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6 O let me never blush to own

The glorious gospel word;
Which saves a world through faith alone,
Faith in a dying Lord !

Hymn 209. S. M.
Fight the good fight of faith. 1. Tim. vi. 12.
"I THE good fight have fought,"

O when shall I declare?
The vict'ry by my Saviour got,

I long with Paul to share. 2 O may I triumph so,

When all my warfare's past;
And dying, find my latest foe

Under my feet at last!
3 This blessed word be mine,

Just as the port is gain'd;
" Kept by se power of grace divine,

“ I have the faith maintain'd." 4 The apostles of my Lord,

To whom first was given,
They could not speak a greater word,
Nor all the saints in heaven.

Hymn 210. S. M.
I am the good Shepherd. Johu x. 11.

VAE Lord my shepherd is,


Since he is mine, and I am his,
What can I want beside?


2 ite leads me to the place,

Where heavenly pasture grows;
Where living waters gently pass,

And full salvation tows. 3 While he affords his aid,

I caonot yield to fear :
Tho'l should walk thro' death's dark shade,

My Sbepherd's with me there. 4 Amidst surroundiog foes,

He does my table spread;
My cup with blessings overflows,

And joy exalts my head. 5 The bounties of his love

Shall crowy my following days;
Nor from his hoase will I remove,
Nor cease to speak his praise.

Hymn 211. P. M.
The fulness of him that filleth all in all.

Eph. i. 23. }

For whom we now lift up oor voice,
And all our strength exert;
Vouchsafe the grace we humbly claim:
Compose into a solemo frame,

And tune thy people's heart.
2 While in the heavenly work we join,..
Thy glory be our whole design,

(Thy. glory, not our own :)
Still let us keep our end in view,
And still the pleasing task pursue,

To please our God alone.

3 'To magnify thy awful name,
To spread the honours of the Lamb,

Let us our voices raise :
Our souls and bodies' powers unite,
Regardless of our own delight,

And dead to human praise.
4. Then let us praise our common Lord,
And sweetly join with one accord,

Thy goodness to proclaim :
Jesus, thyself in us reveal,
Apd all our faculties shall feel
Thy harmonizing name.
Hymn 212

C. M.

They watch for your souls as they that must

give account. Heb. xiii. 17.
1 ,

And take th’alarm they give;
Now let them from the mouth of God

Their awful charge receive.
2 'Tis not a cause of small import,

The pastor's care demands;
But what might fill an angel's beart,

And fill'd a Saviour's hands. 3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord

Did heavenly bliss forego;
For souls, which must for ever live.

In raptures, or in wo.
4 And to the great tribunal haste,

Th' account to render there; And shouldst thou strictly mark our faults,

Lord, where should we appear!

5 May they, that Jesus whom they preach,

Their own Redeemer, see;
And watch thou daily o'er their souls,
That they may watch for thee.

Hymn 213. S. M. Wherefore, take unto you the whole armour of

God. Eph. vi. 13.
IQUIP me for the war,

And teach my hands to fight;
My simple, upright heart prepare,

And guide my words aright. 2 Control my every thought;

My whole of sin renove;
Let all my works in thee be wrought,

Let all be wrought in love. 3 O arm me with the mind,

Meek Lamb, that was in thee! And let my knowing zeal be joiu'd

With perfect charity.
4 With calm and temper'd zeal,

Let me enforce thy call;
And vindicate thy gracious wil,

Which offers life to all. 5 O may I love like thee!

In all thy footsteps tread; Thou hatest all iniquity,

But nothing thou hast made. 6 O may I learn the art,

With meekness to reprove!
And hate the sin with all my heart,

But still the sinner love.

Hymn 214. L. M. For I will give you a mouth and wisdom.

Luke xxi. 15.


Send forth this messenger of thine ;

, His hands confirm, his heart inspire,

And touch his lips with hallow'd fire.
2 Be thou his mouth, and wisdoin, Lord,

Thou by the hammer cof thy word,
The rocky hearts in pieces break,

And bid the son of thunder speak. 3 To those who would their Lord embrace,

Give him to preach the word of grace;
Sweetly their yielding bosoms move,

And melt them with the fire of love. 4 Let all with thankful hearts confess,

The welco:ne messenger of peace:
Thy pow'r in his report be found,
And let thy feet behind him sound.

Hymn 215. L. M.
Speak unto them all that I command thee; be

not dismayed at their faces. . Jer. i. 17. 1

*TEEL me to shame, reproach, disgrace ; Set like a Aint my steady face;

Harden to adamant my brow. 2 Bold may I wax, exceeding bold,

My high commission to perform ;

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