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(292.) 244. T. 96, or 90. That I thy mercy, truth, and love, THE Lord descended from above,

May by experience know. Our loss of Eden to retrieve;

(294.) 246.

T. 205. O God of mercy, grace and love, If all the world in thee may live, LONG I strove my God to love, In me a quickening spirit be,

Long I strove his laws to keep, And witness thou hast died for me. Fain would fix my thoughts above, 2. Thou loving, all-atoning Lamb, But my striving all prov'd vain,

Faintly hop'd I was his sheep: By all thy pain and agony, (shame, Still I found my heart in pain ; Thy bloody sweat, thy grief and Yet ne'er all my vileness saw, Thy cross and passion on the tree, Till declar'd accurs’d by law. Thy meritorious death, I pray, Take all, take all my sins away.

2. When with sense of guilt op3. I'll be like Magdalen at thy


All my soul was sunk in fear, feet,


Pain and anguish filled my breast; And humbly bathe them with my

Then did Jesus Christ appear : The story of thy love repeat

Not with vengeance in his eyes,
In every mourning sinner's ears;
That all may hear the joyful sound, No, but as a sacrifice
Since I, ev'n I, have mercy found. Glorious offering, precious blood !

Acceptable unto God;
Č. Wesley.

3. He was offer'd on the tree, (293.)

Jesus, the unspotted Lamb; IN thee, O Christ, is all my hope, Worthy truth, great mystery!

My comfort's all in thee; By his blood salvation came Since I'm assur’d thy mercy's nigh, By his stripes mywounds are heal'd,

And that thou stand'st by me. By his death God's love reveal'd; 2. Me, nor the saints on earth can We, once strangers far from God, help,

Are brought nigh by Jesus' blood.

Vincy. Nor angels near the throne : To thee I run, thy help to find, (295.)

247. T. 581, or 83. In thee I trust alone.

SAVIOUR of thy chosen race, 3. I feel the load of sin so vast, View me from thy heavenly It sinks me to the grave :

throne; But let thy blood wash out my sins, Give the sweet relenting grace, Since me thou cam'st to save.

Soften thou this heart of stone: 4. Cloth'd in thy righteousness di- Stone to flesh, O God, convert, 0 may

I see thy face ; (vine, Cast a look, and break my heart. And have the witness from above, 2. By thy Spirit me reprove, That I'm restor'd by grace.

All my inmost sins reveal; 5 On me, thy helpless worm, 0 Sins against thy light and love

A living faith bestow; (Lord, Let me see, and let me feel ;


T. 14.

Sins, that crucified my God, What keeps me back from thee: Sins, for which he shed his blood. Searcher of hearts, in mine 3. Jesus, seek thy wandering sheep,

Thy trying power display ; Make me restless to return;

Into its darkest corners shine, Bid me look on thee and weep,

And take the veil away. Bitterly as Peter mourn :

4. I now believe ; in thee Till I can, by grace restor’d, Compassion reigns alone : Say, “Thou know'st I love thee, According to my faith, to me Lord.

O let it, Lord, be done : 4. Might I in thy sight appear,

In me is all the bar, As the publican, distress'd;

Which thou wouldst fain remove: Stand, not daring to draw near,

Remove it, then shall I declare, Smite on my unworthy breast;

That thou, O God, art love. Utter the poor sinners plea, “God, be merciful to me.”

(297.) 249.

T. 582. 5. Ah, remember me for good,

O LORD, how vile am I, Passing thro’ this mortal vale; How can I venture to draw nigh

Unholy and unclean! Show me thy atoning blood,

With such a load of sin ?
When my strength and courage

And must I then indeed
Let me oft in spirit see (fail :
Jesus, crucified for me.

Sink in despair and die ?
C. J. Latrobe.

Fain would I hope that thou didst

For such a wretch as I. (bleed (296.) 248. T. 582.

2. That blood which thou hast spilt, AH, whither should I


That grace which is thine own, Burden'd, and sick, and faint ? . Can cleanse the vilest sinner's guilt, To whom should I my trouble show, And soften hearts of stone :

And pour out my complaint? Low at thy feet I bow,
My Saviour bids me come, O pity and forgive:
Ah, why should I delay ?

Here will I lie, and wait till thou He calls the weary sinner home, Shalt bid me rise and live And yet from him I stray.

J. Newton. 2. What is it keeps me back, From which I cannot part ?

250. T. 14. Which will not let my Saviour take APPROACH, my soul, the mercyPossession of my heart ?

seat, Some cursed thing unknown Where Jesus answers prayer;

Must surely lurk within, There humbly fall before his feet, Some idol, which I will not own, For none can perish there. Some secret bosom-sin.

2. Thy promise is my only plea, 3. Jesus, the hindrance show, With this I venture nigh; Which I have fear'd to see; Thou callest burden'd souls to thee,

And such, O Lord, am I. Yea, let me now consent to know

3. Bow'd down beneath a load of Self-convicted, self-abhorr'd,

By Satan sorely prest; (sin, I approach thee, dearest Lord. By war without, and fears within,

2. Known to thee, whose eyes are I come to thee for rest.

I thy love and pity claim : (flame, 4. Be thou my shield and hiding. With an eye of love look down ; place!

Help me, Lord, O help me soon. That, shelter'd near thy side, I may my fierce accuser face, 3. Break, o break this heart of And tell him, Thou hast died.

Form it for thy use alone : (stone;

Bid each vanity depart; 5. Oh wondrous love! to bleed and To bear the cross and shame, (die,

Build thy temple in my heart. That guilty sinners, such as I, 4. This be my support in need,

Might plead thy gracious name. That thou didst so freely bleed: 6. “Poor tempest-tossed soul, be All my joys and hopes arise still,

From thy bleeding sacrifice. My promis'd grace receive :"

5. This confirms me when I'm Tis Jesus speaks-I must, I will,

weak, I can, I do believe.

Comforts me when I am sick,

J. Newton. Gives me courage when I faint, (298.) 251. T. 14. Well supplies my every want. THE mist before my eyes remov’d, 6. Saviour, to my heart be near, With wonder struck I

see, Exercise thy shepherd-care ; Dear Lord, the black, the numerous Guard my weakness by thy grace, crimes,

Fill my soul with heavenly peace. By which I've grieved thee.

Countess Huntingdon's H. 2. These were the unrelenting foes, Which made thee groan and cry;

(300.) Which made thee shed thy precious OH how great, how rich, how free,

And bow thy head and die. (blood, Is the grace which Christ bestows ! 3. Thy love hath thaw'd my frozen Only cast your misery heart,

At the foot of Jesus' cross; And caus'd my tears to flow; Weeping at the throne of grace I now abhor that monster, Sin, Lie, and never quit the place,

And shun him as my foe. Never till your suit's obtain'd, 4. I trust my guilt was done away, Never till the blessing's gain'd.

By my incarnate God,
Who felt, to atone for man's offence, (301.) 254.
The sin-avenging rod.

NOTHING but thy blood, O Jesus, (299.) 252. T. 11. Can to us afford relief; (us, HEAR, O Jesus, my complaints, Nothing else from guilt release Known to thee are all my wants: Nothing else assuage our grief:


T. 205.


T. 16.

T. 151. (305.)

T. 36.

2. Nothing else can ease our bur Ah, who could guiltless stand ?
Jesus' precious blood alone (den: But mercy interceding,
Can produce a sense of pardon, My Saviour's ransom pleading
And dissolve a heart of stone. For me, I'm sav'd by thy com-

Hart. mand. (303.) 255.

257.* O GOD of all compassion, LORD Jesus Christ if thou wert Attend thy suppliant's cry,

not my Saviour, And grant me thy salvation, Were not thy blood still pleading Or I must faint and die :

in my favour, (the needy, A sinner, but relenting,

Where should I, poorest among all O’erwhelm’d with deepest grief,

Find succour ready? Falls at thy feet, repenting,

2. What should I do, a sinner vile O grant him quick relief.

and wretched, 2. Blest Jesus, gracious Saviour, Were not thy arms of love to me Great Lord of all above,

outstretched ? (lation, Extend to me thy favour,

But thou my refuge art, my consoThe gift of pardoning love :

And whole salvation. While strength and spirits lan

Gregor. And feeble hopes decay; (guish,

258. Save, save my soul from anguish, (306.)

T. 36. And wash my guilt away. WITH deeply humbled hearts, we

make confessions, (304.) 256. T. 79. Lord, of our sins and manifold Out of the deep I cried

transgressions; (unmeasur'd To thee, my God, and sighed; But thou art merciful, and grace Hear thou my voice, O Lord,

In thee is treasur'd. Regard my supplication : 2. Before thy cross we bow with I wait for thy salvation ;

(word. self-conviction, My hope and trust are in thy Bewail our sins, implore thy bene2. To thee I make confession:

diction :

(mation If thou shouldst mark transgres- O grant forgiveness and a confirsion,

Of our salvation.


XV. FAITH. (307.) 259.* T. 167. The church's everlasting Head, ÈRE we know our lost condition, Lord of the living and the dead. Ere we feel our inbred woe, 2. All things were made by Christ And exclaim with deep contrition, the Word, To be sav'd, what must I do? By Christ was man to life restor'd; Nought can yield true consolation, The prophets, strong in faith and Vain is all our righteousness :

bold, Faith alone in Christ's oblation

His coming in the flesh foretold. Gives the conscience rest and peace. 3. Abram rejoic'd to see his day, 2. Living faith, with clearest vision, David proclaim’d Messiah's sway, Sees the Lamb upon the throne, Isaiah too his glory saw, And in him a full provision, And spake of him with holy awe. Righteousness and peace, our own: 4. 'Tis sure that by his bitter pain Then our days are mark’d with He for mankind did life obtain, blessing,

Did for his church on earth atone, Then our hearts with rapture glow; And for the ransom'd round the Streams of comfort, rich, unceasing,

throne. From the wounds of Jesus flow.

5. Wherefore we love the Lamb (308.)

T. 167.

who died ;
AS the serpent, rais'd by Moses, We glory in Christ crucified;
Heal'd the fiery serpent's bite, Those who in him no Saviour see,
Jesus thus himself discloses Belong not to our company.
To the wounded sinner's sight;

6. Our theme within the church Hear his gracious invitation :

shall be

(agony; “ I have life and peace to give; Christ's wounds, his griefs and I have wrought out full salvation, Our theme, when to the world we Sinner, look to me and live."

call, 2. Dearest Saviour, we adore thee, His blood, the ransom paid for all. For thy precious life and death ; Melt each stubborn heart before (311.) 262. T. 22. Give us all the eye of faith : (thee, FAITH comes by hearing God's From the law's condemning sen record To thy mercy we appeal; (tence Concerning Jesus Christ the Lord; Thou alone canst give repentance, The happy means, which heaven Thou alone our souls canst heal. hath bless'd,

J. Newton. To bring us to the gospel-rest. (310.)

T. 22. 2. The joyful sound is news of IN holy writ it is avow'd, (God, grace, That Christ was Israel's covenant Redemption of a fallen race,


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