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and weep.

Come, then, my pardon’d soul, with|2. Lamb of God, my Saviour, humble Mary

(sleep; Thou shalt be for ever Behold thy wearied Master sweetly| My most favourite theme: Admire his matchless love, adore, And for thy atonement

Might I every moment 4. Here will I stay, engaged in Praise thy saving name :

contemplation (death : Constantly—thy passion be, On my Redeemer's agony and Till my final consummation, This shall increase and fix my My heart's meditation. wavering faith (tion:

Cennick & Swertner. In him, the finisher of my salva

(149.) 119. T. 119. Yea, in my soul and body mortify The sins which did my Jesus cru

LAMB, once slain, :Il: cify.

My Redeemer, while I view 5. Thou Lord of life, fix thou my Thee by faith, I'm lost in wonder ; soul and senses (heart:

Grateful tears my cheeks bedew : On thee, the dearest object of my Blessed Saviour, when I ponder That, when from this vain world Í On the cause of all thy grief and shall depart, (commences,

Melts my heart. :||: (smart, And when the awful scene of death

2. Holy Lord, :||: I may resign my spirit unto thee,

By thy body given to death, And in thy presence live eternally. Mortify my sinful nature 6. Meanwhile I'll love and thank, Till I yield my dying breath : without cessation,

Ah, protect thy feeble creature ; Thee, my Redeemer, who my soul Grant that I, by nothing drawn

hast bought, (mercy sought; Thine abide. :11: (aside, And me, a wandering sheep, in

Swertner. Accept my tears, my prayer, and

(150.) 120. T. B. p. 114. adoration :

(sign; To thee my life, my all I now re

BELOVED, white and ruddy, In life and death, o keep me ever

Of thousands none so fair ; thine.

J. Swertner. I with thy wounded body

No beauty can compare ; (147.) 118. T. 208. Here to thy care consigned, NOW will I, like Mary,

Within thy tomb enshrined, My best spices carry

Might but my body lie ; To my Saviour's tomb;

To thee my soul would fly. I'll behold his body

2. But while on earth I tarry, Mangled, pale and bloody;

Wrapt in this mortal vest,
Now my sabbath's come : Make it thy sanctuary,
But alas, - what spices has

Thy form be there imprest; My poor heart, save tears and crying, Admit no strange affections,

Heartfelt throbs and sighing. But, midst all imperfections,

T. 45.

May in my looks be seen

By thy sufferings thou hast won ; That I with God have been. Now o'er all thy power's extended, 3. In this sepulchral Eden

Ev'n my heart 0 claim thy own. The tree of life I've found, 2. O what love is here displayed ! Here is my treasure hidden,

See the Father's only Son I tread on hallow'd ground; To the silent tomb conveyed ; Ye sick, ye faint and weary, Ah my soul what hast thou done! Howe'er your ailments vary, Yet, while I, my sins bewailing,

Creep hither, and make sure Own that they his blood have spilt,

Of a most perfect cure. May that blood, for me prevailing, 4. Here lies in death's embraces, Wash away my sin and guilt.

My bridegroom, Lord, and God: 3. Here my Sabbath is completed, With awe my soul retraces, Here my soul enjoys sweet peace;

The dark and dolorous road, At the feet of Jesus seated, That leads to this last station; Here I taste true happiness ; Here in sweet meditation

I adore my paschal offering, Ill dwell by day and night, I adore God's counsel deep, Till faith is chang'd to sight. I adore my Jesus suffering,

And, while I adore him, weep. (151.) 121.


123.* WEEP, Zion, weep,-in death's deep sleep

WHEN I visit Jesus' grave in spirit, Your King his head has bowed; It is never done in vain; (merit Closed are those lips, whence late Since 'tis only from his death and Truth and mercy flowed. I can life and strength obtain ;

Jesus' cross, his last hours in his 2. In strains of woe-oursongs shall


(piration, flow,

Jesus' stripes, his wounds, and ex.. What love is here displayed ;

Jesus' body and his blood, See God's dear and only Son Shall remain my highest good. To a tomb conveyed.

Chr. R. v. Zinzendorf. 3. Yet, О rejoice—with heart and (154.) 124. voice,

RESTING in the silent grave, Soon will he rise most glorious ; Spent with torments, pangs, and And at the right hand of God

cries, Seat himself victorious.

See the Lord God, strong to save; (152.)

T. 167.

Him whose thunders shake the

skies: LORD of life! now sweetly slumber, 'Twas for me he groan'd, he bled,

With the dead awhile a guest; And was number'd with the dead ; After torments without number,

Sacred body, with amaze Glorious is thy hard-earn'd rest : Thankfully on thee I gaze. Lo! the dreadful conflict's ended;

C. I. Latrobe.

T. 185.

T. 205.



125. T. 11. Holy and most merciful Saviour, GO, my soul, go every day.

Thou eternal God; To the tomb where Jesus lay;

Grant that we may never Be with him my members dead,

Lose the comforts from thy death :: Be his sepulchre my bed.

Have mercy, O Lord. 2. Boldest foes dare never come

2. Most holy Lord and God, Near my Saviour's sacred tomb;

Holy, almighty God, Evil never can molest

Holy and most merciful Saviour, Those who near his body rest.

Thou eternal God;

Worthington. Bless thy congregation (blood : (156.)

Through thy sufferings, death, and
T. 519.

Have mercy, O Lord.
MOST holy Lord and God,
Holy, almighty God,


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(157.) 127.*

T. 132. Dispels the clouds of sin's dark night CHRIST Jesus, once to death And all the powers of darkness. abas'd

Luther. To cancel our transgression, (158.) 128.*

T. 590. Has gain’d for us, by being rais'd, Eternal life's possession;

SING Hallelujah, Christ doth live, 'Tis this should prompt us to re- And peace on earth restore ; (give, joice,

(and voice, Come, ransom’d souls, and glory And praise the Lord with heart Sing, worship, and adore : In singing Hallelujah.

With grateful hearts to him we pay 2. How great and wondrous was Who aught unto our charge can

Our thanks in humble wise : the strife,

'Tis God that justifies. Life was by death assailed;

(lay? But Jesus Christ, the Prince of life, 2. Who can condemn, since Christ O'er sin and death prevailed;

And ever lives to God; (was dead, He triumph'd over them in death, Now our whole debt is fully paid, And we are conquerors too by faith He saves us by his blood: (heaven In him our risen Saviour.

The ransom'd hosts in earth and 3. This is the day the Lord hath Thro' countless choirs proclaim : What lively hope it raises ! (made;" He hath redeem'd us; praise be Let heaven rejoice, let earth be To God and to the Lamb.” (giv'n And join to sing his praises; (glad, 3. God rais'd him up, when he for For Christ, our everlasting light Had freely tasted death, (all

And thus redeem'd us from the And say, “O death, where is thy On this we ground our faith : (fall; O grave, thy victory ?" (sting? For God, well-pleas'd, that sacrifice He died your guilty souls to save; Declar'd, in sovereign grace, And, dying, conquer'd death; An all-sufficient ransom-price Was buried in the gloomy grave, For Adam's fallen race.

But re-assum'd his breath. 4. The God of peace to guilty man 2. Rejoice, your conquering Saviour Doth pardoning grace afford, (again He lives to die no more; (lives, Since from the dead he brought And life eternal freely gives, Our Shepherd, Head, and Lord; Since he our sorrows bore, That Shepherd who did freely bleed To all who their lost state bewail; Lost sinners to restore ;

For Jesus' precious blood Who died, but now is ris'n indeed, Doth for each contrite soul prevail And lives for evermore.

Before the throne of God. 5. The God of mercies let us 3. Sing praises to our risen Lord; Who saveth fallen men, (praise, Life, immortality, That by his power, which Christ And lasting bliss are now restor'd He us begets again (did raise, For all; for you and me: Unto a lively confidence, Believe the wondrous deed, my That we for Jesus' sake

Adore his saving name; (soul, Shall of that blest inheritance, Rejoice, ye saints, from pole to pole Reserv'd for us, partake.

His love and power proclaim. 6. His resurrection's power divine, 4. The Prince of glory bow'd his By grace on us bestow'd,

Expiring on the cross ; (head, Renews us, that we, dead to sin, But now the Lord is ris'n indeed, May live alone to God:

Is ris'n and lives for us; Thus we, supported by his might, Rejoice, and in the dust adore From strength to strength proceed; The Lamb for sinners slain ; And, walking in his truth and light, He liveth now and evermore, Praise him in word and deed. For evermore to reign. 7. In all we do, constrain'd by love,

Swertner. We'll joy to him afford, And to God's will obedient prove

(160.) Thro' Jesus Christ our Lord :

REJOICE, O church, the Saviour's Sing Hallelujah and adore

bride, On earth the Lamb once slain, All grief and mourning lay aside ; Till we in heaven shall evermore With cheerful hearts and voices Exalt his name, Ameni.

The resurrection of our King. (sing

Gr. (159.)

T. 590. 2. He, having triumph'd over death,

Now 're-assumes his vital breath: BELIEVING souls, rejoice and The angels wait with watchful eyes,

Your risen Saviour ses, (sing, Aad joy to see their God arise,


T. 22.



3. Our gracious Saviour, Head, and The Lord is ris'n indeed : Lord,

(word; He truly tasted death Hath well perform'd his promis'd For wretched fallen man; And now would have his church In bitter pangs resign’d his breath ; rejoice ;

But now is ris'n again. He loves to hear her cheerful voice. 3. He hath himself the keys 4. Then let us join the heavenly Of death, the grave, and hell; throng

His is the victory and praise, In singing that eternal song: And he rules all things well : “Salvation to our God and King, Death now no more I dread, Whose death did our redemption But cheerful close mine eyes ; bring."

Death is a sleep, the grave a bed ; 5. Blessing and praise we give to With Jesus I shall rise. thee, (free;

Cennick. That thou from death hast set us

(162.) 132. Thy resurrection from the grave

T. 11, Shows plainly, thou hast power to GLORY unto Jesus be,

From the curse he set us free; 6. Thy blood shall wash our gar

All our guilt on him was laid, ments white,


He the ransom fully paid. Then we with all the saints in 2. All his glorious work is done ; Shall joyful meet our Lord and God's well pleased in his Son;

(shed. For he rais'à him from the dead; We know for us thy blood was Christ now reigns the church'sHead. 7. Astonish'd, at thy footstool now, With humble gratitude we bow:

3. His redeem'd his praise show Thought cannot reach, nor tongue Saints above and saints on earth ;

forth, reveal,

(feel. What in our thankful hearts we

Angels sing around the throne, W. Horne.

“ Thou art worthy, thou alone." (161.)

T. 595. 4. Yewho love him, cease to mourn,

He will certainly return; CHRISTIANS, dismiss your fear; All his saints with him shall reign; Let hope and joy succeed;

Come, Lord Jesus, come. Amen. The joyful news with gladness hear, “ The Lord is ris'n indeed :"

|(163.) 133. T. 79. The promise is fulfill'd

In Christ our only Head; JESUS who died the world to save, Justice with mercy's reconcil'd ;

Revives, and rises from the grave, He lives who once was dead. By his almighty power ;

Froin sin and death he sets us free, 2. The Lord is ris'n again,

He captive leads captivity,
He lives again, to die no more.




Who on the cross did bleed; He lives to die no more, Amen;

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