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Growth of Plants. --Situation and Exposure. Heat. - Moisture. - Temperature of Room.- Ventilation.- Washing. - Syringing.- Watering.

Choice of Pots. - Window Flower Tables. - Window Shelves.


Potting. - Manuring. ---Soil. - Peat. Loam. Sand. - Leaf Mould.

Manure. - Proportions of Each. - Insects. - Green Fly. - Mealy Bug. -- Scale. - Red Spider. -- Pruning.

Ogrow plants to perfection in a room

is not an easy thing. To insure any degree of success, a careful and con

stant attention to details is necessary.

These details are all little things in themselves; they seem almost trivial; but

their observance is imperative, if we would

have our plants in healthy foliage and profuse

bloom. It is by the neglect of all, or some of

these, that plants grown in rooms usually present

such a diseased, unhealthy appearance.

Any one of us can call to mind some friend, who, as we

say, is always successful with flowers; has blossoms when

no one else can, and whose plants are models of health and beauty. We laughingly say, the flowers are his friends;

he knows them, and they bloom for him; and so it is, in

fact; he knows their peculiarities, attends to their wants, feeds them properly, affords the requisite light and air. Is it then a wonder that for him the grateful flowers put on

their richest dress of green, and reach out their perfumed blossoms

But before we give rules for growing window plants, let us look at these little things, which may come under the head of general instructions. And, first, the


We have decided to grow window plants, and we must now choose our window. Let it, if possible, face the east

or south; that is, be one which receives the full rays of the morning sun. If we are unfortunate enough not to have such a window, choose the one having the most sun; the

afternoon sun is better than none at all. There are very few plants which will flourish without sunlight, and, as a general rule, the more we can obtain the better. If you have a bay window, looking south, you need ask nothing



If possible, choose a room where the temperature at night never falls below forty to forty-five degrees. Let this heat be maintained by an open fire, or by an air-tight stove, on which a large pan of water should be constantly evaporating. A furnace is injurious to plants, by reason

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