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For evermore to reign: (more, may a lasting union join Thee, Christ, God bless'd for ever- My soul to Christ the living Vine. Our lips confess, our hearts adore : 4. He is the Rock; how firm he Honour and majesty

proves ; Be given to thee

The Rock of ages never moves : Now and eternally.

But the sweet streams that from him (248.) 207.

T. 22. flow, COMÉ,worship at Immanuel's feet; Attend us all the desert through. Behold in him what wonders meet: 5. He is the Sun of righteousness, Words are too feeble to express Diffusing light, and joy, and peace: His worth, his glory, or his grace. What healing in his beams appears, 2. He is the Head; each member To chase our clouds and dry our lives,

tears! And owns the vital power he gives; 6. Yet faintly to us mortals here The saints below, and saints above, His

glory, grace, and worth appear: Join'd by his Spirit and his love.

His beauties we shall clearly trace, 3. He is the Vine; his heavenly root When we behold him face to face. Supplies each branch with life and

Watte. fruit :



T. 203. From all strange doctrines us preCOME, Holy Ghost, come, Lord


No other master may we serve, our God, And shed thy heavenly gifts abroad But Christ, who is our only Saviour:

In him we will confide for ever : On us, and unto every heart True faith and fervent love impart:

Hallelujah. :lla O Lord, who by thy heavenly light, 3. O Holy Ghost, kind Comforter, Hast call'd thy church from sinful Help us with watchfulness and night,

prayer, Out of all nations, tribes and places;l' Midst various trials thee to obey, To thee we render thanks and And never from the truth to stray: praises:

O Lord, by thy almighty grace,

Hallelujah. :Il: Prepare us so to run our race, 2. Thou Light divine, most gracious That we by thy illumination, Revive us by thy holy word, (Lord, May gain heaven's glorious habiAnd teach thy flock in truth to call

tation : On God, the father of us all :

Robert of France, Luther

Hallelujah. ::


T. 14.


T. 4.14. Show us our poverty, relieve O SPIRIT of grace,

And then enrich the poor; Thy kindness we trace,

The knowledge of our sickness In showing to us (Christ's cross.

The knowledge of our cure.(give, That life and salvation proceed from 5. A blessed sense of guilt impart, 2. In darkness we stray'd,

And then remove the load; Until we were led

Trouble, then lead the troubled By thee to believe (receive.

To Christ's atoning blood. (heart

Wesley. That Jesus, our Saviour, will sinners 3. Our hearts thou didst cheer, |(258) 211.

Dispelling all fear;
We humbly could claim (name.

O HOLY Ghost, eternal God Salvation and pardon in Jesus' dear Thou fill'st the soul thro' Jesus'

Descending from above, (blood, 4, Grant us to obey

With faith, and hope, and love. Thy teaching, we pray,

2. Thou comfortest the heavy heart, O spirit of love,

(to prove. And thankful to thee for thy mercies Thou to the dead dost life impart,

By sin and grief oppress'd ; 5. We wish to afford

And to the weary, rest.
To Jesus our Lord,
For his bitter pain, (chosen train.

3. Thy sweet communion charms

the soul, Joy, honour, and glory, midst his 6. O therefore impart

And gives true peace and joy:

Which Satan's power can ne'er Thyself to each heart,

control, That thus we may show,

Nor all his wiles destroy. In our whole behaviour, that Jesus 4. Let no false comfort lift us up we know.

To confidence that's vain ;
Z, and others.

Nor let their faith and courage (257.) 210. T. 14.

droop, COME, blessed Spirit, gracious Who love the Lamb once slain. Lord,

5. Breathe comfort, where distress Thy power to us make known;

abounds, Strike with the hammer of thy word, O make our conscience clean;

And break each heart of stone. And heal, with balm from Jesus' 2. Give us ourselves and Christ to wounds,

In this our gracious day; (know, The festering sores of sin. Repentance unto life bestow,

6. Vanquish our lusts, our pride Christ's pardoning love display. remove, 3. Convince us first of unbelief, Take out the heart of stone;

And freely then release; Show us the Father's boundless Fill every soul with sacred grief, love, And then with sacred peace.

The merits of the Son,

And open

7. The Father sent his Son to die; Look on us in mercy, grant us thy The willing Son obey’d:


(ever, The witness Thou to ratify Our souls and bodies we devote for The purchase Christ hath made.

O Lord, to thee. J. Hart.

2. O thou life-giving stream, the

earth o'erflow, (break through: (259.) 212. T. 582, or 595.

Whatever would obstruct thy course COME Holy Spirit come, O most gracious Spirit, hear our Let thy bright beams arise ;


(trition, Dispel the darkness from our minds, Teach all to turn to Jesus with conall our eyes.

That they may live. 2. Revive our drooping faith,

3. We pray thee fill us all with Our doubts and fears remove; Jesus' love,

(prove : And kindle in our breasts the flame That we may in his service faithful

Of never-ceasing love. Teach us to esteem it the greatest 3. Convince us of our sin,

favour, Then lead to Jesus' blood; With humble, contrite hearts to And to our stubborn hearts reveal serve our Saviour The hidden love of God.

Till we shall rest. 4. 'Tis thine to cleanse the heart, 4. Unto Christ's congregation in To sanctify the soul,

each place To pour fresh life on every part, Grant, 'midst all trials, comfort, And new-create the whole.

peace, and grace : 5. If thou, Q Comforter,

O may all believers, in every station, Thine influence withdraw,

Rejoice in Jesus and in his salvation, What easy victims soon we fall

God Holy Ghost.

2. To conscience and the law ! 6. No longer burns our love; |(262.) 214.

T. 341. Our faith and courage fail ; Our sin revives, and death and hell THOU promis'd Comforter, Our feeble souls assail.

Fruit of the Saviour's prayer, 7. Dwell therefore in our hearts; Thee the world cannot receive; Our minds from bondage free :

Thee they neither know nor see ; Then shall we know, and praise, Dead is all the life they live, and love

Dark their light, while void of The Father, Son, and Thee.


J. Hart. 2. Yet I enjoy thy grace, (261.)

Thro' Christ, my righteousness;

T. 58. Mine the gifts thou dost impart, THOU Comforter aud Guide of Mine the unction from above; Jesus' train,

(dain, Pardon written on my heart, Who dost thyself his ministers or Light, and life, and joy, and love.


T. 14.

3. Thee I exult to feel,

2. No man can truly say Thou in my heart dost dwell ; That Jesus is the Lord, There thou bear'st thy witness true, Unless thou take the veil away,

Shed'st the love of God abroad : And breathe the living word: I, in Christ, a creature new, Then, only then we feel

1, even I, am born of God. Our interest in his blood, 4. Thy gifts, blest Comforter,

And cry with joy unspeakable, I glory to declare :

“Thou art my Lord, my God." Sweetly sure of grace I am, 3. O that the world might know

Pardon to my soul applied, The all-atoning Lamb: Interest in the spotless Lamb; Spirit of faith, descend and show

Dead for all, for me he died. The virtue of his name: 5. Thou art thyself the Seal ;

The grace which all may find, I more than pardon feel :

The saving power impart; Peace, unutterable peace,

O testify to all mankind,
Joy, that ages ne'er can move,

And speak in every heart.
Faith's assurance, hope's increase, (264.) 216.
All the confidence of love.

COME, Holy Spirit, on us breathe 6. Pledge of the promise given, With all thy quickening powers ;

My antepast of heaven, Kindle our love, confirm our faith, Earnest thou of joys divine, Warm these co hearts of ours.

Joys divine on me bestow'd;
Heaven and Christ and all are mine, In the Redeemer's blood;

2. Assure my conscience of her

(part I'm through thee an heir of And bear thy witness in my heart, God.

That I am born of God. 7. Thou art my inward Guide, 3. Thou art the Earnest of his love, I ask no help beside ;

The Pledge of joys to come: Holy Ghost, on thee I call,

O lead us, that we may above Weak as helpless infancy; Obtain our lasting home. Weak I am, yet cannot fall,

Watts. Stay'd by faith, and led by thee. (263.) 215. T. 582. LORD God, the Holy Ghost, SPIRIT of truth, come down,

In this accepted hour, Reveal the things of God,

As on the day of Pentecost,

Descend in all thy power: Make thou to us Christ's Godhead

We meet with one accord

In our appointed place,
Apply his precious blood:
His merits glorify,

And wait the promise of our Lord,

The Spirit of all grace.
That each may clearly see,
Jesus, who did for sinners die, 2. Like mighty, rushing wind

Hąth surely died for me. Upon the waves beneath,


T. 595.


T. 14.

Move with one impulse every mind,|(266.)

T. 14. One soul, one feeling breathe :

COME, Holy Ghost, eternal God, The young, the old inspire With wisdom from above; (fire, Both from the Father and the Son;

Proceeding from above, And give us hearts and tongues of

Thou God of peace and love. To pray, and praise, and love.

2. Thou art the only Comforter 3. Spirit of light, explore

In all our soul's distress; And chase our gloom away,

Thou showest us our unbelief, With lustre shining more and more

And Christ's redeeming grace. Unto the perfect day! Spirit of truth, be thou

3. Thou dost thy sanctifying gifts In life and death our guide!

Unto the church impart; 0, Spirit of adoption, now

Writest God's holy, precious law

On each believer's heart. May we be sanctified !

Montgomery. 4. Thy holy unction power affords 218.

The gospel to proclaim :

By thee enabled, we set forth COME, Holy Ghost, our souls in

Salvation in Christ's name. spire, Let us thine influence prove;

5. Assist and strengthen us, o

Source of the old prophetic fire,
Fountain of life and love.

Thou know'st we all are frail ;

Grant, neither Satan, world, nor 2. Open the hearts of all who hear,

flesh, To make the Saviour room ; Now let us find redemption near, 16. Cause all disharmony and strife

May o'er Christ's flock prevail. Let faith by hearing come. Congregational II. B.

In Christendom to cease ; (265.) 219.

And give to all the flocks of Christ

Love, union, truth, and peace. BREATHE on these bones so dry and dead,


22. God Holy Ghost, thy influence shed In all our hearts abroad : (abounds;

0 COMFORTER, God Holy Point out the place where grace


(stow'st; Direct us to the bleeding wounds Thou heavenly gifts on us beOf Jesus, our incarnate God. The pledge of our salvation art, . 2. Convince us that the Lamb was

And bear'st thy witness in our

heart. slain For

us, and to our minds explain 2. The sheep of Jesus which were The mystery of the cross :

lost, To know, and to be found in him, Thou callest, teaching them to trust Let us our highest gain esteem;

For help, forgiveness, peace, and And for it count all things but loss. grace

Hart. In him, the Lord our righteousness.



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