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GOD, THE CREATOR AND PRESERVER. 49 6. Then let our humble faith ad-16. He ever lives to intercede

His mercy and his power; (dress Before his father's face; (plead, We shall obtain delivering grace Give him, my soul, thy cause to In the distressing hour.

Nor doubt the Father's grace.



WORLD. (182.) 150.* T. 166, or 22.4. Thou stretchest to infinity,

The highest heavens are thy scat, O GOD, thou bottomless abyss, Thee mortal tongue cannot define, Thy glorious name, thy majesty Or speak thy god-like properties, Thou art as Lord by all ador’d,

No seraph can conceive or mete: Thy holy heights, thy depths divine: Thou’rt an unfathomable sea;

For every knee to thee must bend;

Who thus have knelt and grace Of universal nature Lord :

implor'd, Such knowledge is not found in me, Have found thee an almighty friend. Frail worm, thy glories to record.

5. Counsel and deed are one with 2. Thee would I view and duly

thee, praise, Did not mere weakness me sur. Perfection 's thine without degree,

And justice in thy court presides ; round;

And love thy character abides : Thy nature's everlasting rays

Thy mercy, faithfulness, and grace My senses and

soul confound: my

Each morning unto us are new, All sprung from thine omnipotence, Which mind conceives, or eye hath And every day brings fresh displays

Of thy protecting care to view. No single atom comes by chance : 6. Ah, who can render thee just Wert thou not, nothing e'er had praise ?

(combin'd; been.

Whó? tho' his heart and tongue 3. All things with thee are possible, No temple is thy dwelling place, Thy will in heaven and earth is Thy worship cannot be confin'd; done;

(veal, By building shrines, where thou Thy wisdom's depths who can re

shalt dwell, Or who thy mind hath fully known? Thy proper aim is ne'er attain'd; No limits thee can circumscribe,

To such thou dost thy love reveal Thy kingdom everywhere extends; As humbly on thy word depend. None can thy greatness e'er de- 7. Service, not gifts, thou dost describe,

mand For thy dominion never ends. From man, this shall his profit bę;


seen ;


T. 14.

Salvation, life, flow from thy hand, 6. Thou lov'st whate'er thy hands
But no increase accrues to thee; have made;
Thy hand rewards, tho' all is thine: Thy goodness we rehearse,
Thy fire in wrath consumes thy In shining characters display'd

(shine Throughout the universe. While in its genial warmth and 7. With longing eyes thy creatures Thy friends with heavenly joy re On thee for daily food; (wait pose.

Thy liberal hand provides them 8. The seraphim with sweetest tone meat, Express the glory of thy sway, And fills their mouths with good. The elders, kneeling at thy throne, 8. Sweet is the memory of thy grace, Serve thee, and deepest homage

My God, my heavenly King;. pay :

Let age to age thy righteousness Like them, before thy majesty, In sounds harmonious sing. With humble awe I sink asham’d; 9. Creatures with all their endless Thou art in truth, O Lord most high,

Thy power and praise proclaim; All that is great and holy nam’d.

J. J. Breithaupt. May we, who taste thy richer grace,

Delight to bless thy name. (183.) 151.

Watts. ALMIGHTY God, thou Sovereign Lord,

(184.) 152.* 'Fore thee we prostrate fall, MONARCH of all, with humble In heaven and on earth ador'd,


(raise; As the great cause of all. To thee heaven's hosts their voices %. Thou canst not by our eyes be Ev'n earth and dust thy bounties

Thou art a Spirit pure, (seen, share : . Who from eternity hast been, Let earth and dust attempt thy And ever shalt endure.

praise. 3. Present alike in every place, 2. Before thy face, O Lord most Thy Godhead we adore ;.

high, Beyond the bounds of time and Sinks all created glory down:

Thou dwellest evermore. (space Yet be not wroth with me, that I, 4. In wisdom infinite thou art,

Vile worm, draw near thy awful Thine eye doth all things see,

throne. And every thought of every heart 3. Of all thou the beginning art, s fully known to thee.

Of all things thou alone the end : 5. Whate'er thou wilt, thou, Lord, On thee still fix my wavering heart, canst do

To thee let all my actions tend. Here and in heaven above; 4. Thou, Lord, art light: thy naBut chiefly we rejoice to know Almighty God is love.

No shade, no variation knows;

T. 22.

tive ray

pure love



To my dark soul thy light display,4. He fills the sun with morning The brightness of thy face disclose. light, 6. Thou, Lord, art love : from thee He bids the moon direct the night:

His mercies ever shall endure, Flows forth in unexhausted streams; When suns and moons shall shine Let me its quickening virtue prove,

no more. O fill my heart with sacred flames. 5. He sent his Son with power to 6. Thou, Lord, art good, and thou

(grave : alone :

From guilt, from darkness, and the With eager hope, with warm desire, Wonders of grace to God belong, Thee

Repeat his mercies in your song. I still my portion may

own, To thee in every thought aspire. 6. Thro' this vain world he guides 7. So shall my every power to thee

our feet, In love and pure devotion rise;

And leads us to his heavenly seat : Yea, body, soul, and spirit be

His mercies ever shall endure, A holy living sacrifice.

When this vain world shall be no

Watts. 8. Lord God Almighty, ceaseless praise

(186.) 154.

T. 166. In heaven, thy throne, to thee is giv'n;

HIGH in the heavens, eternal God, Here, as in heaven, thy name we Thy goodness in full glory shines; bless,

(heaven. Thy truth shall break thro' every For where thy presence shines is

cloud Freylinghausen. That veils and darkens thy designs:

For ever firm thy justice stands, (185.) 153. T. 22. As mountains their foundations GIVE to our God immortal praise ; keep;

(hands : Mercy and truth are all his ways: Great are the wonders of thy Wonders of grace to God belong, Thy judgments are a mighty deep. Repeat his mercies in your song. 2. Thy providence is kind and 2, Give to the Lord of lords re large,


Both man and beast thy bounty The King of kings with glory The whole creation is thy charge,

But man is thy peculiar care: His mercies ever shall endure, My God, how excellent thy grace, When earth-born powers areknown Whence all our hope and comfort

springs; 3. He built the earth, he spread The sons of Adam in distress the sky,

Fly to the shadow of thy wings. And fix'd the starry lights on high : 3. From the provisions of thy house Wonders of grace to God belong, We shall be fed with sweet repast; Repeat his mercics in your song. There mercy, like a river, flows,



no more.

And we the living water taste : Heart and hands I lift with pleso Life, like a fountain rich and free, As a child in duty bound; (sure, Springs from thy presence, gracious Humbly I request the favour: Lord;

Grant me grace both day and And in thy light our souls shall see night The glories promis'd in thy word. Thee to love with all my might,

Watts. Till I change this infant savour

For that taste of bliss above, (188.) 155.* T. 214.

Perfect praise and endless love.

P. Gerhard I WILL sing to my Creator,


(189.) Unto God I'll render praise,

T. 14. Who by every thing in nature IN thee I live, and move, and am;

Magnifies his tender grace: Thou number'st all my days : Nought but loving condescension As thou renew'st my being, Lord,

Still inclines his faithful heart Let me renew thy praise.

To support and take their part, 2. From thee I am, thro' thee I am, Who pursue his blest intention;

And for thee I must be : All things to their period tend, "Twere better for me not to live, But his mercy has no end.

Than not to live to thee. 2. My soul's welfare he advances, 3. Naked I came into this world,

For my body he doth care : And nothing with me brought: Aid and comfort he dispenses, And nothing have I here deserv'd;

When I call on him by prayer: Yet I have lacked nought. When my natural strength is 4. I do not praise my labouring shrinking,

hand, In the time of utmost need,

My labouring head, or chance : He, my God, draws nigh with Thy providence, most gracious speed,

Is my inheritance. (God, And recovers me from sinking:

5. Thy bounty gives me bread with All things, &c.

A table free from strife: (peace, 3. This I know with full conviction, Thy blessing is the staff of bread, As a maxim ever sure,

Which is the staff of life. Christian crosses and affliction

6. The daily favours of my God Do but for a time endure: I cannot sing at large; After winter's frost and snowing Yet humbly can I make this boast,

Smiling summer then appears ; I am the Almighty's charge.

After sadness, pains, and fears, 7. Lord, in the day thou art about Joyful comforts will be flowing:

The paths wherein I tread; All things, &c.

And in the night, when I lie down, 4. Since nor end, nor bounds, nor

Thou art about my bed.

8. O let my house a temple be, In God's mercies can be found, That I and mine may sing



sense :

Hosannas to thy majesty, And sav'd in many dangerous And praise our heavenly King. ways:

(stay, Erskine. He that makes God his staff and

Builds not on sand that glides away. (191.)

T. 151. COMMIT thou every grievance

2. What gain'st thou by thy anxious

caring? Into his faithful hands, What causes thee to pine away

? To his sure care and guidance,

Thy rest and health thou art imWho heaven and earth com


(day : For he, the clouds' director, (mands: By sighs and groans from day to Whom winds and seas obey,

Thou art but adding grief to grief, Will be thy kind protector,

Instead of getting sure relief. And will prepare thy way.

3. O could we be resign'd and quiet, 2. Rely on God thy Saviour,

And rest in God's good providence, So shalt thou safe go on; Build on his grace and favour,

Who oft prescribes us wholesome

diet, So shall thy work be done :

In forms that please not flesh and Thou canst make no advances

By self-consuming care ; To him who chose us for his own, But he his help dispenses, Our wants and cares are fullyknown. When call’d upon by prayer.

4. He knows the hours for joy and 3. Thy faithfulness eternal,

gladness, O Father, certainly

The proper time and proper place; What's good or detrimental

Are we but faithful midst our sadDoth for thy children see:


(praise ; Thee all things serve in nature,

Seek not our pleasure, but his According to thy will ;

He'll come before we are aware, Thou, as the great Creator,

And dissipate our grief and care. Thy counsel dost fulfil.

5. Do thou with faith discharge thy 4. My soul, then, with assurance


(praise; Hope still, be not dismay'd; He will from each encumbrance

Keep God's commands, live to his

Rely on him for preservation, Again lift up thy head:

On whom the whole creation stays: Beyond thy wish extended His goodness will appear,

The man that's truly wise and 'ust, When he hath fully ended

Makes God, and God alone his trust.

G. Neumark. What caus'd thy needless fear.

P. Gerhard.
(193.) 159.

T. 14. (192.) 158.* T. 106. WHEN all thy mercies, O my God, HE that confides in his Creator, My rising soul surveys, Depending on him all his days, Transported with the view, I'm lost Shall be preserv'd in fire and water, In wonder, love, and praiso.

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