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Make we mention of his love,

Pablish we his praise below:
Call'd together by his grace,

We are met in Jesu's name;
See with joy each other's face,

Foli'wers of the bleeding Lamb. 2 Let us then sweet counsel take,

How to make our calling supe;
Our election how to make,

Past the reach of hell secure;
Build we each the other up,

Pray we for our faith's increase;
Solid comfort, settled hope,

Constant joy, and lasting peace. 3 More and moro let love abound:

Let us pever, never rest,
Till we are in Jesus found,

Of our paradise possest :
He removes the flaming sword,

Calls us back, from Eden driven:
To his image here rester'd,
Soon he takes us up to heaven!

Hymn 137. S. M.
Pray for one another. James vi 16.

PART FIRST. 1 AVIOUR of sinful men,

Thy goodness we proclaim, Which brings us here to meet again,

And triumph in thy name. 2 Thy mighty name hath been

Our safeguard and our tow'r,

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Hath sav'd us from the world and sin,

And the accuser's power. 3 Jesus, take a}l the praise,

That still on earth we live;
Unspotted in so foul a place,

And innocently grieve! 4 We sball from sinners flee,

When perfected in love; And haste to better conipany, Who wait for us above.

Hymn 138. S. M. And willing rather to be absent from the body, and to be present with the Lord. 2 Cor. v. 8.


Our friends that went before, We soon in paradise shall find,

And meet to part no more. 2 There all our griefs are spent,

There all our sorrows end; We cannot there the fall lament

of a departed friend! 3 No slightest touch of pain,

Nor sorrow's least alloy, Can violate our rest, or stain

Our purity of joy: 4 In that eternal day

No clouds or tempests rise; There gushing tears are wip'd away

For erer from our eyes,

Hymn 139. P. M. Through much tribulation. Acts xiv. 22. 1 ESUS, to thee our hearts we lift,

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With thanks for thy continued gist,

That still thy gracious name we know; Retain our sense of sins forgiven,

And wait for all our ioward heaven. 2 What mighty troubles hast thou shorn

Thy feeble, tempted followers bere! We have through fire and water gone;

Put saw thee on the floods appear; But felt thee present in the flame,

And shouted our Deliverer's name. 3 Thou who bast kept us to this hour,

O keep us faithful to the end!
When rob'd in majesty and power,

Our Jesus shall from beaven descend,
His friends an, confessors to own,
And seat us on his glorious throne.

Hymn 140. S. M.

Might feel after him and find him. Acts xvii, 27. 'J

CESUS, we look to thee,

Thy promis'd presence claim: Thou in the midst of us shalt be,

Assembled in thy name. 2 Thy name salvation is,

Which here we come to provej: 3

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Thy naine is life, and health, and peace,

And everlasting love.
3 Not in the name of pride,

Or selfishness we meet,
From nature's paths we turn aside,

And worldly thoughts forget.
4 We meet, the grace to take,

Which thou hast freely given;
We meet on earth for thy dear sakę,

That we may meet in heaven.
5 Presen't we know thou art;

But I thyself reveal!
Now, Lord, let every bounding heart

The mighty comfort feel!
6 O may thy quick’ning voice

The inbred sin remove!
And bid our innost souls rejoice,
In hope of perfect love.

Hymn 141. C. M. Receive ye the Holy Ghost. John xx. 22. 1 AVIOUR, with us assembled bere,

Come, and thyself reveal!
Son of the living God, appear!

Let us thy presence feel.
2 Breathe on us, Lord, in this our day,

And these dry boues shall live:
Speak peace into our hearts, and say,

* The Holy Ghost receive!"


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3. Cause us the record to receive!

Speak, and the tokens show : “O be not faithless, but believe “In me, who died for you!"

Hymn 142. P. M. Tro are better than one. Eccl. iv. 9. WO are better far than one,

For counsel or for fight;
How can one be warm alone,

Or serve his God aright?
Join we then our hearts and havds;

Each to love provoke his friend,
Run the


of his commands,
And keep it to the end.
2 Wo to him whose spirits droop!

To him who falls alone!
He hath none to list him up,

To help his weak ness on:
Happier we each other keep;

We each other's burdens bear, Never need our footsteps slip,

Upheld by mutual prayer. 3 O that all of us might prove

The fellowship of saints!
Fiud supplied in Jesu's love,

What every member wants !
Grasp we our high calling's prize,

Feel our sins on earth forgiven, Rise, in his whole image rise,

And meet our Head in heaven.

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