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2 All heaven thou fill'st with pure desire;

O shine upon my frozen breast; With sacred love my beart inspire,

Let me thy hidden sweetness taste. 3 I see thy garments roll'd in blood,

Thy streaming head, thy hands, thy side; All bail, thou suff'ring, conqu’ring God!

Now man shall live, for God hath died. 4 0 killin me this rebel sin,

And triumph o'er my willing breast! Restore thine image, Lord, therein,

And lead me to thy Father's rest. 5 Let earthly love be far away:

Saviour, be thou my love alone; No more may mine usurp the sway;

Ia me thy only will be done.
6 And thou, trae Witness, spotless Lamb,

All things for thee I count but loss;
My sole desire, my constant aim,
Dy only glory, be thy cross.

Hymn 125. C. M.
Set your affections on things above. Col. iii. 2.

IFT L'Feuers of the Lamb,

up your hearts to things above, And join with us to praise his love,

And glorify his nanje.
2 To Jesu's name give thanks and sing,

Whose mercies never end;
Rejoice! Rejoice! the Lord is King!

The King is now our Friend!

3 We for his sake count all things loss,

On earthly good look down : And joyfully sustain the cross,

Till we receive the crown. 4 O let us stir cach other up,

Our faith by works t approve,
By boly, purifying hope,

And the sweet task of love.
5 Let all who for the promise wait,

The Holy Ghost receive;
And rais'd to our unsinning state,

• Witli God in Eden live!
6 Live, till the Lord in glory come,

And wait his heaven to share ! He now is fitting up your bome! Go on, we'll meet you there.

Hymn 126. C. M. And bringing into captivity every thought to the

obcdience of Christ. 2 Cor. x. 4. 1

Nor farther proceed How should I longer live in sin,

Who unto sin am dead ? 2 A new and hol life I live,

And fashion'd to his death, His resurrection's power receive,

And by his Spirit breathe. 3 For ever be his name ador'd

For what I have receiv'd :
I have embrac'd the gospel word,
And with my heart bellev'd.

AWAY amin eh nog beter voelech: lodge within,

4 Jesus can to the utmost save;

On Jesus I depend;
My fruit to holiness I have,
And shall in glory end.

Hyın 127. L. M.
Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in

all wisdom. Col. iii. 16. 1 IN NTO thy gracious hands I fall,

And with the arnis of faith embrace! O King of glory, hear my call!

O raise me, heal me, by thy grace! 2 Still let thy wisdom be my guide,

Nor take thy flight from me away; Still let with me thy grace abide,

That I from thee inay never stray. 3 Let thy word richly in me dwell;

Thy peace and love my portion be; My joy t'endure and do thy will,

Till perfect I am found in thee.
4 From faith to faith, from grace to grace,

So in thy streøgth shall I go op;
Till heaven and earth flee from thy face,
And glory end what grace begun.

Hymn 128. L. M.
And thine ears shall hear a voice behind thee,

saying, This is the way, walk ye in it. Isa. XXX. 21. [F now I have acceptance found With thee, or favour in thy sight.


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Still with thy grace and truth surround,

And arm me with thy Spirit's might. 2 O may I hear thy warning voice,

And timely fly from danger near, With rev'rence unto thee rejoice,

And love thee with a filial fear. 3 Still hold my soul in second life,

And suffer not my feet to slide : Support me in the glorious strife,

And comfort me on every side. 4 O give me faith and faith's increase;

Finish the work begun in me; Preserve my soul in perfect peace,

And let me always rest on thee. 5 O let thy gracious Spirit guide

And bring me to the promis'd land:
Where righteousness and peace reside,

And all submit to love's coinmand. 6 A land where milk and honey flow,

And springs of pure delights arise,
Delights which I shall shortly know,
When I segain my paradise.

Hymn 129. S. M.

if we live in the Spirit, let us also walk in the

Spirit. Gal. v. 25. 1 O

COME, and dwell in me,

Spirit of power within :
And bring the glorious liberty

From sorrow, fear, and sin.

2 This inward dire disease,

Spirit of bealth remove,
Spirit of finish'd holiness,

Spirit of perfect love. 3 Hasten the joyful day,

Which shall my sins consume:
When old things shall be done away,

And all things new become. 4 I want the witness, Lord,

That all I do is right,
According to thy will and word,

Well pleasing in thy sigbt. 5 I nothing ask beside;

Indulge me but in this;
And soon or late my spirit guide
To my eternal bliss.

Hymn 130. L. M. God is greater than our heart. 1 John iii. 21. 1

And make thy faithful mercies known; The mind which was in thee impart;

Thy constant mind in us be shown. 2 0 let us by thy cross abide,

Thce, only thee resolv'd to know, The Lamb for sinners crucified,

A world to save from endless wo. 3 Take us into thy people's rest,

And we from our own works sball cease; With thy meek Spirit arm our breast,

And keep our minds in perfect peace.


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