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Revivals.-Missouri Presbytery.


FOR THE CARISTIAN HERALD. Extract of a letter lately received from Rev.'J. Dunlap, Missionary

in the western part of the State of New York. " In the course of 17 months, I have formed 6 churches in the wilderness, administered the Lord's Supper 17 times, and received 125 persons into the visible church. There is evidently an increased desire for the word of reconciliation in all the churches I have formed except one.

Many otbers who are destitute, are earnestly entreating for some one to break to them the bread of life. Had I ten assistants, we could not supply all in this quarter of the State, who would willingly attend the ordinances of God : Oh Lord, thrust forth into the barvest faithful labourers."

We are informed that in Washington County, Pennsylvania, for several months past, a more than common attention to divine things is manifested, particularly in the congregation of the Rev. Thomas Hoge of Upper Ten Mile, in which several persons are subjects of deep conviction. A prayer-meeting held by a few in this Church for more than three years past, had become so poor ly attended that it seemed as if the Spirit of grace and of supplie cation bad departed,--yet a few continued to breathe out their ardent prayers at the throne of mercy, and the Lord wibo regarde eth the breathings of faith, was pleased to restore unto them the joy of his salvation, and now the school-house where their social meetings are held, is filled with solemn worshippers of the God of mercy, and humble penitents, who seek Jesus the Divine Shepherd in the green pastures of his ordinances. [Rel. Rememb.]

The people ap

Agreeably to a resolution of the Synod of Tennessee, a Presbytery has recently been constituted in the Missouri Territo ry. in a letter from the Rev. 4. Giddings to the Editor of the Chillicothe Recorder, dated 17th of last January, this interesting fact is thus noticed :-" Through a great proportion of this country, there is an increased attention to religion. pear more anxious to hear the word of God preached, and to enjoy ihe means of grace. When I came to this country, in April, 1816, there was not a Presbyterian church nor clergy man in the terrilory. Now, there are four regularly organized churches and four clergymen. We met on the 18th of December, according to appointment of Synod, and constituted a Presbytery, known by the name of “ Missouri Presbytery.” We prepared an address, which will be published, probably next week, in the Missouri Gazette printed at this place. I mention these things, as you may not have heard them, and as they may afford satisfaction to you and the friends of Zion; and that thus you and we, who are labouring in this bitherto neglected part of the vineyard, may rejoice togeth. er that our labour is not in rain in the Lord.”



American Bible Society, &c.

ANECDOTE. DIGNIFIED CONDUCT OF A YOUNG LADY Eliza Embert, a young Parisian, resolutely discarded a gentleman to whom she was to have been married the next day, because he ridiculed religion. Having given him a gentle reproof, be replied, " That a man of the world would not be so old-fashioned as to regard God and Religion.” Eliza immediately started !-- but soon recovering herself, said, . From this moment, when I discover that

you do not respect religion, ļ cease to be yours. He who. does not love and honour God, can never love his wife constantly and sincerely

AMERICAN BIBLE SOCIETY. The Editor has the satisfaction to be enabled to state, that the number of auxiliaries to this National Institution, as far as can be ascertained at present, is about one hundred and fifty. He is preparing a list of those Societies, but not being able to complete it in time for this number, it must necessarily be deferred to the next volume. In the meanwbile he will be thankful for the communication of Reports or other documents which inay furnish the correct designation of the several auxiliaries, together with the names and places of residence of their principal officers, say, the President, corresponding Secretary, and Treasurer; likewise for the date of their formation, and the time when they became auxiliary. If. a correct list of other Bible Societies in the United States, with the names of their principal officers, &c. can be obtained in time, it will be published togetber with the first mentioned.


We omitted to mention in our last, that the first edition of 2000 copies of the octavo Bible from the stereotype plates of the American B. S., was finished printing the last of February. We have now to announce that a quantity are bound and ready to be delivered to applicants. A second edition of 2000 copies of this Bible is in the press, and may be expected out the latter end of April.

TO SUBSCRIBERS. In the last Number notice was given of the contemplated alteration as to the place whence this publication is to be issued the ensuing year. 'Subscribers are now informed, that arrangements have been made by the Editor, to publish it at the Bookstore of MR. W. B. GILLEY, No. 92 Broadway; where the books of the Christian Herald will be kept, payments for subscriptions received, and new subscriptions taken. Communications relating to the same may be either left there, or conveyed to the Editor through the Post Office. The following Numbers being wanted to complete several sets of the Christian Heràld, namely, of the first volume, No. 10, 11, 12, and 19,--and of the fourth volume, No. 3, 4, and 5,--the cost price,-six cents for each, will be given for several copies, provided they be furnished in a good and perfect state, and within a reasonable period.



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