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Right Reverend Father in G O D,


Late Lord Bishop of Rochester, and
Dean of Westminster,

Published from the Originals

By Thomas Moore,d.d.

His Lordship's Chaplain.


Printed by George James in Little-Britain
And fold by C. Davis, in Pater-Nosier-Row.

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The Publisher's


THE following Sermons being the Genuine Works of that Great, but Unfortunate Prelate, whose Name they hear, {as I assure the Wwld, hating the Errors of the Press, they all of them are, and as the inimitable Style in which they are written, proves them to he) there needs no Apology for the Publication of them: That they are His, is sufficient to justify A z their

their Appearance in Print; and to recommend them likewise to the Reader; For his Enemies and Friends seem all to agree in this Part of his CharaUer, 7}>at he mas as Judicious, InJlruBive, Convincing, Perfwasve, and Delightful a Preacher, as ever England }>red.

the only Excuse therefore, that I think myself obliged to make on this Occasion, is, for not Publishing more of them, than what are contained in these two Volumes; for every one npill naturally conclude, that he left a great many more behind him, having been a constant Preacher for about Twenty Tears, and an occasional one $ great deal longer,

the The true Reafon of my not doing it then is this. He burnt a good many of them himfelf at Paris, and, by a Writing found among what were left, Jignifed, that thefe were the only ones fit to be Printed, fo that, without ailing contrary to the Bi/hop's Opinion of his own Performances, of which He was certainly the bejl Judge, no more could, and therefore no more ought to be Publijhed: And it being from thence refolded, that no more ftiould, the only effectual Way of preventing it was, to committ the rejl to the Flames. Which was accordingly done, in my Prefence, by William Morice, E/^j his Dutiful and Wirthy Son-in-Law, and Executor. To whom I take this Opportunity of Acknowledging myfelf much obliged for feveral conjiderable Acls of A .5 Friendjhip;

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