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Nor shrink thy harshest truths t' unfold, But more than meet the gath'ring storm. 3 Adverse to earth's rebellious throng, Still may I turn my fearless face; Stand as an iron pillar strong,

And steadfast as a wall of brass.

4 Give me thy might, thou God of pow'r, Then let, or men, or fiends assail; Strong in thy strength, I'll stand a tow'r, Impregnable to earth or hell.

Hymn 216. C. M.

Therefore behold, I will this once cause them to know mine hand, and my might. Jer, xvi. 21.

1 ON


NCE more we come before our God,
Once more his blessing ask:

O may not duty seem a load,

Nor worship prove a task.

2 Father, thy quick'ning Spirit send
From heaven, in Jesu's name,
To make our waiting minds attend,
And put our souls in frame.

3 May we receive the word we hear,
Each in an honest heart;

And keep the precious treasure there,
And never with it part.

4 To seek thee all our hearts dispose;
To each thy blessings suit ;

And let the seed thy servant sows,
Produce a copious fruit.

Hymn 217. C. M.

Nevertheless I am not ashamed.

2 Tim. i. 12.

1 M not asham'd to own my Lord,
Or to defend his cause;

Maintain the honour of his word,
The glory of his cross.

2 Jesus, my God! I know his name;
His name is all my trust;
Nor will he put my soul to shame,
Nor let my hope be lost.

3 Firm as his throne his promise stands,
And he can well secure
What I've committed to his hands,
Till the decisive hour.

4 Then will he own my humble name
Before his Father's face;

And in the new Jerusalem
Appoint my soul a place.

Hymn 218.

P. M.

HEPHERD of souls, the great, the good,

S Who on thy servant's side hast stood,

And blest my ministry;
Ready my prosper'd course to end,
I to thy guardian love commeud

The flock receiv'd from thee.

2 Beneath thy wings, their sure defence,
Protected by Omnipotence,

Thy most distinguish'd care;
The lambs and sheep of thy own fold,
Now in thy book of life enroll'd,
Preserve for ever there.

ON THE SPREAD OF THE GOSPEL All the ends of the earth shall see the salvation of our God. Isa. lii, 10.

Having the everlasting Gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people. Rev. xiv. 6.


Hymn 219. L. M.

For Zion's sake will I not hold my peare. Isaiah lxii. 1.

REMEMBER, Lord, the pious zeal

Of every soul that cleaves to thee,
The troubles for thy sake they feel,

Their eager hopes thy house to see.
2 Their vows to cry and never rest,
Till thou art in thy church ador'd,
And dweil'st in every faithful breast,

And count them worthy of their Lord, 3 We too the joyful sound have heard, That God is coming to his place; Here in this wilderness prepar'd,

Our Lord his ruin'd church shall raise.
4 For this our willing soul shall go,
And lowly at his footstool lie,
Where'er his tent is pitch'd below,
There for a glorious temple cry.

5 Thy priests be cloth'd with righteousness,
Thy praise their happy lives employ;
The saints in thee their all possess,.
And shout the sons of God for joy.

6 Renew'd and sanctified by grace, The pillars shall no more remove; A holy, chosen, happy race,

Enthron'd in everlasting love.

Hymn 220. P. M.

So mightily grew the word of God. Acts xix. 20.


Skindled by a spark of grace!
EE how great a flame aspires,

Jesu's love the nations fires,

Sets the kingdoms in a blaze:
To bring fire on earth he came :
Kindled in some bearts it is:
O that all might catch the flame,
All partake the glorious bliss!"
2 When he first the work begun,
Small and feeble was his day:
Now the word doth swiftly run,
Now it winds its wid'ning way:
More and more it spreads aud grows,
Ever mighty to prevail;

Sin's strong-bold it now o'erthrows,
Shakes the trembling gates of hell
3 Sons of God, your Saviour praise:
He the door hath open'd wide :
He hath given the word of grace,.
Jesu's word is glorified!

Jesus, mighty to redeem,

He alone the work bath wrought; Worthy is the work of him,

Flim who spake a world from nought:

4 Saw ye not the cloud arise,
Little as a human hand?
Now it spreads along the skies,
Hangs o'er all the thirsty land.
Lo! the promise for a show'r
Drops already from above;
But the Lord will shortly pour
All the Spirit of his love!

Hymn 221. L. M.

Thou shalt arise and have mercy upon Zion; for the time to favour her is come. Psalm cii. 13.

1 OR lo! the Lord a seed hath chose,
His grace and glory to display;

His own peculiar people those,
Whoe'er the gospel call obey

2 Zion, he saith, my rest shall be;
The faithful shall my presence feel:
I long for all who long for me,
And will in them for ever dwell.

3 I will increase their gracious store;
My Zion every moment feed,
And satisfy the hungry poor,

And fill their souls with living bread.

With garments of salvation deck

Her priests, and clothe with robes of praise. Her saints their joy aloud shall speak, And shout my all-sufficient grace.

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