thy righteous will, Joyless and flat all things appear, Where'er they go, whate'er they do, Languid the spirits, weak the flesh, In all, thy great design fulfil. No medicines ease, nor cordials 4. O God of Bethel! hear our cheer,

(fresh ;prayer,

Food can't support, nor sleep re-
And keep thy servants to the end ; 2. Then, then to have recourse to
Then let us meet around thy throne, God,
A blest eternity to spend.


to him in time of need,

And feel the balm of Jesus' blood; (1113.) 923. T. 14. This is to find a friend indeed : BLEST be that sacred covenant- And this, 0 Christian, is thy lot,

Uniting tho' we part; (love, Who cleavest to the Lord by faith; Our bodies may far off remove,

He'll never leave thee, doubt it not, We still are one in heart. In pain, in sickness, or in death. 2. Join'd in one spirit to our Head, 3. When flesh decays, when vigour Where he appoints we go,

fails, And while we in his footsteps tread, He will thy strength and portion bes Show forth his praise below.

Support thy weakness, bear thy ails, 3. O may we ever walk with him, Himself will be thy helping friend,

And softly whisper, Trust in me: And nothing know beside,

Thy good physician, nay, thy nurse, Nought else desire, nought else To make thy bed will condescend, esteem,

And from affliction take the curse. But Jesus crucified.

J. Hart.

T. 22.

T. 22.

(1115.) 925. T. 22. 3. With pining sickness I decay,

Diseases wear my flesh away ;
THO' I'm in body full of pain,
My soul doth heavenly comfort gain; To be releas'd from all my pain.

But I shall soon his leave obtain
And death itself I need not dread,
Since Jesus suffer'd in my stead.' 4. Quickly, O Lord, thy angels

charge 2. Yet one thing will I ask of thee : To set my longing soul at large; Never, O Lord, forsake thou me;, Quickly thy blessed hosts command But bless me often, keep my mind To carry me to thy right hand. Stay'd on thy help, to thee resign’d:

5. My loving friends, farewell, fare8. T'hen I shall be supremely bless'd,

Nor ask, tho' sick, to be releas’d; I go with Jesus Christ to dwell;
I'll wait thy time, thy love I feel, He calls me to my heavenly home,
I know thou rulest all things well. And says, “Come in, thou blessed,

J. Cennick.

J. Cennick. (1116.) 926, MY body's weak, my heart unclean,


I pine with sickness and with sin ;
My strength decays, my spirits (1118.) 928.*

Bow'd down with guilt I can't look To God let all the human race

Bring adoration, thanks, and praise; 2. To thee, O Lord, in faith I turn, He makes his love and wisdom Who all my sicknesses hast borne;

known Sin thou hadst none, and yet didst By angels who surround his throne. For guilty sinners, such as I. (die

2. The angels whom his breath in3. Sin's rankling sores my soul

spires, corrode,

(blood ; His ministers, are flaming fires ; Oh, heal them with thy precious With joy they in his service move, And if thou wilt my health restore, To bear his vengeance or his love. Lord, let me ne'er offend thee more.

J. Hart. 3. With gladness they obey his will,

And all his purposes fulfil ; (1117.)

T. 22. All those who Jesus' children are, OH, how I long to go and see (me! Are special objects of their care. The Lamb of God, who died for 4. Our God defends us day by day, How do I languish night and day, From many dangers in our way, To hear him bid me come away! By angels, who for ever keep 2. He loves and values me, I him;

A watchful eye, when we're asleep. Therefore I all things dross esteem 5. O Lord, we'll bless thee all our But my dear Jesus, whom I prize days, Above my life, or earth, or skies. Our souls shall glory in thị grace ;



J. Newton.

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Thy praise shall dwell upon our 7. O glorious hour, it comes with tongues,


(freed, All saints and angels join our songs. When we, from sin and darkness 6. We pray thee, let the heavenly Shall see our God who died for man, host

And praise him more than angels
Be guardians of our land and coast;
Bid them watch o'er thy flock of


930.* T. 249. grace, That we may lead a life of peace. THE seraphim of God

P. Melanchton. Exalt :||: their voices loud;

With joy 'fore him they shout: (1119.) 929.

T. 22. Their holy choirs in heavenly blaze NOW let us join our hearts and Sing constantly with cover'd face, tongues,

Holy, holy is God, And emulate the angels' songs ;

Holy is God, For sinners may address their King The Lord of Sabaoth. In songs that angels cannot sing. 2. Thereto the church of Christ, 2. They praise the Lamb who once His flesh :||: and bone confess’d, was slain,

Sings, Amen, God be prais'd:
But we can add a higher strain ;

Above and here one voice doth
Not only say, He suffer'd thus: sound,
But, that He suffer'd all for us.

Praise him who hath for us aton'd: 3. When angels by transgression To the Lamb slain,

To God in highest strain,
Justice consign’d them all to hell; All glory be: Amen.
But mercy form’d a wondrous plan 3. When Christ, once crucified,
To save and honour fallen man. Returns : /l: with his pierc'd side
4. Jesus, who pass'd the angels by, And alĩ the world shall quake with

In glory, to his bride, (fear,
Assum'd our flesh to bleed and die ;
He who redeem'd us with his blood,

Then will with joy 'fore him appear

The countless ransom'd race, As man still fills the throne of God.

And sing his praise 5. Immanuel, our Brother now,

In never-ceasing lays. Gregor.
Is he 'fore whom the angels bow;
They join with us to praise his (1125.)

WHILE the pilgrim travels
But we the nearest interest claim.

On this earthly ground, 6. But ah, how faint our praises Watchful guardian-angels rise !

Compass him around;
Sure, 'tis the wonder of the skies, Like Elisha's servant,
That we who share his richest love, He in faith espies
So cold and unconcern'd should Hosts with fiery horses,

Flaming chariots rise.


T. 141.



T. 141. Praising all together, HOLY, holy, holy,

Deeply bow'd in dust,

God, Jehovah,-Father,
Sings the angelic choir;
Might we, sinners, truly

Son, and Holy Ghost.

J. Swertner. Glow with heavenly fire,



OF THE BODY. (1128.)

T. 151. Here by faith-in his death,

We find consolation FAREWELL, henceforth for ever,

And complete salvation. All empty, worldly joys;

Louisa v. Ilayn Farewell, for Christ my Saviour

|(1132.) 935.* T. 119. Alone my thoughts employs; In heaven's my conversation, Had we nought, :||: Where the redeem'd possess

Nought beyond this life to hope, In him complete salvation, Here receiving our full measure, The gift of God's free grace.

Did no further prospect ope,

Laid we up no heavenly treasure, 2. Counsel me, dearest Jesus,

Wretched were our state in life According to thy heart ;

and death, Heal thou all my diseases,

Vain our faith. : ||: And every harm avert : Be thou my consolation

2. Here on earth, :||: While here on earth I live,

Hear on earth in tears we sow; And at my expiration

He who here goes forth and Me to thyself receive.

weepeth, Val. Herberger. Bearing precious seed below,

Brings his sheaves with him and (1131.) 934.* T. 149.


(o'er, YE, who Jesus' patients are, There in joy, his sighs and sorrows Let your hearts be tending

Evermore. :||: Thither, where you wish to share

z. Bliss that's never ending : (1133.) 936.*

T. 132. O may we—constantly, THANK God, towards eternity Wean'd from things terrestrial, vs celestial.

Another step is taken,

My heart with longi thoughts above,


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