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(1159.) 959. T, 585. Shall from his throne give men DAY of judgment! day of won. And change things transitory:

their doom, ders!

This will strike dumb each im. Hark, the trumpet's awful sound, Louder than a thousand thunders, when all things are consum'd by

pious jeer,

(fire, Shakes the vast creation round: How the summons:11:

And heaven and earth dissolved. Will the sinner's heart confound. 2. The wakening trumpet all shall

hear, 2. See the Judge our nature wear.

The dead shall then be raised, ing,

And 'fore the judgment-seat apCloth'd in majesty divine; Ye who love the Lord's appearing, on the right and left hand placed :

pear, Then shall say, This God is mine : Those in the body at that time Gracious Saviour, : /1:

Shall, in a manner most sublime, Own me on that day as thine.

Endure a transmutation. 3. At his call the dead awaken,

3. Woe, then, to him that hath deRise to life from earth and sea ;

God's word and revelation, (spis'd All the powers of nature shaken, And here done nothing but devis'd At his call prepare to flee :

His lust's gratification ; (stand, Careless. sinner, :ll:

Then, how confounded will ha What will then become of thee?

When he must go, at Christ's com4. Then to all who have confessed, To everlasting torment. (mand, Lov'd and serv'd the Lord below, He will say, “Come near ye blessed, 4. When all with awe shall stand

around See the kingdom I bestow :

To hear their doom allotted,
You for ever : /f:
Shall my love and glory know."

O may my worthless name be found

In the Lamb's book unblotted :
5. Under sorrows and reproaches Grant me that firm, unshaken faith,
May this thought our courage raise, That thou, my Saviour, by thy
Swiftly God's great day approaches;

Sighs will then be chang’d to praise: Hast purchas'd my salvation.
We shall triumph :11:
When the world is in a blaze.

5. Before thou shalt as Judge apJ. Newton. Plead as my Intercessor, (pear,

And on that awful day declare (1160.)

T. 132. That I am thy confessor ; 'TIS sure that awful time will Then bring me to that blessed place,

Where I shall see with open face When Christ, the Lord of glory, The glory of thy kingdom.



T. 585.

6. O Jesus, shorten the delay, |(1162.) 962.
And hasten thy salvation,
That we may see that glorious day Lo, he cometh! countless trumpets
Produce a new creation;

Christ's appearance usher in:
Lord Jesus, come, our Judge and 'Midst ten thousand saints and

angels Come, change our mournful notes, See our Judge and Saviour shine : to sing


(slain. Thy praise for ever: Amen. Welcome, welcome, Lamb once

B. Ringwald. 2. Now the song of all the saved, (1161.) 961. T. 581 or 83.“ Worthy is the Lamb,” resounds ; HARK, the trump of God is Now resplendent shine his nailheard,

prints, And the archangel's voice on high ;

Every eye shall see his wounds : Yea, the Lord himself descends

Great his glory ; :||: With a shout that rends the sky; Every knee to him shall bow. Lo, the bars of death are burst, 3. Every island, sea, and mountain, Sce, the dead in Christ rise first. Earth and heaven flee away; 2. His blest people, still on earth, All his enemies confounded In a moment chang'd, arise, (up,

Hear the trump proclaim his day; And with them, in clouds caught Stand before the Son of Man.

Come to judgment; :||: Meet their Saviour in the skies ; Fears and doubts are far remov'd, 4. All who love him view his glory, Him they see whom here they lov’d. In his bright, once marred face : 3. See this transient, mortal life

Jesus cometh ; all his people Swallow'd up eternally:

Now their heads with gladness Death, O death, where is thy sting?

Happy mourners, :||: (raise : Where, O grave, thy victory?

Lo, on clouds he comes, he comes. Thanks to God, thro' Christ we have 5. See redemption, long expected, Victory over death and grave.

On that awful day appear ; 4. Now all tears are wip'd away.; Joyful meet him in the air :

All his people, once despised, · Free from guilt, and fear, and pain, All his ransom'd saints with him

Hallelujah, :11: Kings and priests for ever reign :

Saviour, now thy kingdom comes.

J. Cennick. Henceforth his unbounded grace Is their theme of endless praise.

(1163.) 5. In the hope of all this joy, Brethren, let us still be found, MY faith shall triumph o'er the Steadfast in the faith of Christ, grave, May we all in love abound, And trample on the tombs ; Till we shall, when time is o'er, My Jesus, my Redeemer lives, Live with him for evermore. My God, my Saviour comes :


T. 590.



T. 151.

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T. 16.

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Ere long I know he shall appear 15. Grant then, that I may favour'd
In power and glory great;

Full pardon to obtain, (be,
And death, the last of all his foes, Since Jesus Christ, to save my soul,
Lie vanquish'd at his feet.

Upon the cross was slain.

%. Then, tho' the worms my flesh

And make my corpse their prey, WHEN conscious sinners tremble,
I know I shall arise with power,
On the last judgment-day; (earth, That bids the dead assemble

To hear the trumpet's sound,
When God shall stand upon the

The judgment-seat around; Him these mine eyes shall see,

O then among that number · My flesh shall feel a second birth,

May we thy call obey,
And ever with him be.

Who burst the bands of slumber
3. Then his own hand shall wipe the To view a glorious day.
From every weeping eye; (tears
And pains, and groans, and griefs,

Shall cease eternally: (and fears, JUDGE me now, my God and Sa-
How long, dear Saviour, o how viour,

Ev'n before the judgment-day ; Shall this bright hour delay ?

Then to me, a worm, thy favour Oh, hasten thy appearance, Lord,

Thro' eternity display. And bring the welcome day,


Watts. (1164.) 964, T. 14. ARE you form’d a creature new,

Cleans'd by Jesus' precious blood ? WHEN rising from the bed of Can you Christ in spirit view, death,

Reconcil'd by him to God ?
O’erwhelm'd with guilt and fear, Rise, to meet the Bridegroom go,
I see my Maker face to face,

Mingle with the virgin-row;
Oh, how shall I appear ? Have you oil, you need not fear,
2. If yet while pardon may be found, Tho’ this moment he appear.
Thy mercy I've not sought,

2. Rise, go forth to meet the Lamb, My heart with inward horror Slumber not ʼmidst worldly care ; shrinks,

Let your lamps be all on flame, And trembles at the thought, For his coming now prepare : 3. That thou, O Lord, wilt stand Then whene'er you hear the cry,

In majesty severe, (disclos'd Lo, the Bridegroom draweth nigh,' And sit in judgment on my soul: You will not confounded be,

How then shall I appear? But can meet him cheerfully. 4. But thou declarest in thy word, 3. Let us walk the narrow way,

That sinners who to thee, Watchful, cheerful, free from toil, While here they live, repenting Trim our lamps from day to day,

Shall live eternally. (turn, Adding still recruits of oil :

T. 205

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Doubly doth the Spirit rest The Bridegroom is at hand:
On his happy peaceful breast, Sleep not nor slumber,
Who himself to praying gives, Let nothing you encumber,
Who a life of watching lives. But ready stand;

Sperlider. He is at hand.' Louisa v. Ilayn. (1170.) 968.*

T. B. p. 113. Ye virgins, be

(1172.) 969,*

T. 79. Girt with alacrity; At midnight cometh He:

LORD, for thy coming us pre-. Cease all your mourning,

pare, The Lord will be returning:

May we to meet thee without fear, Him ye shall see

At all times ready be:

In faith and love preserve us sound; 2. Now ready stand,

O let us day and night be found Yea, always ready stand,

Waiting with joy to welcome thee.


In majesty,

T. 14.

XLII. THE CHURCH TRIUMPHANT. (1173.) 970. r. 159. We shall with Christ in lasting day MOUNT Zion, where the Lamb of

True holiness obtain :
Who for our sins aton'd, (God, Us needy sinners all prepare,

Lord Jesus, hear our fervent prayer, And bought us by his precious blood,

By faith in thee to end our race, For ever is enthron'd;

And to behold thy face.

J. Swertner.
Where his redeem'd and chosen
Thro' endless ages shall reside;
Is here thro' faith in Jesus' name

971. Our joy and final aim.

JERUSALEM, my happy home! 2. Jerusalem, the church above,

Name ever dear to me! (end, Now triumphs over death ;

When shall my labours have an And when we, perfected in love,

In joy, and peace, and thee? Shall once resign our breath, 2. When shall those eyes thy heavena We shall with all the saints in built walls light

And pearly gates behold ? In cheerful songs of praise unite, Thy bulwarks, with salvation strong, And with his chosen evermore And streets of shining gold ? His saving name adore.

3. There happier bowers than

Eden's bloom, 3. Deliver'd from this mortal clay,

Nor sin nor sorrow know;
From sorrow, sin, and pain,

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and woe,

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Bless'd seats ! through rude and


T. 205. stormy scenes

RISE, my soul, and stretch thy I onward press to you.

4. Why should I shrink from pain Now thy better portion trace ;

Rise from transitory things
And feel at death dismay? Towards heaven, thy native place :
I've Canaan's goodly land in view, Sun, and moon, and stars decay,

And realms of endless day. Time shall soon this earth remove; 5. Apostles, martyrs, prophets there Rise, my soul, and haste away

Around my Saviour stand; To the seats prepar'd above. And soon my friends in Christ 2. Rivers to the ocean run, below,

Never stay in all their course; Will join the glorious band. Fire ascending seeks the sun; 6. Jerusalem, my happy home! Both still speeding to their source i

My soul still pants for thee; So, a soul that's born of God, Then shall my labours have an end, Pants to view his glorious face; When I thy joys shall see. Upward tends to his abode,

There to rest in his embrace.. (1174.) 972.* T. 97. 3. Cease, ye pilgrims, cease to HOW greatly doth my soul rejoice,

mourn, That, by my faithful Shepherd's Press ye onward to the prize ; choice,

Soon your Saviour will return, My name is certainly enroll'd All triumphant in the skies : Among the sheep of his blest fold : Yet a season, and we know, May I by nothing e'er be drawn Happy entrance will be giv'n; aside,

(bride. All our sorrows left below,
But be a happy member of his All of earth exchang’d for heaven.

Cennick (ad.)
2. My faith victorious now doth rise
Above all earthly vanities, (1175.) 974.*
And hath Jerusalem full in view,
That holy city, fair and new;

JESUS' life of grief and sorrows,
Thro' faith in Christ I am God's All his sufferings, death and pain,

child and heir, (dom share. Prove in life our consolation,
And shall the glories of his king-And in death our joy remain ;
3. Then all old things will pass away, Christ's our life, hence death is gain.

Hallelujah, :11:
And a new scene itself display ;
We wait for thee, Immanuel,

2. On his precious death and merit Come soon, thy majesty reveal ;

All our hopes are safely built ; Our voices then in higher strains We rejoice in his salvation,

Freed from sin's condemning guilt;
shall raise
A joyful Hallelujah to thy praise.. "Twas for us his blood was spilt.

Sing his triumphs, :Il:

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T. 585.

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