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3. Jesús yieldeth up his spirit, 13. Oh, what songs of praises
Lo, be bows his head and dies ; Will then in heaven
From his death we life inherit, Resound, when all the ransom'd
Hence our happiness takes rise : souls thanksgiving
We now glory : 11:

To Jesus bring. Only in his sacrifice.

4. Lamb once slain for sinners, 4. Jesus' body once interred, Receive our praises ; (and classes, Sanctifies his brethren's rest, Honour and glory from all choirs And the place which keeps their

To thee are due. bodies,

(guest, 5. Now let all say, Amen, Since earth lodg'd that heavenly The Lord be praised, (ever blessed Now is hallow'd;:11:

In heaven and earth his name for We lie down in hope most blest.

By all that breathe. 6. Our Redeemer rose victorious,

Gregor. O what joy doth this afford ! Lasting bliss awaits us yonder,

(1177.) 976.*

T. 71. Rais'd to glory, like our Lord : WHAT shall I feel, when I Blessed Saviour, :||:

The glorious choirs espy Ever be by us ador'd.

In bliss unceasing; 6. Conquering Lord, to heaven as. Already in my heart cend

Rays from bright Salem dart, To prepare for us a place, (merit;

With hopes most pleasing. Pleading thine own blood and 2. I hear the enraptur'd song Here our faith rests on thy grace, Rais'd by the blessed throng There in glory :||:

Of the redeemed : We shall see thee face to face. Seated upon the throne, 7. Jesus, at thy blest appearing,

The Lamb once slain alone Freed from weakness, grief, and

Is worthy deemed. We, restored to thy likeness, (pain, 3. Rejoice, my soul, thou soon, Then shall join thy happy train : When here thy race is run, Make us ready, :11:

Shalt have the favour Lord, thy glory to obtain. To go and join the blest,

And there at home to rest (1176.) 975.*

T. -58.

With Christ thy Saviour. WHAT ecstatic pleasure

4. Then shall our woe and grief Shall I then savour,

(for ever, Find a most sure relief When face to face beholding thee

In joys unbounded; Lord, as thou art. Triumphant songs shall be 3. On what joys celestial

To the blest Trinity Shall I be feasting, (bour resting,

For ever sounded. When, in thy presence from all la- 5. How blest when we can say,

I sabbath keep. All else is filed away,

To 1

a sweet and

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THE CHURCH And love prevaileth :

Proves unto me No longer faith and hope

strengthening consolation: We need to bear us up,

My pardon's sealed with thy blood, Love never faileth.

My Lord, my God. 6. See, how the victors go

2. The time will come, In raiment white as snow,

When endless consolation With glory crowned :

Will be their lot, who wait for He grants to them thro' grace

Christ's salvation : Around his throne a place, “I am redeem’d,”

On whom death frowned. Sai a believing heart; 7. The Bridegroom now appears,

Ev'n here the Lord, whose mercy He wipes off all our tears,

never endeth, And ends all sadness;

Wipes oft my tears away, and all To him I had resign'd

my steps attendeth; Myself, and now am join'd

The time to be with him at home In perfect gladness.

At last will come." 8. O Lord, grant my request,

3. Come soon, 0 come, To be in heaven at rest,

Ye hours, wherein for ever When 'tis thy pleasure ;

With hosts of saints I too shall have Then to eternity

To see my Lord :

(the favour I ne'er shall parted be

With joy for him I wait: From thee, my treasure.

Who knows but I this day may

leave the body, 9. At thy thro'-pierced feet Callid forth to meet the Bridegroom; I'll humbly take my seat, There's heaven's enjoyment:

may he find me ready: To give thee thanks and praise,

I long to be with him at home; For all thy love and grace,

Come soon, O come. Be my employment.

4. O happy lot,

To live in blessed union 10. While here, I live by faith,

With Christ, and with his church
Relying on thy death,

in close communion;
For thou 'rt my Saviour; To look to him,
There I shall sweetly rest, Prompted by love and need;
Reclining on thy breast,

To feed by faith upon his death
In peace for ever.

Gregor & z.

and merit,

(him one spirit;

And, purified in heart, become with (1178.) 977. T. 136. To love him, tho' we see him not ; MY Lord and God, Who hast for me atoned, 5. O happy lot, And in death's agony for me hast To dwell with Christ our Saviour, I weep for joy, (groaned; There to behold his countenance And raise my feeble song; (tation In songs of joy (for ever ; For both in life and death this medi- His holy name to praise ;

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O happy lot.

To thank him for our blessed con- May I unmoved summation,

Lean upon the arm of my Beloved, And view his wounds, those pledges 8. May the tears and sweat of of complete salvation,

Olivet's mountain,
All pain and sorrow then forget; May the scene of Calvary's purple

O happy lot. fountain,
C. J. La Trobe. The dying Saviour,

(ever. (1179.)

978. T. 30. Hover 'fore my eyes of faith for Ò YE 'heavenly souls, full joys 9. May this deaden nature's inclipossessing, (blessing,


(temptation, At the fountain-head of every Awe me from the world and sin's From your bright legions (regions. And sanctify me,

(thee. Waft your praises to these lowly Till each word and deed may glorify 2. Songs of victory to the Lamb 10. May I grow in spirit daily

once wounded, (rounded, With immortal glory now


sur. Make my calling and election surer, O'erwhelm my senses, (mences.

Thy word instruct me, (duct me. And my heaven already here com- And thy guardian Spirit still con3. Hear I not the golden harps re



T. 83. sounding? (rounding? See I not the crowds the throne sur- JESUS' sufferings were for me, Adore, adore him ! (before him. That my hence departing spirit They exclaim, and prostrate fall Full of joy and peace might be, 4. O that I could join their ado- And eternal life inherit; ration,


I'm from judgment freed, by faith
Lie with them in awful, deep pros-

In his meritorious death.
His feet embracing, (ness raising. 2. When I leave this world in
Bath'd in tears, yet hymns of glad peace,
5. O Jerusalem, from God descend- I shall have the grace and favour

To behold him face to face (viour :

(bending: To thy pinnacles my flight I'm

Whom I love, ev'n God my SaBegone for ever,

Then I shall for evermore

(my Saviour. World and sin; and we ome Christ

Him in endless joy adore. 6. But what gentle voice my flight

3. When I shall permitted be, prevented ?


To enjoy in fullest measure,
Whispering to my spirit, Rest con-

What his sufferings gain’d for me,
Thy days are number'd,

And possess salvation's treasure, And thy sighs and prayers 'fore With what rapture shall I sing

Molther. God remember'd.

Hallelujah to my King. 7. Am I longer here, 'midst tribu- (1181.)


(tion, O WHAT joy, ill:
As a pilgrim to maintain my sta- o what joy awaiteth me!


T. 119,

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rejoice in expectation, 13. They, with patience having That I in my fesh shall see Him, the God of my salvation, Their appointed race, in hope, And behold the Lord in endless Have the crown of glory won, bliss,

As he is. :||: Won the prize for them laid up; %. Yea, Amen, :ll:

Now they stand before his face, Pardon'd sinners, here rejoico

Trophies of redeeming grace, In this hope and consolation,

Pillars in his house approv'd,
Till we shall with sweeter voice

Never thence to be remov'd.
Sing in the great congregation,
Thou, O Lamb, hast brought us Palms of victory they bear,

4. In fine, spotless linen dress’d, nigh to God

By no sorrows now oppress'd,
By thy blood. :ll: Unmolested now by care,

Germ. Lit. Free from hunger, thirst, and heat, (1182.) 981.* 'T. 45. They, possessing joys complete,

Unto living fountains led, MY lot of grace-will be always

Bỳ the Lamb himself are fed. Beyond description blessed ; Yea, the bliss I shall enjoy 5. Since we likewise may attain Cannot be expressed.

To this happiness thro' grace, %. Him I shall see, whose love to And, by following Jesus, gain

My heart hath captivated ; (me With the saints in heaven a place ; From his presence I no more

May we tread the narrow path, Shall be separated.

Not unfruitful in the faith,
Louisa v. Hayn. And unto the end endure,

Making our election sure. (1185.)

T. 205.

6. May we always have in view O EXALT and praise the Lord, The example of our Lord, Laud his name for evermore, Faithfully his steps pursue, Gratefully with one accord Giving heed unto his word; With the angels him adore; In our bodies while we've breath, Thank him for the faithfulness

May we bear about his death, Wherewith he his witnesses, That his life may even here Who in heaven are perfected, In our mortal flesh appear. Thro' great tribulation led.

7. Let us call to mind with joy 2. Here by Jesus' precious blood Those who have before us gone, Cleans'd 'from sin and render'd Who obtain'd the victory They, as ministers of God, (chaste, Thro' the blood of Christ alone; Him by word and deed confess’d; That we all may zealously In their Lord's reproach a share, Imitate their constancy, Hated by the world, they bare,

Till we too the prize receive, Now they, with the angelic train, And with them in glory live. Praise the Lamb for sinners slain.

Bohemian Brethren.

982. *

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983. T. 205. And serve the God they love,

amidst WHAT are these in bright array,

The glories of the sky. This innumerable throng, Round the altar night and day, 4. His presence fills each heart with Hymning one triumphant song:

Tunes every voice to sing ; (joy, Worthy is the Lamb once slain, By day, by night, the sacred courts Blessing, honour, glory, power,

With glad Hosannahs ring. Wisdom, riches, to obtain, 5. Hunger and thirst are felt no New dominion every hour."

more, 2. These through fiery trials trod, Nor suns with scorching ray; These from great affliction came; God is their sun; whose cheering Now before the throne of God,

beams Seal'd with his almighty name,

Diffuse eternal day. Clad in raiment pure and white, 6. The Lamb who dwells amidst Victor-palms in every hand,

the throne Through their dear Redeemer's Shall o'er them still preside, might,

Feed them with nourishment divine, More than conquerors they stand. And all their footsteps guide. 3. Hunger, thirst, disease, unknown, 7. 'Mong pastures green he'll lead On immortal fruits they feed ;

his flock, Them, the Lamb amidst the throne, Where living streams appcar ; Shall to living fountains lead: And God the Lord from every ey. Joy and gladness banish sighs, Shall wipe off every tear. Perfect love dispels all fears,

Christian Psalmist. And for ever from their eyes,

(1186.) God shall wipe away the tears.

T. 166. J. Nontgomery. ALL who in Jesus' presence live, 984.

Remov’d from mortal vision, HOW bright these glorious spirits

The crown of righteousness receive, shine!

In endless life's fruition : Whence all their white array ? They are for ever with the Lord ; How came they to the blissful seats

We wait in expectation, Of everlasting day?

Till he to us the grace accord,

To join that congregation. 2. Lo! these are they from suffer

|(1187.) 986.* Who came to realms of light, O HOW excellent and fair, And in the blood of Christ have Goodly beyond measure, wash'a

(bright. Is the lot which we shall share, Those robes which shine so And how rich the treasure, 3. Now with triumphal palins they When we see-bodily stand

Our beloved Saviour, Before the throne on high,

As he is, for ever.


T. 14.

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ings great

T. 149.

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