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Let not your heart be faint 691|Lord Jesus, who hast call'd us 720

thy presence go with me 732 Jesus, with thy presence 604
Lift up thy pierced hands, 664 let thy blest angelic bands 949
Like Mary at the Saviour's 859

may not one among us

Lo, he cometh, countless

my times are in thy 937
Long ere the lofty skies 160

of life, now sweetly

I strove my God to love 246 of the Sabbath, hear us 627
Look up, my soul, to Christ 521 of the worlds above 642
Lord, at thy feet amazed we


our High-priest and 601
Christ reveal thy holy 612 take my heart, just as it 302
dismiss us with thy 634 take my sinful, worthless 304
for thy coming us prepare 969 teach us, how to pray

God, the Holy Ghost 217 thy church's rock 710
God, thy praise we sing 554 to thy people aid dispense 752
grant thy servants grace 723 we are thine, since thou 271
grant us, tho' deeply 726

what amazing love and 813
had I of thy love 385 whither can I sinner

how divine thy comforts 785 with thyglorious presence 688
I am vile, conceived in 21 Lover of little children, theo

I feel a carnal mind

I have passed another


I look for grace to thee 486

Make my calling and election 942
if thou thy grace impart 500
Maker of all things

in the morning, when I 898 Man of sorrows and acquainted 65
in thy name we meet 676

May Jesus'

grace and blessing 890
Jesus, be near


the grace of Christ our 172

the stream from thee, the 804
Jesus, by thy death 674

Meet and right it is to sing


Jesus Christ, thy body's 599

l'Midst stormy days and nights 530
Jesus, for our call of 696

Jesus, fountain of my


Mighty God, we humbly pray 471

Mistaken souls, that dream of 264
Jesus, I pray, on earth

Jesus, may I constantly 897 Monarch of all, with bumble 152
Jesus, may the blood 800

More than shepherd's faithful. 809
Jesus,'midst thy flock

Most awful sight

Jesus, my most faithful 454

holy blessed Trinity

Jesus,'tis with us thy aim 423

holy Lord and God

Jesus, we bless thee, that 848

holy Lord, mankind's

Jesus, when I trace


Mount Zion, where the Lamb 970
Jesus, who before thy

My All in all, my faithful

Jesus, who for me

body's weak, my heart


Jesus, bless thy witness 607 Meek, patient Lamb of God
Jesus Christ, if thou wert 257 Met, around

the sacred tomb
Jesus Christ, my

the trials, we exper.

Jesus, from thy pierced 760 Moments of ecstatic pleasure 328


My case to thee is fully known 458 Now with angels round the 174

dear Redeemer and my 69 with joyful songs appear 579
faith shall triumph o'er 963

God a man, a man indeed 64
God, the spring of all my 896 0 at last l've found my Sav. 294

happy lot is here

behold your Saviour

life I now to God resign 946

blest condition, happy 505
life supplying element 91

blest Redeemer, in thy side 766
Lord and God


church of Jesus, now draw 790
Lord, how great the favor 288

church, thy strength abide 693
lot of grace, will be always 981

Comforter, God Holy Ghost 221
Redeemer knoweth me 539


could we but love that
Redeemer, overwhelm'd

days of solid happiness 333
Saviour sinners doth 225

Day-spring from on high 204

Saviour, that I without thee 498

dearest Lord, take thou
Saviour's pierced side 798

eternal Word, Jesus Christ 192
Shepherd is the Lamb 810


exalt and praise the Lord
song shall bless the Lord 191

Father of mercy, be ever

soul, awake and render 888

for a closer walk with God 446
soul before thee prostrate 437

for a heart to praise my

soul, prepare to meet 779

for a thousand tongues to

yoke, says Christ, upon 427

fountain eternal of life and 540
glorified Head


glorious Master of thy house 721

God, at thy command we 582
No farther go to-night, but stay 911 God, my gracious God 895

more with trembling heart 525 God of all compassion 255

words can ever fully tell 819 God of heaven and earth 611
None God the Father's favour 499 God of mercy, grace and 293
Not all the angels of the sky 573 God, thou bottomless abyss 150

all the blood of beasts 285 God whose love immense in 297
one of Adam's race


grant thy servant, thro' thy 727
to the mount, that burnt 625 happy days, days mark'd 339
Nothing but thy blood, O 254

happy they who know the 650
Now begin the heavenly 238 head so full of bruises 82

haste, my soul, with awe 117 Holy Ghost, eternal God 211
I have found the ground 266 how blessed is the station 649
let us join our hearts 929 how excellent and fair 986
let us praise the Lord 562 how great, how rich, how 253
Lord, who in this vale 999 how I long to go and see

958 how I long with Christ to 950
sing, thou happy church 180 how I love thy holy word 9
that my journey's just 827 how should those be clean 717
will I, like Mary

if the Lamb had not been

rest in peace





Jesus Christ, most holy 6690 thou, who didst the temple 639
Jesus, could I always keep 452 thou, who givest all their
Jesus, everlasting God 322

thou, who hearest prayer 593
Jesus, for thy matchless 348 thou, who out of sin's dark 653
Jesus, 'fore whose radiation 273 thou, who pardon canst

Jesus, Jesus, my good Lord 444 thou, whose human life for 489
Jesus, Lord of heav'n and 844 thou, whose mercies far

Jesus, may our whole 899 thou, whose mercy guides 528
Jesus, were we thro' thy 491

timely happy, timely wise 894
let thy countenance, most


what a wretched heart have 825
let thy love our hearts 405 what happiness divine

Lord, accept my worthless 383 what is Christ to me

Lord, afford a sinner light 242

what joy

Lord, 'fore thee abased I fall 462 what peace, divinely sweet

Lord, forgive a sinful child 826

what praise, in highest strain 748
Lord, how vile am I


what would be my condi.
Lord, let thy countenance 673 why should Israel's sons

Lord, lift up thy counte. 663 world, see thy Creator

Lord, the contrite sinner's 497 ye heavenly souls, full joys 978
Lord, this sacred day of 623 Oft as the church the goodness 610
Lord, who number'st all our 864 Often I call to mind
love, all love excelling 386 On this glad day a brighter
love divine, what hast thou 106 thy ransom'd congregation 662
make each family a temple 869 what in weakness has

may the witness-spirit rest 729 Once more, before we part 631
might we all, Lord God, 307 One there is above all others 377
my dear Saviour, when thy 68 view, Lord Jesus, of thy 90
my God, I come oppressed 440 Our baptism first declares

my soul, what means this 541 children, gracious Lord, 867
rejoice, Christ's happy sheep 346 conversation is in heaven 944
Son of God and man


heavenly Father, hear the 186
Spirit of grace

209 heavenly Father is not
take my heart and

301 heavenly Father, source
tell me no more


Lord and Saviour doth
that in Jesus' church his

that the Comforter would 224

lot of grace, how truly


souls with inmost shame 678
that the Lord would guide 488 Out of love and boundless
that the Lord's salvation

750 of the deep I cried

that we could forever sit 325
that we with gladness of

of the deep I cry to thee 240
585 Own thy congregation

the delights, the heav'nly 195
the love, wherewith I'm 87

thou, before whose Father's 850 Parents, weigh before the 865
thou God of our salvation 709 Peace be to this congregation 690




Peace on earth, heaven is 46 Since we, though unworthy 464
Pour out thy Spirit from on 715 Sing Hallelujah, Christ doth 128
Praise be given to Christ our 814 Hallelujah, honour, 370

the Lord, bounteously 660 Hallelujah, praise the 1000
Praises, thanks and adoration 587 praises unto God on 566
Precious Bible, what a trea. 12 with awe, in strains har. 89
Prepare a thankful song 198 with humble hearts your 350
Present your bodies to the 308 Sinner, hear thy Saviour's 228

Sinners, come,

the Saviour see 226
Quiet, Lord, my froward heart 164 hear the joyful news 232
Quite alone, and yet not 597

obey the gospel-word 230

would ye be healed 234
Raise your devotion, mortal

144 Soul, at this most awful seas.
Refresh me, Lord, with grace 910 Sovereign Ruler of the skies 537
Rejoice in Jesus' birth 43 Spirit of truth, come down

my soul, God cares 190

of truth, essential God
O'church, the Saviour's 130 Still may we keep the aim in 843
our nature Christ as. 27

Storms of trouble may assail 536
Resting in the silent grave

124 Suffering Saviour, Lamb of
Rise, exalt our Head and 652

Sun of my soul, thou Sav. 902
my soul, and stretch thy 973 Surely God is present here 139

my soul, shake off all 28 Sweet is the work, my God, 624
Rock of ages, cleft for me 807 the moments, rich in 363
Round Tabor heavenly glories 95 Sweeter sounds, than music 58

Sacred name of Jesus

62 Take, Lord), all self from me 298
Safely through another week 636 Teach me, my God and king 892
Saviour, breathe an evening 900

me yet more of thy 402
of thy chosen race

247 Ten thousand talents once I 400
visit thy plantation

684 Thank God, towards eternity 936
Searcher of hearts, thou 306 Thanks and praise, Jesus, 347
See from the rock the waters 802 be to thee, O Lamb 578

my soul, God ever blest 66 for ever be, Jesus unto 551
the infant in the manger

39 Thanksgiving, honour, praise 561
world, upon the shameful 97 That doleful night before his 772
Shall I thro’ fear of feeble 1718

favor grant to us, O Lord 889
Shepherd of souls, refresh 697 I am thine, my Lord and 546

of thy blood-bought 618 peace, which God alone 175
Should our minds, to earthly 481 The almighty Lord of earth 878
Since Jesus freely did appear


breath, which can the
Jesus' body I have ate 816 Bridegroom of our souls 858
our Saviour call'd us to -724 child sweetly rests

we can't doubt God's 522 consecrated house we 646

cross, the cross, O that's 105




The doctrine of our dying Lord 714 This day is holy to the Lord 695

enjoyment of Christ's 820 Rock of Christ receiveth 712
God of Abraham praise 188 is the day, the Lord hath 621
grace of our Lord Jesus C. 179

ship we now commend 922
great salvation of the Lord 648 stone to thee in faith we 637
happy church of Christ 665 Those souls are truly blessed 789
hour of sleep is now at 904 Thou Comforter and Guide
hours' decline and setting 905 dear Redeemer, dying
impression of what Christ 367 Friend of sinners, hear 274
just made perfect, now in 995 God of glorious majesty 241
Lamb of God, unspotted 584 great Teacher, who in. 222
Lamb was slain, let us 564 Guardian of thy lambs 835
Lord ascendeth up on high 138 hast the world so great. 183
Lord be with me every


hidden source of calm 323
Lord bless and keep thee 177 holy, spotless Lamb of
Lord descendeth from

Jesus, art our King

Lord first empties whom 243 Lamb once slain, thy

Lord himself gave forth


Lord, must for thy sake 290
Lord my Shepherd is and 375 Master of thy family

Lord, who once on Cal. 141 Monarch of all, thou

mist before my eyes

251 O Jesus, art a gracious 384
one thing needful, that


our light, our Leading 581
prayers of the needy 596

promised Comforter

Sabbath is for man, that 698 reign'st above in heav. 197
Saviour's blood and right. 277 Saviour of the world

seraphim of God


Source of love, thou 371
slaughter'd Lamb, my


Source of love, we pray 677
spirits of the just


Source of my salvation 79
springs of salvation from 739 who art present with
unbounded love of my 311 who in the days of thy 765
wise men from the east


who so graciously didst 708
worst of evils, we can 467 whose name is inexpres. 666
'Thee, O my God and King 185 Though but a little child I

we address in humble 915

by nature I'm defiled 469
will I love, my strength 388 Christ was God and 824
There hangs the Saviour of 102

every child of God
is a fountain fill'd with 112

I'm in body full of

is a house not made 989 Thousand times by me be

is a path, that leads to 829 Thousands, O Lord of hosts

where my blessed Jesus 992 Thrice happy is the feeble

They, that are whole nced not 436 Through the day thy love

who hunger after Chr., 788 Thy blood, so dear and pre. 110
who Jesus' followers are 103
who know our Lord

blood, thy blood the deed 356



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