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thee ever,

B. Latrobe.

(210.) 173. T. 590. Be our comfort every day ; FATHER of angels and of men,

May the Holy Ghost in each proceeding

(leading : Saviour, who us hast bought, Spirit, by whom we're born again, Favour us with his most gracious

Thus shall we be truly blest,
And sanctified, and taught;
Both in labour and in rest.

Thy glory,, holy Three in One,
Thy people's song shall be, (run, (214.) 177.

T. 185. Long as the wheels of time shall THE Lord bless and keep thee in And thro' eternity.

his favour, 174. T. 581, or 83.

As his chosen property ;

The Lord make his face shine on NOW, with angels round the Cherubim and seraphim, (throne, And be gracious unto thee; And the church which still is one, The Lord lift his countenance Let us swell the solemn hymn:

most gracious

(tious, Glory to the great I AM!

Upon thee, and be to thee propiGlory to the slaughter'd Lamb !

And his peace on thee bestow ; 2. Blessing, honour, glory, might, Amen, Amen, be it so. And dominion infinite, To the Father of our Lord,

|(215.) 178. To the Spirit and the Word ; As it was all worlds before,

YE angels round the throne, Is, and shall be evermore.

And men that dwell below,

Worship the Father, love the Son, (211.) 175.

And bless the Spirit too.
T. 166.

Watts. THAT peace which God alone re- (217.) 179.

veals And by his word of grace imparts,

THE grace of our Lord Jesus Which only the believer feels,

Christ, Direct , and keep, and cheer our The Holy Ghost's communion be

The love of God so highly prized, hearts : And may the holy Three in One,

With all of us most sensibly.

J. de Watteville. The Father, Word, and Comforter Pour an abundant blessing down (218.)

T. 132. On every soul assembled here. NOW sing thou happy church of

Newton. His favour'd congregation, (God, (212.) 176.*

T. 185.

Redeem’d with Jesus' precious

blood WITH thy presence, Lord, our From every tribe and nation: Head and Saviour,

Most holy, blessed Trinity, (thee Bless us all, we humbly pray; For the Lamb slain all praise to Our dear heavenly Father's love Both now and ever. Amen.

and favour

T. 595,

T. 22.




(219.) 181. T. 22. See of the travail of his soul,

And is well satisfied. OUR heavenly Father is not known

5. Peace and good-will are now to To us, but in the Son alone; Most gloriously display'd, (man His mercy, love, and boundless And life eternal we obtain

From God, in Christ our Head. grace We see display'd in Jesus' face. 6. O let us then repeat the theme, 2. O God, how dreadful was thy And ever sing with joyful hearts

Which always sounds above; name, Until the God-man Jesus came;

The wonders of his love. We cannot love nor honour thee, (221.)


T. 22. Unless the Son hath made us free. THOU hast the world so greatly 3. O love, no human tongue can lov'd, O love divíne, unsearchable! (tell! Father, that thou by mercy mov'd The Father gave his only Son Didst give thy well-beloved Son, For guilty sinners to atone. By death for sinners to atone. 4. Can any ill distress my heart, 2. That he all who in him believe, Since God with his own son did Might in thy family receive,

For thou didst deem his sacrifice Whate'er I want can't be denied, An all-sufficient ransom-price. Since Christ for me was crucified. 3. Aschildren we are own'd by thee,

M. Taylor. Since Christ our brother deign'd to (220)

182. BEHOLD what love the Father To us who have in him a part.

We feel thy kind, paternal heart On guilty men bestow'd, (hath That we, who children are of wrath, 4. The whole salvation of thy Son, Should children be of God.

And all his merits make our own;

Yea, grant us richly, for his sake, 2. O how beyond expression great Of heavenly blessings to partake. His love in Christ doth shine!

5. Thou art our Father and our God, 'Tis like himself—the eternal God, Since Christ assum'd our flesh and Past knowledge, all divine.

blood; 3. Behold, for fallen, guilty man,

Therefore in thee our trust we place, The Lord of glory dies;

And give thee never-ceasing praise. Lays down his life us to redeem, A precious sacrifice.

184. T. 205. 4. Now doth our Lord, the Son of FATHER of eternal grace,

Who for us liv'd and died, (God, Glorify thyself in me;


T. 14.


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Meekly beaming in my face,


T. 595. May the world thine image see : Happy only in thy love,

OUR heavenly Father, hear Poor, unfriended, or unknown,

The prayer we offer now; Fix my thoughts on things above, Thy name be hallow'd far and near,

To thee all nations bow; Stay my heart on thee alone.

Thy kingdom come; thy will 2. Humble, holy, all resign'd

On earth be done in love,
To thy will,—thy will be done! As saints and seraphim fulfil
Give me, Lord, the perfect mind

Thy perfect law above.
Of thy well-beloved Son:
Counting gain and glory loss, 2. Our daily bread supply,
May I tread the path He trod, While by thy Word we live ;
Die with Jesus on the cross, The guilt of our iniquity
Rise with him to thee, my God. Forgive, as we forgive :

Montgomery. From dark temptation's power, (224.) 185.

From Satan's wiles defend;
T. 341.

Deliver in the evil hour,
THEE, O my God and King, And guide us to the end.
My Father, thee I sing,

3. Thine, then, for ever be Hear well-pleas’d the joyous sound, Praise from earth and heaven re- The sceptre, throne, and majesty

Glory and power divine ;
ceive :

Of heaven and earth are thine.
Lost, I now in Christ am found,
Dead, by faith in Christ I live.

Thus humbly taught to pray,
By thy beloved Son,

(say, 2. Father, behold thy Son,

Through him we come to thee and In Christ I am thine own :

All for his sake be done. Stranger long to thee and rest,

Montgomery. See, the prodigal is come; Open wide thy arms and breast,

(227.) 187.

T. 14. Take the weary wanderer home. 3. Thine eye observ’d from far, FATHER of all, almighty Lord, Thy pity drew me near :

Our Father, and our God, Me thy bowels yearn'd to see, SinceJesus Christ, the eternalWord, Me thy mercy ran to find,

Assumed our flesh and blood. Empty, poor, and void of thee,

2. Let all with love and filial fear Hungry, sick, and faint, and blind.

Thy sacred name adore ; 4. Thou on my neck didst fall,

O may thy kingdom soon appear, Thy kiss forgave me all.

And spread the world all o'er. Still the gracious words I hear, Words that made the Saviour mine, 3. Help us thy pleasure to fulfil “ Haste, for him the robe

As done by heavenly powers ;

prepare, His be righteousness divine."

Accomplish in us all thy will,
C. Wesley.

And let that will be ours.

4. Our souls and bodies feed, we The watery deep I pass, pray,

With Jesus in my view, With food which thou see'st best, And through the howling wilderness We ask our portion for the day, My pilgrim path pursue. And leave to thee the rest.

4. The goodly land I see, 5. Let mercy pardon all our crimes, With peace and plenty bless'd;

Which justice must condemn; A land of sacred liberty, As some have wrong'd us many And everlasting rest. times,

There milk and honey flow, And we would pardon them. And oil and wine abound ;

And trees of life for ever grow 6. Let not temptation us befal, While here our race we run;

With endless mercy crown'd. But rescue and defend us all

5. There dwells the Lord our King, From sin and the evil' one.

The Lord our righteousness, 7. Thine is the kingdom, thine the Triumphant o'er the world and sin,

O’er angels and o'er men; (power Jesus, the Prince of peace.
The glory too for evermore,

On Sion's sacred height
Is thine: Amen, Amen. His kingdom he maintains,

J. Hart. And glorious, with his saints, in 188.

Enthron'd for ever reigns. (light

T. 595. THE God of Abraham praise,

6. He keeps his own secure, Who reigns enthron'd above;

He guards them by his side, Ancient of everlasting days,

Arrays in garments white and pure Th' almighty God of love.

His blood-bought, spotless bride. Jehovah, Great I Am!

With streams of sacred bliss,

With groves of living joys,
By earth and heaven confess'd :
I bow and bless the sacred name

With all the fruits of paradise

His saints he still supplies. For ever, ever bless'd. 2. The God of Abrahám praise,

7. Before the Three in One At whose supreme command

They all exulting stand, From earth I rise,--and seek the And tell the wonders he hath done Of heaven, at his right hand. (joys With his almighty hand. I all on earth forsake,

The listning spheres attend, Its wisdom, fame and power ;

And swell the growing fame, And him my only portion make,

And sing, in songs which never end,

Jehovah's wondrous name. My shield, my rock and tower. 3. Though nature's strength decay, 8. The whole triumphant host And earth and hell withstand, Give thanks to God on high : To Canaan's bounds I urge my way, 'Hail,Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,' At his divine command.

Eternally they cry :


T. 106.


63 Hail, Abraham's God and mine, Of thy concerns will notice take, I join the heavenly lays; And mercy freely to thee show All might and majesty are thine, And never-ceasing praise.

2. My griefs and cares, to thee well Oliver. (adapted.)


My God, I cast on thee alone, (229.)

In thee is all my trust : DRAW me, O Father, to the Son, Since thou dost govern, I'll be still, That he may draw me unto thee: Into thy hands resign my will, Thy Spirit render me his own, And thank thee prostrate in the And rule without control in me; dust. Shed in my heart thy love abroad, And keep me in thy peace, 0 God. 3. I confidently do believe, (leave,

B. Cresselius. Me, thy poor child, thou wilt not (230.)

T. 79. For thou my Father art: (faith,

Fill thou my soul with love and REJOICE, my soul, God cares for Thus I am rich in life and death, Trust to his word assuredly, (thee, And from thy love nought shall me However things may go:


J. Sachs. Thy heavenly Father, for Christ's


XI. JESUS CHRIST, THE SON OF GOD. (233.) 191. T. 22. That gracious sound well-pleas'd

he hears, MY song shall bless the Lord of all, And owns Immanuel for his name. My praise ascend to his abode : 5. A cheerful confidence I feel, Thee, Saviour, by that name I call, My well-plac'd hopes with joy I see; The great Supreme, the mighty My bosom glows with heavenly God.

zeal, 2. Without beginning or decline, To worship him who died for me. Object of faith, and not of sense ;

6. As man he pities my complaint; Eternal ages saw him shine,

His power and truth are all divine, He shines eternal ages hence.

He will not fail, he cannot faint,

Salvation's sure, and must be mine. 3. As much, when in the manger

Cowper. Almighty ruler of the sky, (laid,

(234.) As when the six days' work he

T. 68.

O ETERNAL Word, made

(joy. Fill'd all the morning-stars with

Jesus Christ, our Lord! (thee,

While the hosts of heaven adore 4. Of all the crowns Jehovah bears, We with awe fall down before Salvation is his dearest claim ;



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