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1 My sin's incurable disease,

Thou, Jesus, thou alone canst heal; Inspire me with thy power and peace,

And pardon on my conscience seal. 5 A touch, a word, a look from thee,

Can turn my heart and make it clean; Purge the foul inbred leprosy,

And save me from my bosom-sin. 0 Lord, if thou wilt, I do believe

Thou canst the saving grace impart; Thou canst this instant now forgive,

And stamp thipe image on my heart. 7 My heart, which now to thee I raise,

I know thou canst this moment cleanse; The deepest stains of sin efface,

And drive the evil spirit hence. 8 Be it according to thy word!

Accomplish now thy work in me; And let my soul, to health restor'd, Devote its little all to thee!

Hymn 41. L. M.



My drooping soul exults to hear; Thy name, thy all-restoring name,

Is music in a siuncr's car. 2 Sinners of old thou didst receive,

With comfortable words and kind; Their sorrows cheer, their wants relieve,

Heal the diseas'd, and cure the blind.



3 And art thou not the Saviour still,

lo every place and age the same Hast thou forgot thy gracious skill,

Or lost the virtue of thy name? 4 Faith in thy changeless name I have,

The good, the kind Physician, thou Art able now our souls to save,

Art willing to restore them now. Tho' eighteeu hundred years are past,

Since thou didst in the flesh appear; Thy tender mercies ever last,

And still thy healing power is here.
6 Wouldst thou the body's health restore,

And not regard the sin-sick soul?
The sip-sick soul thou lov'st much more

And surely thou wilt make it whole.
7 All my disease, my every sin,
To thee, O Jesus, I confess :

In pardon, Lord, my cure begin;

And perfect me in holiness.
8 That token of thine utmost good,

Now, Saviour, now on me bestow;
And purge my conscience with thy blood,

And wash my nature wbite as snow..


Hymn 42. P. M.
PAPPY sout, that free from barms,

Who his quiet shalt molest?:

bo shall violate his rcst:

Jesus doth his spirit bear,
Jesus takes his every care;
He who found the wand'ring sheep,
Jesus still delights to keep. --
2 O that I might so believe,

Steadfastly to Jesus eleave;
On his only love rely,
Smile at the destroyer nigh..
Free from sin and servile fears
Have my Jesus ever near;
All his care rejoice to prove;
All his paradise of love.
3 Jesus, seek thy wand'ring sheep,

Bring me back, and lead and kcer;
Take on thee my every care,
Bear me, on thy bosom bear;,
Let me know my Shepherd's voice;
More and more in thee rejoice;
More and more of thee receive,

Ever in thy Spirit live..
4 Live, till all thy life I know,

Perfect through my Lord below;
Gladly then from earth remove,
Gather'd to the fold above :
O that I at last may stand
With the sheep at thy right band;
Take the crown so freely given,
Enter in by thee to heaven.

Hymn 43. P. M. *AKER, Saviour of mankind,

Who hast on me bestow'd An immortal soul, desigu'd

To be the house of Gode


Come, and now reside in me,

'Never, never to remove,
Make me just and good, like thee,

Apd full of power and love. 2 Bid me in thine image rise,

A saint, a creature new;
True, and merciful, and wise,

And pure, and happy too;
This thy primitive design,

That I should in thee be blest:
Should within thine arms divine,

For ever, ever rest.
3 Let thy will in me be done;

Fulfil my heart's desire,
Thee to know, and love alone,

And rise in raptures higher.
Thee descending on a cloud,

With ravish'd eyes I see;
Then shall I be fill'd with God
To all eternity!

Hymn 44. P. M. 1 OD of my salvation, hear,


Simply do I now draw pear,

Thy blessing to receive;
Full of guilt, alas! I am,

But to thy wounds for refuge flee:
Friend of sinners, spotless Lamb,

Thy blood was shed for me. 2 Standing now as newly slain,

To thee I lift inine eye,
Balm of all my grief and pain,

Thy blood is always nigh.

Hymn 46. C. M.
OD of all grace and majesty,

Supremely great and good,
If I have mercy found with thee,

Through the atoning blood :
The guard of all thy mercies give,

And to my pardon join
A fear, lest I should ever grieve

Thy gracious Spir't divine. 2 If mercy is indeed with thee,

May I obedient prove,
Nor e'er abuse my liberty,

Or sin against thy love:
This choicest fruit of faith bestow

On a poor sojourner;
And let me pass my days below

Io humbleness and fear.
3 Still may ! walk as in thy sight,

My strict Observer see;
And thou by rev'rent love, unite

My child-like heart to thee:
Still let me, till my days are past,

At Jesu's feet abide:
So shall he list me up at last,
And seat me by his side.

Hymn 47. C. M. 'I WANT a principle

within, jealous A sensibility of sin,

A pain to feel it near.

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